by Lee Duigon

February 17, 2022

I didn’t realize the Winter Olympics were on until they were almost over (which happens this Sunday, I suppose). I chanced to see a picture of the opening ceremonies—Chinese Communist soldiers goose-stepping under their flag.

Why do brutal tyrannical regimes always seem to come up with these silly walks for military parades? Hitler, Stalin, Peron, Kim Whatsisname—they all made their soldiers perform silly walks. Who knows why? Maybe it’s just a dictator thing.

China is a bloodthirsty communist dictatorship which world leaders like to pretend is a civilized country. In fact, the global ruling class is very fond of China and would love to do a lot of things the Chicoms do. That “social credit” system, for instance—boffo. If they’d had that in Canada this year, the Freedom Convey never would’ve gotten started. And name an American Democrat who doesn’t admire and want to emulate Red China. I remember Thomas Friedman of the New York Times (he has two swimming pools, not just one) longingly sighing over China’s ability to disregard public opinion, dispense with debate, and Just Do a Green New Deal whether the plebs like it or not. But don’t hold your breath waiting for China to play nice with Climate Change—although in general it’s a good idea to hold your breath when visiting a Chinese city. You can cut the polluted air with a machete.

Have we learned nothing from that disastrous 20th century—when every time you turned around, there was more barbed wire and another pile of dead bodies? Red China is this fallen world’s hangover from that horrible century. It seduces stupid intellectuals. It promises great things.

But these are not new promises. Ye shall be as gods, Satan promised Adam and Eve and launched the DIY Divinity project that they’re still working on today. We break eggs to make the omelet. It’s gonna be great! Just give government enough power over people, the power to sweep off anyone who gets in the way, enough money—all of it, if need be—and the Science and technology it needs to Do Everything (I can’t believe I’m writing something so ridiculous)… and it’s bob’s yer uncle—paradise on earth! All our sins, all our follies, all our hardships, will be engineered out of the system by The Smartest People In The World. Honk if you trust Bill Gates.

Barbed Wire. Dead bodies. That’s how it always turns out. We spent a whole century proving it. Papa Doc Duvalier. The nut in Rumania. Idi Amin. Castro. But who has space to list them all? And none of them could hold a candle to China’s Chairman Mao, when it came to murdering the people of his own country. Tens of millions, at least.

But never mind! China is the future! Join the Chinese Communist Party in goose-stepping into Paradise! See—those golden gates are right in front of us, and we’re gonna go through—globalism’s gonna bring us through.

Just as soon as they get rid of those grubby little Uighurs. And anyone else who’s in the way.

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