What is it?

It’s an inheritance… a heritage or a birthright.  We all leave one behind us when we depart this world.  Actually, we leave more than one legacy behind us.  There are personal legacies… what kind of friend have you been?  There are professional legacies… what kind of employee or employer have you been?  There are creative legacies… and parental legacies, marital legacies, etc.

This year as we approach Christmas and the Christian New Year, it is more important than usual to think of the legacies we leave behind.

Why is it more important than usual this year?  We are going through a generational change – and it is not pretty.

As power gets passed from my son’s and daughter’s generation (my generation passed the power baton to our children years ago), we are watching our failures as parents establish themselves as generational standards of behavior – or, in many cases, a lack of standard.  Equally, today’s generation (my kids and yours) can see what they did right as they watch their children assume political, social, familial, and professional responsibility for the world.  Unfortunately, it gives me the heebie-jeebies to think of Millennials running anything, let alone the world.

Legacies apply only to individuals, not groups.  If a group’s legacy is negative, it is because of the negativity of the individuals who rose to power within that group.  The group’s individual members enabled their success.  Legacies are the exclusive property of individuals.

For example, the legacy of those who have chosen to be Democrats for many years says, based on the achievements and objectives of that group, you support abortion through the 9th month.  I am glad that is your legacy and not mine.  You support socialism rather than capitalism.  You support the elimination of borders for our great nation… though any halfway intelligent person recognizes that borders define the nation and without them it cannot exist… and perhaps that is your objective.  You support sanctuary cities where those who enter our nation unlawfully are entitled to more consideration in our courts, our welfare offices, our schools and colleges, our health care system, than citizens who have worked their entire lives to support the building of those things.

That is your legacy if you are a Democrat… that and the open hatred you spew about the man who was elected by your fellow citizens to be President of the United States.  You see, the hatred doesn’t just hit Donald Trump.  It extends to those of us who voted for and still strongly support him.  You would rather destroy your nation than accept his victory over your crooked as a dog’s hind leg candidate, Hillary Clinton.

You accept and applaud the violence of mobs in the street when the violence is directed against President Trump and are so stupid that you do not realize when you destroy respect for the Office of the President you are destroying citizen respect for the nation… a nation on which you are dependent if  you are to have a good, happy and stable future.  Such naïve behavior can only exist when people reject the idea that their legacy is the result of their own choices.

Will the Millennials who are inheriting your mess remember what you have done with gratitude and affection and for the happy future you are providing in this nation?  Is it one in which they can take pride?   Or will they curse you for the debt, the immorality, the lost history and indoctrination rather than education?  It will take them years to learn the truth – but they will learn (eventually and whether or not they want to learn).

If you are a Republican, you have two choices:  You are an establishment Republican who, much like Democrats, willingly support any moral compromise that strengthens your own position of power at the expense of the average person you are supposed to be serving.  If names like Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Corey Gardiner (R-CO), Paul Ryan (R-WI), John Thune (R-SD), Bill Kristol (Publisher, Weekly Standard), and all of the others who went to opulent Sea Island to discuss ways they can make President Donald Trump fail come to mind, you understand what I’m saying.

Or, you’re a conservative Republican who supports our Constitution, the Rule of Law, and our populist President.  In that case, your political legacy is the Constitution, truth, and the Rule of Law.

The establishment Republicans are actually worse than the amoral Democrats and their legacy will be one of a small group which arrogantly believes their few biased minds know better than American voters what is good for the people.  They are worse because they are traitors to the very thing that has given them the opportunity to gain access to the power they so easily abuse.  They are disgusting and will one day pay a horrific penalty for their behavior.

Again, your actions are not taken just against the President.  Rather they are taken against all of us who support him… millions of us to a handful of you.  What arrogance you have – and how badly you wear it.

“But you don’t know this or that about Trump.  Because of who we are and do we know things… and you must believe we are doing what we think best for the nation.”  They may say something similar.  And, to a degree, they may be right.  They may know things we don’t know which might change our minds if we knew them.

That doesn’t change the fact that we, the voters of America, are entitled to enjoy our right decisions and pay the penalty for the wrong ones we make so we can learn from them.  All we need to do either is the truth.  Because of your duplicity, even if you know things we don’t know, we will not have that opportunity because you won’t tell us the truth.  What does that say about you?

A small group (by comparison to the total population) does not have the right to determine the best path for the millions who will have to pay for whatever outcome may result from your carelessness.  That is your legacy… a personal legacy for each of you.  Your names will always be affiliated with Sea Island and what many of us consider treasonous behavior.

That same principle applies to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA).  J. Edgar Hoover left a legacy, didn’t he?  It involved using the nation’s primary law enforcement agency to gather dirt on anyone and everyone who could influence the direction of the American government and did not hesitate to threaten them with it.  Look how that’s turned out.  That’s his legacy.

How sad to see the FBI lose the trust of the American people.  President Trump may tell the graduating class of FBI agents that he loves law enforcement and he’s got their back, but most of the people will have a bit of disagreement with him about his Justice Department and how well it is being run.  They also disagree with law enforcement’s abuse of power.

If I were writing a novel, I would have a Senator named Jeff who is part of the Never-Trump group of Republicans and I would assign him the responsibility of being the first United States Senator to come out and publicly support this populist non-politician.  I would assign him the task of becoming personally close to the candidate (who no one expects to win… I’d choose him because if the candidate doesn’t win the nomination he is such a popular Senator he won’t lose his seat just because he supported a losing presidential candidate).

