by Lex Greene

The American Marxist media is doing all it can to prevent the American people from knowing the truth about a lot of things, from the facts about the 2020 fraudulent elections to the global scamdemic titled COVID19 and the continued assault on mankind by mad scientists like Fauci.

But the worldwide push to “one world” Marxist globalization is one of the biggest lies ever told and as always, it’s disguised as something most sane people would agree with, even when they are not sure exactly what they are agreeing with…

In this case, Marxist globalism is hidden under the feel-good disguise of being a good “global citizen.” This disguise feels good to most people, the idea that we should all love and care about each other, not just in our families or our own country, but the entire world. The contemporary Christian is the easiest mark on earth to con with this concept…and it’s done every Sunday in many evangelical movement churches.

The use of kind and gentle fairy tale notions like Robin Hood, stealing from the rich for benefit of the poor, and backwards interpretations of Bible verses and what Jesus taught, has made it amazingly easy for the Pied Piper of Marxism to lead well-intentioned people towards the cliff.

But is being a conscientious good Citizen and neighbor in this world, the same thing as desiring one world Marxist government in total control of all people and all things, for some false “greater good?”

In reality, man’s desire to hold complete dominion over mankind, the sole purpose of global Marxism, is entirely at odds with the human desire to live in freedom while caring about others, here and around the globe.

Contrary to what our governments want us to believe, being for ourselves does not of itself, make us against anyone else. Wanting America to be great again, putting our own environment first, has nothing to do with opposing any other. Those who cannot help themselves, can help no one else.

Citizens all over the world are in the streets right now, demanding their freedom and liberty from tyrannical COVID rules. In every case, these Citizens are carrying American flags, usually chanting “FIGHT FOR TRUMP – FIGHT FOR TRUMP.” Most Americans don’t know this only because our Marxist media is doing all it can to prevent us from knowing it. But it’s all over foreign media sources and it has been ever since the 2020 theft of our nation last November…

These people are all good neighbors and Citizens of the globe and friends to the USA, and they are in the streets all over the world. Does this mean they don’t love their own countries? Or, unlike most Americans today, do they simply know how the fall of the USA will destroy people all over the entire world?

I’m in favor of being a good Citizen and neighbor to my family, the neighborhood where I live, my friends and associates, my country and yes, good people all over the globe. But I am totally opposed to any one-world Marxist globalism controlled by tyrants simply seeking their own power and wealth at the expense of everyone else, as are most people everywhere on earth.

We are all called to be good stewards of the many gifts that have been endowed by our Creator. We are all called to be good neighbors, to treat others as we wish to be treated. We are told that we will be judged by the manner in which we care for the least among us. But this too is entirely at odds with the current Marxist Globalization movement by people seeking their dominion over all things.

It makes no sense at all to destroy the environment we must live and flourish in. But modern environmentalists think they have cornered the market on this idea. Likewise, the anti-war movement thinks they own the rights to an anti-war sentiment, when in reality, only a tiny handful of mental, emotional, and moral misfits desire war, namely the war for profit folks. No one hates war more than the war-fighters.

Does being a good Citizen and neighbor to people all over the globe make us poor Citizens of our own country? The answer is YES — but only if we allow ourselves to be conned into slavery under the guise of a Marxist greater good, which can only result in the demise of freedom, liberty, and prosperity for every human being on earth. If we reject man’s rule over mankind, we will be the very best of global Citizens.

We live in a world full of evil, flooded with many deceptions. No deception on earth is greater or more dangerous than the notion that being a good Global Citizen means supporting or accepting Marxist Globalization…the rule of a few tyrants over everyone else.

I support being a good Global Citizen on this basis. However, I whole heartedly oppose accepting any form of tyranny, Marxism, socialism, communism, fascism, and totalitarianism — all of which is totally at odds with the desire to have peace on earth — no matter how “progressive” you have been Pavlov trained to believe it is today.

Our country and indeed the entire world is at a critical crossroads right now. Mass Marxist indoctrination in our schools, colleges, churches, mass media, entertainment, and corrupt governments will either succeed in enslaving every human being on earth under the guise of Global Citizenship — or — they will be defeated for the true greater good of all mankind, to protect and preserve the many gifts endowed by our Creator, which no man has the authority to infringe or eliminate.

The recent full court press to end freedom and liberty by the Marxist left has ignited a great awakening all over the world. Yes, “fight for Trump – fight for Trump!” But not because of who or what Donald Trump is…rather, because of what Donald Trump stands for… Us!

When we “fight for Trump,” we are fighting for freedom, liberty, justice, decency, honor, our country, the gifts from our Creator and people all over the globe.

If Trump fails, it all fails.

© 2021 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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