In May of 2016, we released a book titled TRUMPED: The New American Revolution detailing the machine that Trump had to defeat in order to become the 45th President of the United States and whom he would have to confront head-on as President, in his efforts to make America great again…


In December of 2016, we asked “Will we really drain the swamp” wherein we proposed three very basic swamp draining actions that Trump must take upon his inauguration, or he would not be able to advance his stated agenda or ever drain the swamp.


  1. The Article II natural born Citizen clause must be enforced and violators must be investigated and prosecuted. Evidence now proves that the entire Obama Administration was based upon fraud. That fraud, left standing, makes it impossible to protect the Oval Office from foreign invasion and occupation. We cannot drain the swamp so long as this remains the case. Barack Hussein Obama and his fellow criminals must be held fully accountable for that fraud, or the Oval Office is unprotected. (SEE P-I and P-II on NBC) – Trump’s Department of Justice must immediately open this investigation!
  2. The arrest and prosecution of George Soros, and the seizing of all assets and organizations funded by George Soros for the overt purpose of sedition and subversion of the sovereignty and security of our Constitutional Republic. These organizations are the root enemy within that must be eliminated, or the swamp cannot be drained. This is the fuel and ammo supply for all enemy operations within the United States today. The Department of Justice knows all of this already but is refusing to act on evidence that amounts to treason.
  3. Trump’s Department of Justice must bring criminal charges against all mayors and governors of “sanctuary cities” for threatening the safety, sovereignty and security of their own cities and states by “aiding and abetting” known criminals and criminal activities, as well as “harboring fugitives” from justice under United States Immigration and Naturalization laws. Once again, the swamp cannot be drained while mayors and governors protect “illegal invaders” at the expense of all “legal U.S. citizens.” Violating Federal Laws that enjoy Federal Supremacy is a criminal act.

Draining the swamp had to start at the top, closing down the machine set to undermine Trump and keep America on track to becoming a part of the global commune after a planned financial collapse.

In early January 2017 – we discussed The Nature of Constitutional Law that Trump would have to adhere to and enforce without reservation or hesitation, or the swamp would quickly consume his new administration and derail his entire agenda.

In late January, following the Trump inauguration, we identified the “enemies on parade” and what should have been high-valued targets for Trump as America’s new most wanted. In early March, we issued a 28-page expose’ on public enemy #1 George Soros and his NGOs – followed by a column connecting all the dots for people and maybe even the Trump Administration, so that we could avoid the clear and present dangers Trump would surely face as defined in the book TRUMPED.

Unfortunately, this unprecedented volume of critical “how to drain the swamp” information largely fell on deaf ears, in the Trump Administration and with 63 million Americans who voted for Trump to make America great again, without realizing he would never be able to do that without their ongoing help.

It would take months or years to turn America around… but the start of that process had to take place within the first 100-days, or it could never happen. The machine would take a stranglehold on the Trump Administration within that 1st 100-days and the Trump agenda would be dead on arrival.

Trump’s agenda at Day 97

Trump was elected by 63 million voters on the following basis…

  • Drain the Swamp – which cannot be done without addressing the top three issues identified above… none of which has been addressed as of day 97. The “low hanging fruit” is meaningless.
  • Repeal ObamaCare – Dead on arrival as Ryan and establishment Republicans advanced a bill to keep the federal government in the health care business. They couldn’t even place a bill on Trump’s desk, nor will they be able to…
  • Tax Reform – Tax reform is not possible so long as ObamaCare and federal involvement in health care and a laundry list of other expensive social experiments remain in play. No real tax reform bill will be delivered to Trump’s desk.
  • Build the Wall – Ryan’s House Republicans recently passed another omnibus federal spending bill which fully funds all of Obama’s previous agenda items and defunds Trump’s agenda, including funds for building that wall.
  • End Regime Change as policy – Instead, Trump was pushed into a military strike on Syria and talking regime change as his new foreign policy, less than 100 days into power.
  • Stop illegal immigration and amnesty – Ryan’s House just fully funded Obama’s DACA program and continues to prevent Trump from enforcing our borders. If Trump signs this bill from Congressional Republicans, he has joined the enemy.
  • LOCK HER UP – Hillary and Bill Clinton are world renowned as two of the biggest criminals to ever grace the halls of government anywhere on earth and Trump promised to “lock her up!” That’s a promise that has never been mentioned again since the election ended on November 8, 2016.
  • Impose a federal hiring freeze – Lifted his hiring freeze on April 14th.
  • Declare China as a currency manipulator – Declares that China is NOT a currency manipulator on April 13th.
  • Issue a travel ban on Jihadist resettlement – Blocked twice by lower federal courts with no such jurisdiction. Trump is caught up fighting courts that have no jurisdiction to stop his orders in the first place.
  • Seat another Scalia on the High Court – Trump had to use the nuclear option to seat Neil Gorsuch on the U.S. Supreme Court. But make no mistake, Neil Gorsuch is no Scalia, which became quite evident when he stated that “Roe v. Wade is the law of the land.”

This all adds up to Trump being consumed by the swamp instead of draining the swamp.

As someone who supported Trump in the 2016 elections and even wrote a book about the most important election since George Washington, I am highly troubled by the facts presented here. This is not conjecture or theory, the above information is a matter of fact.

Give Trump Time

As we have pointed out several times over the past year or so, certain things had to happen for Trump to have any chance at all of turning the tide in this country and to be blunt about it, none of those things have happened. In fact, in far too many cases, Trump has already reversed course on his promises.

Some Trump supporters say… “give Trump time!” This is a very fair and obvious piece of advice under normal circumstances. Of course, it would take time to turn around a country that had already been driven to its knees before Trump arrived on the scene.

However, I am not the person who has set the timeline for how fast Trump must act in order to win… The enemy set that timeline long ago.

The truth is… America was such a disaster when Trump took office that only by moving swiftly, unapologetically and with great strategic accuracy, would it be possible for Trump to ever make any difference at all. The cards were stacked so heavily against him from the start that he would have no choice but to take out the leadership of the enemy immediately, or they would undermine and subvert his every move to turn the tables.

As we approach Trump’s 100-day mark, his entire agenda is on life support at best… The people failed to remain fully engaged, pushing Trump and their agenda forward post-election. That left Trump vulnerable to attack on every possible front.

He entered office with congress, the courts and the media set on destroying him. Alone, he had no chance against such overwhelming odds. Only “the people” had the power to force their agenda forward through Trump and they have thus far, failed to do so.

Why Trump has let his agenda falter is of no consequence at all… No matter the reason or reasons, they will all be inadequate when the 2016 election results in no positive direction for a country on the brink of total collapse.

In the end, the people will blame Trump for failing to do what only the American people are capable of doing… Meanwhile, they will blame me for pointing out the obvious!

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