By Marilyn M. Barnewall

Some questions and answers about how to define words are made in good humor – like:  Define a liar.  Answer:  A Democrat whose lips are moving.

Most Democrats don’t see the humor in that.  The interesting thing is, Democrats say the same about Republicans with no hint of humor.  They say it in all seriousness and think nothing of it.

Arrogance is blind (theirs and ours).  We can only see that which our minds conceive and believe.  I learned that many years ago while working for W. Clement Stone’s Combined Insurance Company.

Too many of us talk but are not understood.  We say a word with total assurance that listeners understand because we know what we’re saying.  But the NEW NOW and the abbreviations so popular in text messages have, with no one’s permission or acceptance, changed the interpretation of many words.  Too, the media has had a very negative impact as they seek to sell narratives (many of them fake) rather than report news.

The following are my personal definitions of some oft used statements and are based on fact and logic, not emotion.  Whenever I use these words, you know precisely what I mean.  That, by the way, is one basic meaning of the word “transparency” – a word we hear so often during political speeches that means access to a clear vision of things.

QUESTION:    What is a mistake?  How do you know if something is a plan rather than a coincidence or a mistake?

ANSWER:        Consistency (which is defined as in agreement, in harmony, regularity, etc.).

When someone says or does something consistently, it’s because what was said or done is part of a belief or part of a plan.  Consistency or lack of it is rarely “coincidence.”   When Joe Biden says he’s for fracking (in front of an audience dependent on oil for their jobs) and then says he opposes fracking (in front of a pro-Green crowd), one of the two statements is untrue.  It’s an inconsistency and prevents a clear vision of his meaning.  When a person consistently says the same thing, it is because they have a plan or a belief.  It may be a good plan, it may be a bad plan – but it’s not a lie.

An example of a consistent bad plan is when all members of the media use the same terminology in their reporting.  It is not coincidence and it is not a mistake; it is a plan.  It is fulfilling their commitment to a Hate Trump narrative.  How many times do we hear everyone from Don Lemon at CNN to Joe Scarborough at MSNBC and everyone in-between at CBS, ABC, NBC, and other broadcasters use the same word when describing an anti-Trump activity about which they report?

Words like “Trump made racist comments at Charlottesville” (which is untrue) or “he supports white supremacists” (which is untrue) or  “horrifying” or “fearful” or “hate” and other terms are used over and over again.

The same adjectives and nouns all come out of all of their mouths within the same 24-hour “news” cycle.  That is an example of a narrative… a story they want you to believe and so they coordinate their words very carefully.  Saying the same words over and over again equates to brainwashing.  They want you to absorb the word racist or hatred with the word Trump.  I call it the Charlie McCarthy effect.  For those who do not know, Charlie McCarthy was a dummy that sat on the lap of ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, a popular radio show host in the 1940s.

QUESTION:    How do you know if you are a white supremacist?  How can you tell when someone else is a white supremacist?

ANSWER:        There are two answers to this question.  Possibly three.

FIRST, there are a handful of idiots who believe white people are smarter than people of color.  The Asians in American colleges have put a damper on that concept by rising to the top academically.  But that doesn’t stop stupid people from their narrative.  Donald Trump has, on numerous occasions, denied being a white supremacist.  He lifelong behavior patterns support his denial.

You can tell how accurate this concept is by remembering who killed 6 million Jews (few of whom were dark skinned) because he believed in Aryan supremacy.  The concept of an Aryan race did not originate with Adolph Hitler.  It is a very interesting story and you can find it here.

The media uses “white supremacist” almost as a synonym with “racist”.  It is not.

SECOND:  If you live in a country where the population is dominantly white, you are a white supremacist.  There are more of you than any other skin color.  If you are black and live in Africa, you are a black supremacist because there are more blacks than whites or browns or yellows in Africa.  If you are Chinese and live in China, you are a yellow supremacist for the same reason.  If you are Mexican and live in Mexico, you are a brown supremacist – same reason.  A white person in America is a supremacist because there are more of you than people of color.

Blacks make up about 18 percent of the 2020 population; Hispanics (legal/voters) 15 percent. Whites outnumber blacks and browns and yellows in America and thus control who gets elected to office.  That means whites control who makes our laws and set (or try to set) our social standards.  The superior number of whites in America makes all white people supremacists.

Is that something to be ashamed of?  Is it something over which to destroy American cities?  The next time you are called a white supremacist, just pity the person for their ignorance.

