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Recently my wife and I along with members of the nationwide Zecheriah 2:5 family prayer group met in the United Kingdom.  We were invited over to speak and address issues affecting their onetime mighty empire.  My primary focus was on reminding them of the great history of England encouraging them to not forget the legacy of such luminaries as Sir Winston Churchill, William Blackstone, Minister John Wesley, Richard the Lion hearted, Queen Elizabeth and the Iron Lady, Maggie Thatcher just to name a very few.  From the outset of our visit it was nice to see the comparative cleanliness of their public spaces, whether the streets, sidewalks, parks or public transit stations.  I provided a bit of comic relief for our amazing host and primary driver.  Because during our first day there I kept approaching our transport vehicle to enter on the right side where passenger side would be in the United States.

For the first few days we stayed at Treloyhan Manor in Cornwall, a pleasant community of some of the nicest and most hospitable people anywhere.  I must admit that watching BBC News was more boring and just as politically biased as the dragon media helping the democrats trying to ruin the United States.  Everywhere we went in Great Britain remains chock full of historic monuments and building that predate our great republic by many centuries.  I will never forget our trip to Plymouth England.  There we stood, maybe a yard from the original steps the Pilgrims seeking religious freedom used, to embark upon the sea vessels they sailed to the shores of what would later become the United States of America.  I was led to pray that the United States would no longer cast away such an important link to our national roots and source of greatness.

I couldn’t wait to chow down on the famous British delicacy fish and chips.  The first several offerings were great, but the novelty quickly wore of after an almost steady diet of evening fish and chips for four evenings in a row.  When we were done ministering in Cornwall and the majority of the Zechariah members returned to America, the rest of our unforgettable journey began.  One of the more memorable stops before trekking way northward was an area called St. Just where popular Methodist minister John Wesley arrived during the month of September 1743.  Both Minister John and his brother Charles were bold men of God who were hated by the establishment types who wanted more influence over the people than the word of God.  Despite the blowback, the Wesley brothers obeyed God and ignited a wave of revival still remembered by many in Great Britain today.

Sometimes the greatest discoveries are made by accident.  That is exactly what happened when the bus carrying members of our traveling party broke down in West Cornwall, on route to another location.  Much to our surprise we ended up at the sight of a beautiful theatre named the Minack Theater that was literally carved out of a rocky clifftop overlooking the Atlantic ocean.  The theatre was first envisioned by Rowena Cade who’s love of drama fueled her one woman army effort to literally carve the Minack Theatre out of the granite cliff.  The first production held at the theatre was The Tempest, in August of 1932.  Today the world famous venue attracts more than 230,000 visitors every year for top quality theatrical presentations.

Also, after a number of gatherings and important business matters addressed, it was onward through England an upward to the Scottish Highlands.  Along the narrow winding roads, we were blessed to see so much of the British and Scottish countryside, historical sites and the most heartwarming hamlets imaginable.  We ended up in the Northern area of Scotland called Tongue which is a short distance from the ancestral Christian home of President Donald Trump on his mother’s side of the family.  We also visited Loch Ness, Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland and numerous other locales.  The last but certainly not least major visit we made was to London.  What a great and beautiful city it is.  I was blessed to meet many people across from the British parliamentary building who are in support of Brexit and love our great president Trump.  It was great to see London’s rejuvenated Piccadilly Circus district and the nighttime ride on the Eye was breathtaking to say the least.  Our mostly positive trip to England was marred by bigoted/leftist unnatural sexual practitioners who successfully got Chic Fil-A’s first British eatery shut down after only one week of operation.

My wife and I have been invited to return to Great Britain for speaking engagements. Via Providential guidance, we can be a catalyst for change toward the right direction in that enchanted land of castles and royalty.  She and I look forward to our return. God save the Queen and may God rescue the people of Great Britain from the perils of the European Union.  This final note. England is a wonderful place, but let me set the record straight. There is still no place like home in the United States of America.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.   Don’t miss The Edwards Notebook commentary on great radio outlets throughout America.  Also, it’s the Ron Edwards Experience talks show Fridays at 4PM EST, 3PM CT, 1PM PT via AM 1180 KCKQ and

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