By Lex Greene

June 7, 2022

In case you haven’t noticed, our government continues to amend the definition of “mass shooting” and direct all attention to the fact that a gun is an efficient way to kill or injure more than one person at a time. As a result, their news media is reporting “mass shooting” events almost daily now, most of which are actually gang-on-gang shootings or shootings that take place in the commission of another crime.

But the one thing they DO NOT want anyone to focus on is the reality that real “mass shooting” events, such as those in a school building, shopping mall, outside a bar at 2:AM or subway, only take place in “gun free zones” — where the only person armed is the criminal. It’s now a “conspiracy theory” to point out that most gun-related deaths in the USA are acts of suicide, not homicide. It’s an act of “racism” to point out that the vast majority of gun-related homicides in the USA are black on black crimes, usually involving numerous other criminal acts and gang violence in anti-gun rights cities.

The elephant in the room boils down to only three points of grave interest…

  1. Mass shooting events targeting random innocents is new, starting in 1999 at Columbine. Every true mass shooting event since, has taken place in a “gun-free zone.” Mass shooters only target “defenseless targets.” These victims needed a method of defense and didn’t have any. Every time without exception, when seconds counted, the police were only 20-to-60 minutes away.
  2. Despite the reality that it’s best to have a gun and not need one, than to need one and not have one…those who are anti-freedom seek to make all of the USA a “gun-free zone” by disarming law-abiding citizens instead of stopping those who commit these crimes.
  3. No matter the weapon of choice, kids are killing kids at an alarming rate. WHY? Begin with, how many of our freedoms have already been stripped away by our own government, and end with, 70% of the country fears for our future and opposes the current direction of our country under socialist democrat leadership. They see no hope for their future!

The simple truth is…you will never prevent crime by disarming people who don’t commit crimes. The fact is, the most anti-gun cities and states all have the biggest crime problems, and they are also the most anti-police cities and states in the USA, working to disarm citizens and defund the police.

There is no way to look at those two factors and conclude anything other than, the leaders in these cities and states are working to create a defenseless and lawless zone where no one but the criminals are armed and in control. No sane person can conclude anything else.

Honestly, it’s hard to imagine why so many people don’t grasp…criminals don’t follow any laws. So, no law will prevent their criminal behaviors. Long before a mass shooter fires their first shot, they have already broken numerous laws already on the books. One more law won’t change anything on their part.

As a result, disarming law-abiding citizens is the worst possible thing we could do, creating an entire defenseless society.

A CBS News poll released Sunday showed 60% of Americans (allegedly) want gun laws to be more strict — an increase of 6 points since May 22.”  This only proves just how foolish 60% of the USA population is today. Removing weapons from good people or making it more difficult for good people to get them, only empowers bad people. Look no further than the increasing “gun-free zone” events to confirm.

Simply stated to where even an average 3rd grader could understand, defenseless equals a soft target and prime victims. If today’s global Nazi democrats had their way, no citizen would own any firearms, every police department would be defunded, and our Military would be made up of go-along to get-along females, gays, and transgendered war fighters, with only about as many troops as they would need to help process more illegal foreign invaders at our southern border.

In other words, democrats are working to create a totally unsafe environment for every American citizen, making it much easier for them to meld the USA into a “own nothing and be happy” member of Klaus Schwab’s global commune in accordance with his maniacal Nazi COVID19 Global Reset plans.

Every mass shooting in “gun-free zone” after “gun-free zone” is a blatant and grave lesson in defenseless. But millions of Americans no longer possess “uncommon sense” anymore. America’s higher education systems have indoctrinated the common sense, right out of generations. Millions can no longer even get (4) from (2+2).

And then there’s our illustrious (not so free) press. Owned by only a few international corporations and totally controlled by leftists in government, the only approved narratives are the ones that will lead to the ultimate demise of a once free and sovereign nation. Like their leftist cohorts in government, they also seek to weaken the USA into oblivion.

Meanwhile, the USA federal government has ignited what will soon be WWIII with Russia in Ukraine and sold the USA to China.

Yet, nobody seems able to figure out why kids are killing kids all of a sudden, or what to do about it.

Nonsense… The real truth is, government isn’t good at anything, except making a mess of everything.

That’s the good news, under the best of circumstances. The bad news is when governments fall into the hands of global Nazi tyrants, the country is doomed until the people take their country back from those Nazis.

This alone means, the American people can NEVER afford to be disarmed. If they ever are…that’s the end. “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” ― Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

Last, had our earliest settlers not been armed, the USA would have never existed…no one would have ever known American freedom and liberty, as the citizenry would never had been able to defeat the most powerful military on earth at the time, freeing themselves and us, from British rule.

Face it…we will never be able to wake up the brain dead… The rest of us, however, must unite and fight, before there is no time and no means! We must fight back from the State level…because the Federal government has become totally destructive of national sovereignty and security, and individual freedom and liberty. It no longer belongs to us!

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