“The Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of the Washington establishment is remarkable by any standard. Former FBI Special Agent John Guandolo noted in October 2011: “What we’re seeing not just inside the White House, but inside the government entities, the national security entities, the State Department – is a strong push by the Muslim Brotherhood to get their people not just into operational positions, but policy positions – deeper, long term, bureaucratic positions.” ― Robert Spencer, Muslim Brotherhood in America

Before we discuss the jihadi attack at Pamela Geller’s art exhibit in Garland, Texas back in 2015, let’s take a look at some of the FBI’s activities from the recent past.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The question is this…why is the FBI often involved in the murder of American citizens?

The FBI operates under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice and is a member of the U.S. Intelligence community, and reports to the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence.  At this point, they have a rather jaded history, especially when run by Democrat appointees.  William Sessions was the FBI director during Ruby Ridge and WACO and he was fired by Bill Clinton in July of 1993.  Yes, FBI directors can be fired for cause.

The FBI at Ruby Ridge

Twenty-five years ago, in August of 1992, an FBI sniper shot Vicki Weaver in the head as she held her ten-month-old baby at her home in Ruby Ridge, Idaho. The FBI sniper, Lon Horiuchi, also shot her husband Randy Weaver in the back, and wounded family friend, Kevin Harris. Their son was shot in the back and killed the day before by U.S. Marshals on the family’s property. One of the Marshals also died, as did a Weaver family dog killed by the officials.  In 1997, Horiuchi was charged with manslaughter for the death of Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge, but the charges were later dropped, and he was even promoted.

This all started after years of federal investigation into Randy Weaver, beginning in the mid-1980s when Weaver’s neighbor, bitter over a land dispute, called him to the attention of various federal authorities. The most that came from these investigations was a charge, possibly true but contested, that Weaver had sold illegally sawed-off shotguns to an ATF informant, a charge with which an agent threatened Weaver if he refused to participate in another one of their investigations into third parties. Not wanting to be an ATF informant, Weaver refused. Eventually, a trial was set, but Weaver was told the wrong court date. A grand jury indicted him for failure to appear before he had a chance to show up on the date he was told.

The federal agents ambushed his property and when all was done, one official and two of the Weaver group had died and two were wounded, along with the loss of their family pet.

Weaver and his friend were finally acquitted, and in a lawsuit against the government, Weaver was awarded $3.1 million.

The best summation of Ruby Ridge is still Jess Walter’s Ruby Ridge: The Truth and Tragedy of the Randy Weaver Family. No punches are pulled when it comes to the family’s racist inclinations, but more importantly, the government’s criminal negligence and cover-up are described by Walter in excellent, damning detail.

The Waco Siege, April 19, 1993

The attempt by the ATF and FBI to search the Branch Davidian ranch, for illegal firearms and explosives, led to the infamous WACO siege, and the deaths of 84 to 100 men, women and children.  Clinton appointee, Attorney General, Janet Reno, was in charge of this raid.  Reno ordered the brutal assault by dozens of federal agents on the Davidian complex in Waco. The attack ended a 51-day siege that began in February, when an earlier raid had led to the deaths of six Branch Davidians and four federal agents.

There were four cameras aimed at the compound during the siege, and all of the recordings went missing.

In the spring of 1998, under the Freedom of Information Act, investigators from MGA Studio’s film division became the first private citizens to gain access to the Waco investigation evidence lockers. What they found was shocking. Upon examination, the evidence gathered under the supervision of federal officials appeared to contradict the FBI’s congressional testimony, raising serious and disturbing questions about events surrounding the siege at Mt. Carmel and the deaths of the Davidians. Since 1993, former members of the FBI, former Special Forces, and CIA operatives have come forward with new evidence to suggest that the FBI’s claim of what happened is inaccurate.

Whistleblower, and former FBI agent and supervisor, Dr. Frederick Whitehurst has exposed the entire Branch Davidian debacle in this video.  The footage reveals crimes by the FBI against the Waco families, including FBI machine-gunning would-be escapees at the back of the building during the fire.

Cliven Bundy and LaVoy Finicum

Finicum, 54, an Arizona rancher, was one of the leaders of the Jan. 2, 2016 takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon.  All of this is a result of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) taking land from ranchers, the last one being Cliven Bundy.  Bundy and Finicum both owned ranches in Nevada and Arizona respectively.

The underlying conflict that led to the armed Cliven Bundy standoff in Nevada goes back decades. Since the ’90s, Bundy had refused to pay required grazing permits and fees to the U.S. government — the government says he owes about a million dollars, all told.  A court ordered Bundy to remove his cattle from federal lands.  It all boiled over in April of 2014, when federal agents came to round up hundreds of his cows near his ranch in the Nevada desert.

They were met by local ranchers, veterans, and Bundy supporters, some on horseback, waving American flags. Interstate 15 was blocked. Guns were drawn and things got extremely tense. Federal agents in military-style combat fatigues eventually stood down. … Cliven Bundy wasn’t arrested until almost two years later.  It’s been reported that a company tied to Harry Reid’s son wants the Bundy land.

The first trial for Cliven Bundy protestors began this February, 2017.

