Memorial Day weekend, I sent to my personal e-mail list which included Oregon’s GOP legislators, the movie: The Real German Genocide. I received no feedback from the elected officials but the feedback I’ve been getting from the 1 ½ hour movie that exposed the real Genocide of Nazi Germany has been very interesting and I’ll share what some of them have written but allow me to start with what my own 50-year old physical therapist and Christian High School grad who didn’t see the movie asked: “Is this a ‘he said, she said’ story?’” And as you’ll see as I disclose some of the responses, her question was valid but I pray this article will clear some of the questions that many have had.


A knowledgeable 73-year old Christian widow, a retired nurse with 3 children who I call my Texas “Truth Seeker” sent me among other websites about the Holocaust 10 reasons why Hitler was one of the good guys as described in. In the interest of space, you will have to read them so I have not listed them. She has also been valuable in supplying me with other websites noted in this article.

A 68-year old Baptist widow lady with no children calls herself a Blue Ridge Mountain hillbilly, a Civil War scholar and a descendant (phylum) of Confederate soldiers and proud of it. She said, “Of course the German Genocide was to destroy the best people of Europe – our kinsmen.” [Link]

Another widow lady said her husband’s family lived through the German occupation of Belgium; in fact, they had German officers stationed in their house for many months. They were very proper and brought the family food. Of course, if someone disobeyed the Nazi notices plastered on all buildings, he/she was shot. After the war was over, the communist government that was in charge for one year put her father-in-law, a doctor, in jail for one year since he had been assigned a job by German government of overseeing medicine in Belgium during the war.

Another widow is a 67 year old German-born girl who married a military man and came to America where she was converted to Christianity. Her husband died of a heart attack at age 53 leaving her with two boys. She is also is in communication with many folks in Israel on the Internet and she’s visited Israel so her response was: “Lots to chew over.” I think she’s still chewing because I haven’t heard from her since.

Then there was a feisty orthodox Roman Catholic in her mid sixties, a college graduate widowed again who lives in the “belly of the beast”, Park Slope in Brooklyn, New York where she’s lived all her life and says it is nightmare for Republican canvassers who are not safe. Her Senator is Schumer. She said she became a little annoyed early on with the video wondering if there would be a distinction between the Western allied forces and Russians. She said her father spoke openly of troops being told to treat German nationals correctly. They were made to understand that actions such as rape would be prosecuted under the Military Code of Justice and the incidents were very low. She closed by stating FDR was a criminal with his abandonment of the East and partitioning Germany was one of the greatest crimes in human history… and there it remained until President Reagan said, “Take Down This Wall.”


Another lady in her 90s, a former school teacher and the wife of a deceased pastor wrote, “I don’t fully understand all this. Are you denying the holocaust? I am a strong person for Israel and think when we desert them, we are not on God’s side.” Earlier she had said she skimmed the German Genocide movie and didn’t believe much of it. And then she questions how did I know what is true and isn’t?

Another lady, the wife of a pastor who has been waiting the return of Jesus for as long as I’ve known him, felt the German Genocide film was just another propaganda film but then again, she says,” That is what war is.” Forgetting that the Jews put out such propaganda films, she said the film didn’t mention the atrocities that the Germans did to the Jews and prisoners of war.

She went on to tell that her father was from Germany who immigrated to the US in 1930. His family was over there all through the war. They were farmers. They spoke well of the Americans and the English but evil and fear of the Russians. Years later when friends of her father came to this country, one man said he was a prisoner of war taken by the Russians but managed to escape by pretending he was crazy and an idiot. He managed to help his whole family escape from East Germany to the West and eventually to America.

She said a friend of hers had a father who was a sergeant in Germany, and he said the US army saw the German concentration camps. Some of the town people said they didn’t know what was going on so Eisenhower made everyone in the nearby town walk through the camp and he made the stronger men from the town help bury the dead. She said her mother raised her and her brother to love the Jews and recalls when she was about 4 years old, she saw her crying as she sat at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. She had read an article about what the Germans had done to the Jews and then she closed by saying, “Not everything we read or hear about on the Internet is true…might be some truth or all fiction.

Ironically, every Memorial Day I watch loved ones left behind after their son, daughter, father, brother have been killed in one of our ridiculous wars. In his 1796 Farewell Address, George Washington wrote: “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible…It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” [Link]


Another respondent said the German Genocide movie revealed quite a lot of history that has been hidden from the people and some that is presented to us is nonsense, none more absurd than the cartoonish demonization of Hitler and the Nazis far beyond whatever reality would bear. While admitting he was no expert on the subject, but noted that the “winners” definitely relished their opportunity to “write the history books” for 70 years now, with the result being wildly inaccurate and one-sided view of the situation prevailing among most people today.

