But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, “This man casts out demons only by Beelzebul the ruler of the demons.” —Matthew 12:24

If I by Beelzebul cast out demons, by whom do your sons cast them out? For this reason they will be your judges. —Jesus Christ in Matthew 12:27

A recent article posted at The Huffington Post by religion reporter Carol Kuruvilla announced the group Vote Common Good (VCG), was beginning a bus tour to selected cities in America to challenge conservative evangelical Christian support for President Trump.

Who and what is Vote Common Good and what issues do they see as problematic for Christians supporting President Trump specifically and the Republican Party generally? Not surprisingly the “who” of Vote Common Good reads like a progressive, leftist, Marxist list of who’s who. The Executive Director of VCG is Doug Pagitt, he of the once dubbed Emerging Church movement, and author of An Emergent Manifesto of Hope, among other books.

Kuruvilla quotes Pagitt giving readers his motivation for steering VCG: “Evangelicals care about the least of these, and I believe them when they say it…but they vote for politicians that invoke policies that don’t care for the least of these.” Here Pagitt is being deceitful either through his personal ignorance or deliberate obfuscation concerning the issue of immigration. Either way this is social gospel 101 which is to say not the biblical gospel.

The social gospel takes biblical language such as “the least of these” and super charges it with progressive Marxist meaning and liberation theology. Kuruvilla admits as much when she says that Pagitt and other Progressive Christians “are outraged by the Trump administration’s restrictive refugee policies and its separation of immigrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border…” For Progressive Christians like Pagitt, their silence during eight long years of the reign of the Obama regime, who enforced the very same rules and laws concerning immigration, is a condemning indictment against their faux rage with President Trump and Republicans, and this makes the foundation for VCG disingenuous in the least.

Pagitt and his cohorts’ carefully choreographed meltdown over the current media driven crisis concerning immigration is better suited for Broadway than it is for national discussion. Nevertheless, true Christians should take this opportunity to give solid biblical reasons for why we must oppose what the left, masquerading as Christians is attempting to do. The reason I say this is: (1) Immigration MUST be regulated. A nation simply cannot and should not allow for mass invasion by whoever shows up at its borders. (2) There must be a vetting process for the safety of a nation’s citizens which its government is bound by law and morals to protect as a primary mission. (3) God has established sovereign nations, and recognizable borders and the enforcement of them is consistent with God’s design.

Sometimes open borders advocates such as Pagitt, McLaren, Wallis, and Clairborne, quote scriptural passages such as Exodus 23 or Deuteronomy 10 that admonish God’s people to be kind to the foreigner who was living amongst them (Exod. 23:9Lev. 19:34Deut. 10:19). These exhortations are merely referring to basic compassion toward the less fortunate in their midst. These less fortunate were those who were foreigners and yet legal citizens of the nation of Israel. They were not immigrants. Context is everything in biblical interpretation but Pagitt and VCG don’t want people to know that because their position is much more palatable to people who do not know the truth of what the Bible actually says.

Bryan Fischer, a commentator on American Family Radio has said, “No one has a constitutional or moral right to immigrate to the United States. The Constitution gives Congress unilateral authority to decide under what conditions those from foreign lands are admitted into our country.”

Something else is clearly at work here.

That something else is the destruction of orthodox Christianity. Pagitt along with co-conspirators Brian McLaren, John Pavlovitz, Reverend Jacqui Lewis, Shane Claiborne, and Nadia Bolz-Weber, whom Kuruvilla names as “prominent progressive Christian pastors…authors, ministers and activists,” involved in promoting the VCG tour left orthodox Christianity a long time ago. They are now on a mission to destroy true Christianity from the inside out. They are in fact the tares the enemy planted in the wheat field of God’s people. “Progressive” Christian is an oxymoron. We could just as easily call them “Fascist” Christian or “Marxist” Christian.

Their support for the Democrat Party is proof enough of that. Let me give some specifics of what Pagitt is encouraging Christians to support by his support of the Democrat Party:

