By Sidney Secular

May 31, 2022

Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia declared a State of Emergency over supply chain disruptions via Executive Order on April 14, 2022. He decreed that Covid was the cause of all the economic distress. The state was basically locked down for all of 2020 into January of 2021. Of course, it was these unconstitutional lockdowns that should be given the credit for Georgia’s economic woes.

The scope of the executive order was left completely open so that the Governor could (and can) do anything without consultation with the other two branches of the State government if he believes it would help the situation. One particular area of special interest in the Order was a reference to “price gouging”. This area is not defined or delineated and thus provides bureaucrats the opportunity to have a field day in arbitrarily determining where price gouging exists and who is responsible. Frankly, it doesn’t take a genius to know that enemies of those “in charge” are more apt to find themselves guilty of this “sin” than fellow travelers!

And it is not just a matter of “who,” but of “how!” Will shop owners have to show how much they paid to obtain the supplies they are selling or if that price is affected by whether those supplies will continue to be available? Availability always affects price. Even if a can of tuna can be purchased for $2 by the owner, if there are only fifty cans available, the sale price must be affected as the seller cannot know how much the next batch of cans will cost! And then, how much of a profit margin will be allowed before purchase price vs. sale price crosses the line into price gouging? Can price gougers be sent to jail if we’re not in a shooting war? (But then, when aren’t we in a “shooting war?”) That situation is quite possible given the vague and open-ended nature of the order.

The Governor has taken it upon himself to obviate Part 395 of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations such that a semi-truck driver can be forced to operate his rig around the clock if deemed necessary by the state government. In one of our past newsletters, we examined in great detail all the multi-faceted and interrelated ways and reasons why the supply chain problem is like a Damocles Sword hanging over us and the fact that that the situation is destined to get much worse before it gets better. If there’s nothing to ship, the drivers can’t work anyway. Messing with working hours cannot have any meaningful benefit in improving the supply chain problem as there are so many things – such as weather – that affect the shipment of goods. The aforesaid Executive Order was extended by the Governor on May 10 to run through June 14, 2022. The Order can be extended in 30 day increments thereafter. If this executive order is not challenged in a court of competent jurisdiction sometime soon it will serve as a precedent for adoption by the other – especially blue – states.

Once it sinks in that inflation is a large influence that is sinking the economy and that extended trucker hours are meaningless, what next politically mindless steps will be invoked to “solve”a “crisis” resulting from previous government “solutions?” The possibilities can only give one pause. Will the confiscation of goods from hoarders or preppers be used to feed the fools who have not prepared themselves to handle emergency situations? For one thing, that wouldn’t work! Shortages of the type that will manifest themselves will be so great and affect a population so wide, that no amount of confiscation will do anything more than put us all in the same sinking boat! It is truly akin to the fact that if one took all the money from every million and billionaire in this country, it wouldn’t begin to touch the national debt! That is, such want cannot be addressed by “political solutions” and especially if those solutions destroy freedoms more important than politics.

Will gas rations or price controls come into play while a wartime mentality plays out? What further powers will the Georgia and other like-minded governors grab? The only thing that we can say for a fact is that whatever comes down the pike, Americans will certainly not like it and neither will it do anything but provide a short term band aid for a mortal wound.

It’s somewhat incomprehensible that Governor Kemp just won the Republican primary handily. This comes after former President Trump has continuously excoriated him over his general RINO behavior and his acquiescence in the vote fraud associated with the 2020 elections*. The Governor’s apparent demonstration of “leadership” in the supply chain crisis by issuing the said Executive Order has obviously awed the unthinking sheeple into supporting him for another exhibition of frightful policies. However, more vote manipulation has been uncovered in Georgia in the primary, thus leading us to believe that the 2020 “midterms” are going to be every bit as crooked as the 2020 Presidential contest! Nonetheless, somebody voted for this “Never-Trumper” so it remains obvious that the sheeple all over the country just can’t seem to shake their addiction to electing incumbents, whatever their record of wrecking the American Dream. The ability of politicians to lead them by the nose on display during the Covid caper remains apparent at least in Georgia.

(*Famed attorney Sydney Powell has written an extensive legal brief on election fraud in GA associated with the 2020 elections which has been distributed by The American Free Press newspaper. Call them toll-free on 1-888-699-6397 to see if you can obtain a copy).

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