There were many thought provoking speeches on important issues at GOP convention. Also, great patriotic energy, enthusiasm, unashamed love of country. If the GOP was once the “Party of the Rich” or “the Country Club set,” it certainly isn’t any more.

These delegates were, obviously, just patriotic Americans, sharing and living the concerns of most ordinary working Americans — committed to the foundational American values of God and country, and “We, the People” as the sovereigns, not elitist social engineers is Washington, academia, and the courts.

On the evidence of the Convention, the GOP is not an elite-dominated party led by the wealthy, professional politicians, would-be academics and lawyers seeking to be leaders of “the revolution” by executive and judicial orders in the socialist style, rather than by laws made by elected representatives in Congress and carried out, not made, by the President–or by lawyers sitting as judges in the Judicial Branch in which only one class, lawyers, may serve.

That party of elitists is not the GOP. That party would be the modern “transformed” Politically-Correct, Progressive Liberal Party of Hillary Clinton, on whose hands the blood of Benghazi remains– which must and does “make a difference,” so great a difference it should forever disqualify her as commander-in-chief, as does her history of lies concerning her e-mail, influence peddling, and Clinton Foundation scandals.

One of the best yet most most disappointing speeches was that of Ted Cruz. One of the best as he emphasized that “Freedom,” and the very existence of America as the freest nation in the history of the world, is what is at stake in this election. One of the most disappointing as despite the rhetorical eloquence of his speech, he did not fulfill his pledge, and the pledge of all the other candidates for the nomination, to endorse the nominee chosen by vote of the primary voters and the delegates. It is unfortunate that Cruz would diminish himself in such a manner.

If Cruz was attempting to advance himself as future candidate and diminish Trump as the elected nominee, Cruz instead diminished himself. It was Trump who was made to appear a bigger and better man by Cruz’ betrayal of his pledge.

Trump, in contrast to Cruz, was gracious in victory. He invited Cruz to speak at the convention without any conditions. He did not attempt to block or interfere with Cruz’ speech although Trump, who read the advance copy of the speech, knew Cruz would violate his pledge. Trump was made to appear the better man by Cruz’ self-centered pettiness, violating his pledge, putting himself and his own political ambitions ahead of the country’s need to defeat Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party’s leftward march leading the nation from free enterprise and individual freedom, to Socialism and individual serfdom.

Deeds speak louder that words about who and what a man is. Cruz’ words were wonderful in defense of “Freedom.” His deeds were despicable. A shame.


© 2016 Rees Lloyd – All Rights Reserved

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