Perhaps it is because German-born Ernst Zundel, using free speech called the Six million deaths of Jews by the Nazis a hoax that he was unlawfully jailed for seven years, three weeks, in six prisons, three states and two continents until his release on March 1, 2010 that the Michigan activist was amazed I would send out information about the German Genocide. Please note that Stang’s article was dated 3/5/2009, the same year he died of cancer at age 80. Anti-Trump thugs were lighting the fuse for social chaos in San Jose at a California Trump rally and calling it free speech and they don’t go to prison.

And can you imagine what it is like to have Zundel for your last name after the way the media has demonized him? His release from the German Mannheim Penitentiary can be watched in this 9 minute video.


And then my Texas Truth Seeker sent me additional information about Ernst. [Link] Dr. Lorraine Day visited Ernst in prison and said he was in poor health. She had testified at his bail hearings and yet they kept him in jail. On February 5, 2003 he was arrested by officers, one sheriff and 4 immigration officers without a warrant, placed in handcuffs, and forbidden to call his lawyer. Dr. Day also wrote her version of World War II – The Jews declared war against Germany, not the other way around! [Link]

The Michigan activist said very few have any knowledge of the truth. He has a friend whose family emigrated from Germany after the war. Several years ago his friend’s older brother was elected as state representative for their area. He ran as a WWII vet and fought for Germany. His brother was also a POW and escaped the atrocities of Eisenhower’s deliberate genocide of German POWs, starving them to death. Very few understand or know of this American strategy and then he gives me a website listed below. He closed by saying he was just beginning to understand about the monsters who’ve been running this nation and the lies of our so-called righteous past and present. [Link]

In the 1962 book by Major Alexander P. de Seversky, AMERICA, TOO YOUNG TO DIE, said transparency under directive from Democrat President Harry Truman expanded the “secrecy” and all branches of the executive were given permission to classify their records. In 1952 the Republicans took office, promising relief from this undemocratic policy. They quickly learned the advantages of secrecy and censorship, however; instead of relieving the situation they compounded it. The political and military leaders of the Eisenhower administration became even more adept at concealing the facts from the people than their Democratic predecessors. And along comes all this new Internet technology that befuddles many of us which certainly includes the Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, claiming transparency and denying that she did not release any classified information on her private server. As only one example of many, let us not forget Benghazi.


God created male and female in Gen. 1:27 which should have taken care of the “transsexual”/North Carolina Birth Certificate toilet law and then wanted us to be fruitful and multiply (Gen. 1:28) but as American protestants became more affluent and materialistic, we soon found them reducing their families to two children and encouraging the mothers to go to work – the old communist trick to destroy families and now the United Nations is deciding which prolific Muslim “refugees” will be our new neighbors. [Link]

The U.N. is one issue our current presidential candidates in either party are failing to address considering the Muslim blow back flamed by the media. We already have a Muslim in Congress (maybe more). When our European ancestors got off the boat at Ellis Island bringing with them a trade and some money, they were ready to assimilate in our original God-fearing country but today the mass migration is dissecting America and destroying the Christian West.

My dad had 11 siblings and my mother, who, BTW had a maiden name of Zundel, had 9 siblings but my husband of 60 years and I each have one sibling and mine got killed on a R.R. track along with his wife and daughter. I asked my dad one day why he and my mother didn’t teach us the German language. He said because this is America and we speak English and yet both of my parents, as well as my husband’s remained bilingual throughout their life. They only spoke German when they were with other like -minded relatives or they didn’t want us to hear something. They never accepted any government handouts. And had no credit cards but they didn’t reproduce like God had instructed. Little did our parents realize they were fulfilling the United Nation’s population reduction. And today young couples in America often choose to have only one child.


So are we experiencing the Beginning of Sorrows as Pastor Dick Carmack wrote in his May 31, 2016 News With Views guest opinion about the massive deception in the Last Days? Many are concerned during this historical presidential election and rightfully so because as has been illustrated deception is a very real thing. II Timothy 3:16 says there is transforming power in God’s word especially in days of apostasy but it becomes increasingly difficult to impart spiritual truth to lazy and lethargic marijuana induced souls today so the Word of God, the foundation must be destroyed. However, warning against apostasy in our day seems to be akin to alerting Christians to the potential coming of a flood when they are already up to their knees in incoming tidewater.

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