When the candidate unexpectedly wins the nomination, then even more unexpectedly wins the presidential election, Jeff would be perfectly positioned to be appointed Attorney General.  In its aftermath, all of the elitists and insiders know the biggest risk of this entire election cycle is for someone who wants to clean the swamp to succeed at becoming President of the United States.

Going right along with the plot, during his Senate Confirmation Hearings, Jeff would swear to remove himself from any investigations involving charges made by the lying Democrats – those whose candidate was so bad even they had a hard time stomaching her.  That will be a major part of the Democrat/Liberal legacy:  the 2016 election campaign and all of the lies.

By recusing himself from having anything having to do with the investigation of possible presidential missteps involving Russia during the campaign, the Attorney General can avoid providing badly-needed support for his President.  He turns everything over to the Assistant Attorney General who supports the FBI’s senior management coup d’etat team.

My book plot would move forward by having the AAG appointed to handle all matters related to the Russia matter.  He would appoint a special prosecutor who is the best friend of the former FBI Director the President fired.  Surely this way they will be able to cover up all of the covert and indelicate, unlawful behavior of senior Bureau management members who are totally involved in trying to defeat the new President?  It is a devastating loss by the Democrat candidate whose power supports their corruption.  They are all sickened by her loss.  OMG!  They might even get caught red-handed.

Little by little, however, the new President finds ways to get the truth to the people.  The Attorney General looks ridiculous and incompetent, the Assistant Attorney General looks like a naïve fool who no American wants running the nation’s law enforcement, and all of the members of senior management look like traitors… including the special prosecutor.

What a book plot!  What a legacy these fictional characters are leaving their nation!  Are they fictional you ask?  Of course.  They must be.  No one could be so oblivious to reality as these characters are.

As I said, only individuals leave a legacy.  When their individual stupidity and arrogance enables the group’s objectives to depart from the group’s basic purpose for being, their individual legacy  suffers as does the group’s.  The rules are the same whether it’s the FBI, NOW, or the DNC.  They will forever be remembered for their treachery and lies.  Mostly, they will be remembered for disrespecting the American people and causing them to lose faith in their public servants’ ability to handle the power they were given.  Once lost, trust is never regained.

It will take time, Mr. President, for the people to forgive this grave violation of the public trust.  It will take time and tremendous dedication of those left to clean up the mess.

As for total support for law enforcement, as long as police departments and sheriff’s officers are pulling over people for no apparent violation but are removing from them their personal possessions (and never returning them without a court hearing which may or may not be either affordable or constitutional), I will not subscribe to your commitment to the thin blue line.   Again, the AG’s office should be taking action, but is not.

As the former editor of the National Peace Officer’s Magazine, as a former police officer’s wife (and a former Denver police department employee), I say those words with great sorrow but also with great respect for the rule of law so easily ignored by so many cities, counties and states.  It is unlawful and is a reflection of the sewer that made those who believe senior managers at the FBI should make political decisions on behalf of the American people.

Neither action is to be tolerated in a nation of laws and justice.  At the moment, we have neither.

I could go on and on about legacies left behind… the other one I will mention is feminism – which is anything but representative of most American females.  Their legacy will be to declare that we must believe women who lie about sexual encounters because women don’t lie about such things while… not even 40 years later.

That’s an interesting thought and it is being stated at the same time Los Angeles attorney Lisa Bloom admits that the women who have charged the President of inappropriate behavior towards them have been offered huge sums of money in return for their sudden memories.  It is rumored that Bloom’s law firm will take one-third of the amounts paid to her clients by – we don’t know who.  The amounts paid are, according to news stories, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I believe Bloom has denied much of this… I would, too — wouldn’t you?  That’s one woman I won’t believe.

That is the feminist legacy.  They forgot the charges made against the Duke lacrosse team in 2006.  The North Carolina Attorney General said at the time:  “The Duke lacrosse case has shown that our society has lost sight of the most fundamental principle of our legal system:  the presumption of innocence.”  Some things don’t change and this is one of them.

We are to believe them just because they are women.  It tosses in the trash the rule of law declaring that in America you are innocent until proven guilty, but feminists don’t care.  That’s part of their legacy:  Ignorance of the law and naiveté [perhaps gullibility is a better word].

Perhaps if female morality was more apparent, you might convince me, but probably not.  You wear skirts up to your private parts (without telling men this is the new norm, not an invitation to your bed… though that’s what it looks like to me), you sleep with just about anyone from the time you get to high school, you don’t understand that “choice” occurs at the moment you decide to have sex rather than when you get pregnant and so believe the killing of a baby in your uterus is an acceptable form of birth control… even through the ninth month.

Your group will not be remembered for standing up for the rights of women.  It will be remembered for one of your leaders, a Hollywood elite, wanting to blow up the White House.  It will be remembered for murdering many of God’s most innocent beings… babies in your own belly.

What you represent – your legacy – is that of liberal Democrat women who have no moral compass.  That is your legacy… a group of individuals with no moral compass.

Those are legacies.

And while you are thinking about this, remember that you, too, dear reader will leave a legacy… one either of meaning and positive purpose or of… what?  Or, the groups you belong to will leave a legacy for you.

Be careful whom you support… it will be part of your legacy personally.  And now you know why I resigned from the Republican Party.

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