The trial for Ammon Bundy, his brother Ryan, and five others from the Oregon Malheur wildlife standoff took six weeks. And the verdict took five days: all defendants were found not guilty of federal conspiracy charges.

Bureau of Land Management

It was 1812, when the BLM got its unofficial start as the General Land Office (GLO). The job back then was to encourage western migration, homesteading and food self-sufficiency. The GLO and the U.S. Grazing Service merged in 1946 to officially form the BLM. Since then, under the guise of conservation strategies, government dictates and the globalist Agenda 21 mandates, the BLM has grown into a massive, out of control federal behemoth stealing homesteads, deeds, rights and lands from generational ranchers and farmers. In 2014, Northwestlibertynews.com covered the events at Clive Bundy’s anti BLM stand at Bunkerville, Nevada, where 80% of the land in that state is federally controlled. That documentation is still in progress, as is the fight to end the BLM.

The Murder of LaVoy Finicum

In fall 2015, rancher LaVoy Finicum followed in Bundy’s footsteps and chose to stop complying with his lease contract with the Bureau of Land Management, in spite of a long positive relationship with the agency.

LaVoy said he was among the first advance team of cowboys and veterans who occupied the Malheur refuge in protest over the imprisonment of local ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond and federal management of public lands.  He and Ryan Bundy drove to Oregon together in his truck, thinking they were only staying for a day or two to help protest.

Finicum was reportedly killed during an officer involved shooting with Oregon State Police and the FBI while traveling with Ryan C. Bundy, 43, Ryan W. Payne, 32, Shawna Cox, 59, and Victoria Sharp, 18.  They were on U.S. Highway 395, bound for John Day, scheduled to speak at an evening community meeting about the future of the area, when the ambush occurred.  The use of deadly force is always a last resort, but in the case of Robert LaVoy Finicum, it appears they were determined to go straight to the last resort.

A roadblock was set up to stop and arrest the group.  The roadblock plan was devised by the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team and approved by Greg Bretzing, FBI special agent in charge in Oregon. The plan also was reviewed by top officials at FBI headquarters and at the Oregon State Police.

It is obvious that the protest was moving toward a peaceful resolution when the roadblock was set up.  Oregon Governor, Kate Brown was putting pressure on the FBI to end it sooner than later, and they did, resulting in the murder of LaVoy Finicum.  Link

Black Lives Matter can protest and call for the death of policemen, and destroy property, yet landowners and citizens cannot protest the use of private and public taxpayer land without being seen as criminals. This is in opposition to everything our Constitution protects us from.

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer

Charlie Hebdo is a French leftist satirical weekly magazine, featuring cartoons, reports, polemics, and jokes. It is irreverent and stridently non-conformist in tone.  Two Islamic terrorist attacks occurred against Hebdo in 2011 and 2015.  It was obvious both were in response to Hebdo’s printing of Muhammad cartoons.  In the latter attack, 12 people were murdered, including their publisher and several prominent cartoonists.

If the government passes an unjust law, the only way to protest it is to do what that law says you cannot do, e.g., Rosa Parks.  If an enemy of freedom and free speech attacks and murders because of others’ opinions, then this too needs to be challenged. It is the reason for Pamela Geller’s 2015 art exhibit, featuring historical and modern images of Muhammad, some created by Muslims. It was only provocative to Muslims who believe in Islam’s death penalty for blasphemy and brainwashed infidels (dhimmis).

Robert Spencer is a successful author, an expert on radical Islam and is the director of the website, Jihad Watch.  He also co-founded Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) and the Freedom Defense Initiative with political activist, Pamela Geller, with whom he also co-authored a book, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America.

Both Geller and Spencer have charged that the FBI, under Barack Obama, wanted them dead.  In 2015, Geller held an art exhibit and drawing contest featuring images of Muhammad. The aim was to defend free speech by showing that Americans could not be intimidated into complying with Islamic strictures prohibiting the depiction of Muhammad.  Watch this five minute Steve Malzberg interview with Robert Spencer.

An FBI undercover agent was in a car behind two shooters, Elton Simpson, and Nadir Soofi, who shot and injured a security guard at this exhibit.  The agent actually texted the two shooters to “tear up Texas,” to literally go ahead with the shooting of Geller and Spencer.  (Remember the CBS News report of the FBI’s foreknowledge of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing?)

Robert Spencer writes about the 60 Minutes’ episode which aired on March 26, 2017 and exposed a portion of what happened at Pam Geller’s art exhibit in Garland, Texas. Breitbart carried the video portion of the interview on 60 Minutes.


Years ago, true crime writer, Jack Olsen, wrote the book, Last Man Standing: The Tragedy and Triumph of Geronimo Pratt.  It is the story of an educated man, from an educated family who, while in the Black Panthers, wanted no violence.  The FBI set him up for a murder he didn’t commit, and put him in jail for 26 years, during which time, attempts on his life were constant.  Two amazing lawyers proved his innocence and sued the FBI and gained millions for Pratt.

Rogue intelligence agencies?  Sounds like it, and now we have Obama appointed, James Comey, as Director of the FBI.

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