The republican effort to unravel and replace Obamacare is on the surface a worthy endeavor.  Some republicans want to slightly scale back the gruesome government’s role in health care.  Of course, those wanting us to be saddled with Obama’s legacy of government health care have noted that fewer people would be covered with health insurance if “Obama careless” is replaced with Obama lite healthcare.  It is nice that some republicans want to reduce the awful effects of Obama government healthcare.

But one must wonder why other republicans like speaker Paul Ryan, refuse to consider a real free market approach concerning our healthcare.   The business of heath care should be about seeking the best way to help sick patients overcome illness and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately, long before Obama care a lot of government intervention and regulations were wreaking havoc even though they may have been applied with the best of intentions.

I cannot tell you how many regulations emanating from both big government and insurance companies that make going to hospital an adventure in double misery.  First dealing with the illness, then literally volumes of mainly inconvenience oriented government and insurance company regulations.  The piling on of Obamacare has only degenerated the doctor patient relationship. The physician is simply  pushing papers and is forced to operate according to regulations that have nothing whatsoever to do with promoting the healing of sick patients.  America has lost over 25 percent of doctors because “well intentioned regulations” have also killed off the economic incentives for doctors to continue in the medical field.

Also, new innovations and inventions that could have been more quickly brought to practical fruition are horrendously delayed or scrubbed, because government or Obamacare regulations plug up the pipeline to bring forth new medical technologies and medicines.   Ultimately it is the patients who suffers.  No healthcare plan that is under the domain of the government will in the long run be beneficial for sovereign America.

The Paul Ryan and company Obamalite replacement is a huge insult to both common sense and the American people.  For too long, Americans have been conditioned into thinking that any change without government over lording is much too painful to endure.  Thus we are now facing the possibility of having to put up with more of the same with just minor improvements.  President Trump touted the great aspects of the Ryan/establishment plan to replace Obamacare.  He mentioned ow it would take many months to realize the positive effects of the new GOP plan.  One reason given was how it would take a long time for the market to rev up.

Well exactly Mr. President, that is why individuals like yours truly have been saying since day one to please cut taxes and reduce regulations first.  So, that while battles over healthcare changes are waged, the economy could have already been growing.  As the result, more jobs, new business growth and better earnings across the board would soften the transition from Obamacare to a beneficial system.  Plus there would be more prosperous individuals to choose and purchase from a greater variety of private sector insurance company plans.

It is usually through such private sector competition that prices are adjusted for the benefit of the customer.  Allowing the marketplace to function unencumbered by government controls and needless regulations, would open the door for doctors to devote much more time to engage in the actual healing of their patients.  That is far more beneficial than keeping up with reams of regulations that bog down the business of healing.

President Donald Trump, please do not allow yourself to be surrounded by those who do not share your lofty vision of making America great again.  Remember sir, that when government tries to guarantee such things as jobs, housing, healthcare and education for everyone, what really arises is a one size fits all hot mess for all, either directly or indirectly.  Everyone else, let meet on a page from The Edwards Notebook commentaries, at various times during the Captain’s America Third Watch emanating nationwide on 48 radio stations from flagship AM 860 WGUL Tampa, Florida and now on TECN or The Exceptional Conservative Network throughout the broadcast day and night.

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