Sometimes it can be confusing when I hear certain people like Minnesota Representative illahn Omar label the United States as racist. Of course, the bitter congresswoman is one of many vicious haters of the United States of America who are hell bent on transforming our republic into a dictatorship.  After all, it was the United States she enjoys liberty and congressional authority that has provided her with a lifestyle she could never, ever achieve in her native Somalia.  The truth is, Omar would not be allowed to achieve a higher standard of living in her horrible native land.  She was rescued out of a horrendous refuge camp.  Every time I hear or read about yet another negative and often untrue description of the United States by Representative Omar, I could swear she must be having flashbacks about where she came from.

The meaning of racism: Is discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race.

The meaning of racist: A person with prejudiced belief one racial group is superior to others: discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion.

Bigotry is defined as the intolerance and bigotry against others

A bigot is a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially one who regards or treats members of a religious or ethnic group with hatred and intolerance.

If those definitions above were an accurate description of the United States of America today, I do not believe iIIahn Omar would have been rescued by America, allowed to immigrate here and run for a political office of authority.  There are few places on earth where someone from a totally different back ground that hates a nation, can move to that nation and win political office.  I doubt very seriously that Omar’s native Islamic Somalia would welcome me an American believer in Christ with open arms.  They systematically murder believers in Christ, as is the standard practice in any nation where Islamists are the majority.  Unfortunately, there are far too many Christians and Republicans and Americans in general who are so willing to prove they are not racist by ignoring the hatred of certain nonwhite people who hate our republic and are working to topple the Trump administration via death by a thousand leftist oriented cuts.

The Democrats know that president Donald John Trump is in no way a racist.  The goal of destroying Trump is fueled by a hatred for our Constitutionally limited, Exceptional Nation way of life. The United States has come closer than any nation throughout history to provide opportunities for all who choose to put forth effort to work to achieve their goals of success.  Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime since Ronald Reagan to stand up for “We the People” and champion the numerous great aspects of our republic.  He has correctly sought to place the interests of America and her people above the interests of illegal border crossers and globalists around the world and peppered throughout our government.

The real struggle is about ideology.  In one corner you have liberty lovers and in the other there are those who desire a society dominated by those who proclaim racism against anyone who disagrees with their destructive ideas.  Now maybe some believe that president Trump is a racist.  But if he is, that means the definition of racist has changed before our very eyes in the same way that the definition of gay was changed.  If you are white and are a patriotic American and do not want our national sovereignty to be wiped out via too much immigration, both illegal and legal, you are now considered to be a racist.  That view is totally different from the original meaning of racism and racist, both of which were and still are a cornerstone of the democrat party.

The president must not back down from his pro American stance, even if every single democrat goes to nutsville and screams until their throats break, that he is a racist.  I have refused to give in to the retarded pressure from both “African Americans” and leftist whites who have called me everything but a child of God for preferring our Exceptional nation, Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. over their hate centered mission to turn our republic into a crap hole.  If you think I am exaggerating then simply visit the democrat dominated ghettos of America and witness the physical, spiritual and economic end results of their applied philosophy.  I rest my case.  God Bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.

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