  • The redefinition of women’s reproductive healthcare to mean the wholesale murder of unborn human beings up to the day of delivery from the mother’s womb. Murdering babies is not healthcare it is momicide.
  • This right to murder unborn human beings must include the most heinous practice of partial birth abortion where the baby’s head is positioned outside of the mother’s vagina so that the baby’s brains can be removed.
  • The legal and moral sanction of men with men and women with women and the prosecution of anyone who dares voice disapproval.
  • The normalization of pedophilia.
  • Drag Queens, transgenderism, transsexualism, and every other sexual depravity being normalized to our children through government indoctrination centers commonly called public schools.
  • Open borders for everyone showing up wanting access to America.
  • Confiscation of all fire arms from law abiding citizens.
  • Censorship of all viewpoints that oppose their party line.
  • Advancing the demonic LBGT debauchery through foreign policy.
  • Incorporation of Wicca, New Age, and Satan worshippers into the Democrat Party.
  • Rejection of God and prayer from the national life of Americans and certainly the Democrat Party Platform.
  • Forcing Americans to pay for everything the out of control US Federal Government can dream of.
  • Advocating violence against fellow citizens because they hold a conservative viewpoint. See Waters, Clinton, Holder, et al.
  • Government corruption during the Obama years including the unprovoked destruction of Libya, Egypt, and Syria.
  • Doing away with the Electoral College that the founding fathers were wise enough to install to protect Americans against the tyranny they envisioned happening in present day California and New York.
  • The purposeful and with malice, attempted destruction of people for no other reason than they hold to a different perspective on moral issues. Two words here: Judge Kavanaugh.

I could go on but the point is that what Pagitt and Vote Common Good is doing is telling people to vote Democrat and by extension to support the demonic behavior listed above and much more. Given the things that the Democrat Party stands for, it is beyond insanity to suggest Americans should support them, especially that Christians should support them. The talking points Pagitt and his supporters utilize are the same tired, meaningless, amorphous topics: the environment, poverty, healthcare, etc. etc. How can Pagitt and his supporters be so blind?

They are blind because what is at work here is supernatural. America is in the throes of a spiritual war manifesting in space and time. The Kavanaugh hearing was just the latest example of Luciferianism from the Democrats and their puppet masters. Pagitt and VCG are nothing more than zombie foot soldiers of the left in this war. Mike Adams has very succinctly stated:

Realize this is not a political war but a spiritual war. The demon-possessed Leftists don’t merely want to achieve political victory and rule society with “progressive” ideas; they seek to destroy humanity, obliterate human life, mass murder babies, outlaw Christianity, demonize people based on the color of their skin, and even decimate all crops, forests and food sources on the planet by eliminating CO2 from the atmosphere. They are at war with humanity, and they merely pretend to be interested in politics as a means to accomplish their complete destruction of life on Earth.[1]

There is a reason why black Americans are leaving the Democrat Party by the thousands. There is a reason why the #walkaway movement is growing day by day. There is a reason why older Americans are leaving the party they have been a part of for decades. That reason is because the Democrat Party has become the party of Beelzebul. For those not familiar with the word, Beelzebul is Satan in the New Testament.

The current and recent leadership of the Democrat Party has taken it not just to the left, not even a hard left, but an off the charts course change that has embraced every form of debauchery, every form of anti-American policy, every anti-Christian position imaginable. The Democrat Party is one manifestation of the spirit of antichrist in our day. Apparently Pagitt and other VCG adherents are on board with these things.

Pagitt is quoted in the article as saying: “My faith does not call me to be Republican or Democrat, but to be faithful, and to be faithful is exercise my right to action, according to the situation on the ground, and what’s on the ground is calling us to flip Congress, because it is no good.” Once again, this is nothing but lip service and propaganda aimed at disarming the naïve Christians among us. Pagitt is providing a religious cover for all those that wish to continue the activities of the Democrat Party listed above.

What Pagitt and VCG want is leftist, progressive, fascist governments that in their warped sense of reality will much better care for citizens, the less fortunate among us, and the environment. Maybe Pagitt could spend about two minutes in Venezuela and let us know what he thinks of leftist progressive government then.

The truth is Pagitt is not being faithful to biblical mandates either in precept or command. He is being faithful to his brainwashed version of reality where he thinks the goal of Christianity is to reshape the world into a paradise and he is ok attempting to use government to do it.

Pagitt needs to be reminded that this world is fallen. Sin has destroyed the original beauty this world was created in. Not until Christ returns will all things be set straight and made new. Only when Christ returns will evil be completely dealt with.

Yes, Christians should be assisting the less fortunate but not in isolation from the gospel. What Vote Common Good does is a disservice to the gospel and to Christianity. It is nothing but a political ploy which Pagitt and others claim they detest.

Claiming to be wise Pagitt shows himself to be a fool. The Democrat Party is unashamedly Luciferian in its intentions and in their stated goals. Its primary goal is to destroy Christianity and any lingering impact it has on America. In siding with them Pagitt and those who assist and support Vote Common Good are doing the work of Beelzebul whether they want to admit it or not.

Pastor Mike Spaulding


Those of you who are tempted to write me “yea, but the Republicans…” can save your breath. I don’t support them either and the point of this article is to address Vote Common Good and the idiocy of following these blind guides of the blind. Christians should be rebuking VCG and its supporters starting with its leadership.

[1] Mike Adams, The REAL WAR for the future of humanity: Democrats increasingly possessed by demonic forces that seek the extermination of humanity? Accessed October 12, 2018.

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