QUESTION:  What is a racist?  Is being a supremacist different from being a racist?

ANSWER:  A man named Obama would never have been President of this country if white Americans were racists or supremacists because we make up 65 percent of all voters.   If there was ever evidence that America is not a racist nation, the election of Barack Hussein Obama provides it.  There are more whites than blacks and if whites were racists he would not have been elected.  Since he was elected twice (consistency), it was no “coincidence.”

What is a racist?

A racist or anti-Semite is a bit of a psychopath… a person who lacks the empathy to walk in another’s shoes.  Psychopaths have a narrative by which they live that is quite different from that of normal people.  All narratives, including those of mentally healthy people, are made up of numerous chapters or stories.  Racists have a narrative.  Their dominant story is that people must think, look and behave in a manner they, the racists, approve of or they are inferior people. Racism is a form of mental illness.

However, real honest-to-God racism is not what we hear described by our media or our politicians.

If you are white, it is okay to dislike someone if they are black.  If you have that dislike just because they are black, however, it is racistAND, it is racist for a black person to dislike someone just because they are white.

You either like someone or you don’t but race or skin color should have nothing to do with your likes or dislikes.  If it does, you are probably a racist (and racist attitudes come in all sizes, from tiny to XXX).

To radical blacks who shout at the top of their lungs that only whites can be racists because we are the dominant race in America, I refer them to my comments about white supremacists.  You are talking about supremacy, not racism!  But racism has a much nastier connotation and so you use it to achieve your ends.  The end justifies the means to all progressives/Marxists.

Poverty has more to do with what is sold to the American public as racism than racism does.  People tend to overlook the large number of white people who live in poverty.  They often behave as if the status of poverty belongs exclusively to non-whites.  It does not.

The last two generations of black and white poor children have been taught to believe they are victims, not people with the potential to turn a loser life into success.

Who is teaching these kids such things?  The teachers who are specially trained to work in minority schools – especially in elementary schools.  The teachers are brainwashed to believe the lie that all black people are victims.  The narrative they have been taught makes teachers think they are being kind to educate the children to the realities of life… and this alternative is one choice any person of any color can make in life:  Be a victim.

They can equally choose not to be victims.  The number of uninformed white faces who are involved in rioting – not protesting but rioting – and the number of teachers who have been identified on video and join them, validate and verify who is responsible.  It is largely not the black community.

The system that not only allows but encourages this kind of indoctrination is at fault for the victimhood mentality that exists in America.  It is a huge problem and a horribly racist mentality supports it.  It happens to a lot of poor white and black children who attend inferior schools.

If they are shown love and are well-educated, there is not a black child who does not have the same potential to be as productively successful and happy as any white or brown or yellow child with the same IQ and physical health.  They may have to learn to show people respect and begin wearing their pants above their butts, but that too is their choice.  It is the choice of everyone, regardless of color.  It is the choice of those who decide to succeed.

People who think white parents don’t have conversations like:  “…if you are stopped by the police, put your hands on the steering wheel where they can be seen, act respectfully, and do what you’re told” are living in dream land.

QUESTION:  What is black lives matter?  Who founded it and who runs it?  Is its purpose to promote a better life for black people?

In 2017, the co-founders of Black Lives Matter produced a report stating that the three co-founders of Black Lives Matter are avowed Marxists.  More easily said:  communists.  The founders names are Alicia Garza, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, and Opal Tometi.  If you take time to read that article, you will clearly see how uneducated Americans are in matters of race.

This is not a here today, gone tomorrow group (which will disappoint a lot of people who wait for the violence to stop so we can go back to yesterday’s woke zone).  It is very well financed and is heavily associated with and supports the Democrat Party – which is why blue state Democrat politicians allow their cities to burn and say nothing.

BLM’s primary objective is to promote communism/socialism.  It raises huge amounts of money each year from capitalist-hating socialists in Hollywood, New York City, and the usual places committed to tearing down America.

They have no respect for the Constitution, the laws of the nation, law enforcement, are behind the Defund the Police campaign… but don’t yet appear to have yet figured out that without the police to protect them, they probably wouldn’t last long among well-armed conservatives.

When you hear people talking about controversial issues, make sure you understand the language being used and what is really being said.

Our language – along with everything else – has been weaponized.  When those who use words as a weapon succeed, reality becomes a parody of itself.

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