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Part 3 – The Peltier & Unabomber Case

Note: After others read Part 1 and Part 2 of my story I was astonished that so many people responded. All of the Emails I received were negatively written against the FBI. There was not one person who wrote to me personally in a negative way which includes law enforcement personnel. Once again here is the Email address if you wish to respond. It is  There will be a part Four (4) of these stories.

This is more information on both the Peltier & Unabomber case

Actor Robert Redford was one of Peltier’s biggest advocates. He had even gone as far as producing the documentary “Incident at Oglala” which I had just been viewed. My decision was to let others decide if the information I had compiled was valid. For the purpose of accuracy in my reports all my phone calls had been recorded for the past several years. This included conversations regarding the Peltier case and others. The tapes were my documented, indisputable proof. Hopefully, Redford’s staff might be interested in what I had uncovered. It turns out I was correct.

On June 16, 1992 I called Redford’s office and explained to his assistant Joyce Deep about the information in my possession. The conversation was short and to the point. “Yes,” she said they were interested. The following morning, at the request and expense of Robert Redford, I flew from Seattle to Washington, D.C. to meet with the late Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D-HI) and attorneys interested in helping with the Peltier case. The information I had about the case, concerns for my personal safety, and the ramifications that the information could produce had been part of my decision not to come forward with the information until then.

When my flight arrived in D.C., attorney Mick Harrison of the Government Accountability Project (GAP) picked me up. Harrison had been told by Joyce Deep to meet with me, review my information and determine if the information was credible. Our meeting lasted well into the night. Harrison and two other members of the GAP, Danny Gold and Ingrid Brunk, listened intently and asked a lot of questions as each aspect of my findings were laid out for their review.

Late that evening, Harrison called Deep at her home in California and informed her the information was valid. As part of the agreement, Deep stipulated that she be in attendance at the presentation I made to the Senator. She arrived in D.C. just prior to the noon meeting.

We all arrived at the Senator’s office a few minutes early and introductions were made. We were then escorted to the conference room, and at exactly noon, Senator Inouye walked in.

At the end of the one-hour presentation, Senator Inouye asked me three questions.

“Can you prove what you just said?”


“Do you have any kind of a criminal record?”


“Will you testify before the entire Senate about what you just told me?”


To document the meeting, a videotape was made that afternoon; it reiterated what had been said in the Senator’s office.  I had agreed to the taping on the condition the original remain in my possession. In addition, as part of our agreement, a copy of the tape was made upon my return to Seattle and sent to Redford’s staff.

I was later told that (allegedly) the Late Senator had been told by a member of the FBI that I was a person that he should not listen to. In addition, Redford had also (allegedly) received threats for the work he had done on the Peltier case. Numerous attempts to contact Redford and Deep were unsuccessful.  It’s important to note here that Dino Butler and Bob Robideau were the men who allegedly stole Doug Durham’s weapon. Butler and Robideau were two defendants charged in the original murder trial of the deaths of FBI agents. After five days of deliberation the jury in that trial returned on July 16, 1976 to deliver verdicts of “not guilty” against Dino Butler and Bob Robideau on each of the four counts against them. Based on all the information I have obtained it does not appear that neither man shot the agents.

More information on the Unabomber case

Gil Murray, president of the California Forestry Association (CFA) invited me to speak at the CFA’s annual conference in Sacramento in January of 1995. Murray and his staff thought informing their membership of the possibility of expanded terrorism against timber interests would be of benefit to those attending the conference.

As part of my speech I always explained to the audience that Earth First is an organization that advocates anarchy, terrorism and revolution through their publication, the Earth First Journal. “Terrorists – Not Us” is always the response by those Earth Firsters in the audience.

I remember vividly the chain of events that led to my discovery that Gil Murray was killed by a bomb. The date was April 24, 1995. The very end of a news story stated erroneously that a U.S. Forest Service (USFS) office had been bombed and there was a death.

While listening to the news report, I thought about the continual growing anger towards the USFS and Earth First by loggers, miners and ranchers. Surprisingly, there had been no violence by natural resource-dependent companies and employees. Allegations were numerous, of course, as Earth First members continually cry to the media about the violence directed at them and the press eats it up.

Upon arrival at my office that day my message machine was completely full. There were messages from ABC, NBC, CBS and every major newspaper in the country. What surprised me was that the bombing I heard about on my car radio was not a USFS office as reported earlier but rather the CFA office and the death was the man who had asked me to warn his members about future violence against his industry.

Gil Murray was dead. He had been blown apart from the waist up. Even though the following is very descriptive, it clearly shows what happens when a bomb explodes in an office or a home. I for one cannot possibly imagine the impact and resulting effect this event has had on the thousands of people connected to the victim. When describing Murray’s death, author Ron Arnold wrote in ECOTERROR – The Violent Agenda To Save Nature – The World Of The Unabomber.

“Gil Murray stood alone in the lobby. He laid the wooden container on the chest-high reception counter and opened it.

“There was a brief flash.

“The device expanded in all directions. Four streams of hot metal separated from the spherical blossom of light.

“A blast of snipped-in-half wood screws and tiny melted machine parts shot straight down the hallway where Lisa Tuter had stood a moment before, slicing off drywall as it went and snapping into the kitchen wall at the back of the building nearly a hundred feet away.

“A vortex jetted straight ahead, piercing the wall behind the reception desk and burying dozens of little projectiles in a row of steel filing cabinets in the next room.

“The devise lid lifted on a gaseous ram, shredding the heavy false ceiling, pounding through heating ducts and piercing the roof deck, letting jagged sunlight into its slipstream.

“The main thrust of the detonation did not throw Gil Murray back from the counter. It cut through him. It ripped off his face and an arm. It embedded the bulk of his chest in the wall behind him, then bowed the wall into an adjoining storeroom, toppling heavily loaded bookcases on the far side. It riddled the reception area with pieces of his body. What was left fell to the floor? The shattered false ceiling collapsed over him. Flames and acrid smoke billowed outward.

“Total elapsed time: Less than seven-tenths of a second”.

It should also be noted that during the last two weeks I have now spoken with White House staff on three occasions. It is rewarding to know all of my stories have not gone unnoticed.

By the end of the year my new book will be released providing the FBI once again doesn’t  something creative. The following is a draft copy of the cover.

FBI: Americas Most Dishonest Law Enforcement Agency?
Phony Charges, Lies & Falsehoods

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