By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri

Down to the very end, and then into overtime, the Spiritual Warfare within the — what many claim is a God forsaken city — nation’s capital continues, according to a report by intelligence expert Dr. Lyle Rapacki on Wednesday.

The owner of Sentinel Intelligence Service, LLC, Rapacki  believes that is exactly what is taking place in front of an entire nation to see, but sadly, they are missing. A number of observers from the military, intelligence community and law enforcement blame citizen apathy coupled with false reporting — or no reporting — by the Deep State sycophants operating the nation’s news-information consortium.

Quite literally, supporters of Lt. Gen. (Ret) Mike Flynn, including Dr. Rapacki, say Flynn  — who possesses a record of achievement that includes greatly improving the U.S. intelligence and counterintelligence capability —  is “No Traitor to His Country!”

“What makes my nostrils flare is the media repeating the unconfirmed and unproven accusations against American patriots by the Democrats and their media cohorts. These are the same people who’ve called the U.S. military detention centers ‘gulags’ (Sen. Dick Durbin), called U.S. Marines at Gitmo’s terrorist jails Nazis (Rep. John Conyers), smeared the U.S. Border Patrol agents by calling them Gestapo (Rep. Luis Gutierrez), and called Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers stormtroopers (Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi),” said former U.S. Marine and police detective Michael D. Snopes.

What appears to be unseemly at best, utterly dishonest at worst is a judge sitting on the federal bench scolding a top military officer and using the same vitriol used by the Democrats and members of the Deep State.

According to Dr. Rapacki, “This judge [Emmet Sullivan] is a traitor to the Rule of Law if anything.  No evidence presented should have [forced] Gen. Flynn to even appear before the bench, much less have a jurist from the bench say what he did.”

Joe Pientka and Peter Strzok – Interview of Michael Flynn – Redacted FD 302

“No wonder the judge ordered a recess…he had to figure out now what to say and how to say it to walk back his asinine statement on the record; not to mention the record reflects this judge was so confused as to what case was before him, and the content therein, he made statements demonstrating he was unclear to the facts and particulars of the case before him,” Rapacki noted.

Rapacki added: “Gen. Flynn should have been set free to begin rebuilding his life, and that of his incredibly courageous and loyal wife, Lori.  Mueller and company should have faced the tirade of this confused jurist – not Mike Flynn!”

“So…in March the circus appears once again before this court.  I pray between now and then this judge actually reads the case, and gets a judicial consultant to help him navigate the legal language for a directed dismissal of the case!!  Court Adjourn!!” said Dr. Rapacki.

Joe Pientka and Peter Strzok – Interview of Michael Flynn – Redacted FD 302

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