For every rule, there are exceptions.  Unfortunately, today so many Christian ministers are nothing more than politically correct stooges misleading millions of Americans when it comes to patriotism.  The Lord said to occupy until I come.  Occupying indicates territory and ownership.  Not sitting around waiting to fly away, or not giving a darn about the nation one lives in. Scripture tells us we are to be the salt and light in this dark world, not hide our light under a bush.  But rather than sadly lament the state of affairs regarding the many preachers who frown on patriotism and caring about the state of our earthly nation. I would rather give our misguided pastors a brief look at the illustrious Christian influence in the ordained fight for the establishment of our republic.

Men such as George Washington, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush and many others plainly understood that our rights come from God.  They also logically concluded that the nation they were forced by British tyranny to establish had a God ordained destiny of greatness that would benefit mankind.  In fact, the Declaration of Independence was written as a proclamation to the world of their reasons for separating from Great Britain.  The Colonists could no longer tolerate Britain’s predetermined plan to take away their religious liberties and reestablish the Church of England to rule over their hearts and souls, thus enslaving the colonies.  The laws of nature were understood to mean the will of God for man as revealed to man’s reason. However, because man is fallen and his reason does not always comprehend this law, God gave His law in the Bible to make it absolutely clear.

Thus, it was the churches that became the primary source that stirred the fires of liberty, telling the colonists that the British government was usurping their God-given rights and the King and Parliament were violating the laws of God.  The Founding Fathers were convinced that it was their sacred duty to start a revolution to uphold the law of God against the unjust and oppressive laws of certain men.  Also the fight for political liberty was seen as a sacred cause because civil liberty was an inalienable right according to God’s natural law.

It is noted in the American Patriot’s Bible that the New England ministers, in particular,  were decisive in rallying the popular moral support for the war against England.  They pressed their congregations to overthrow King George because believed their rebellion to tyrants was obedience to God.  From many pulpits, ministers recruited troops and strengthened them in battle with patriotic sermons.

While the church leaders were well schooled in the fact that that the Bible placed great emphasis on due submission to civil authorities (Romans 13), they noted there are also numerous passages that approve resistance to ungodly authority.  For instance, when the apostles were commanded by the Sanhedrin to cease preaching that Jesus Christ had risen from the dead.  Peter boldly asserted:  “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).  Therefore it is no coincidence that one of the watchwords of the American Revolution was “No King but King Jesus.”    For a majority of the early patriots, their faith gave them the courage to stand on God’s holy word and risk their lives and properties to break the yoke of tyranny brandished by an unjust and cruel human authority.

In their Christian worldview, obedience to God took high precedence over country or government, and their primary allegiance was to the Lord Jesus Christ.  As a result of the unwavering faith in Jesus and adherence to God’s enumerated principles the Founders were successful in overcoming those who opposed Unalienable Rights along with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Unfortunately today, there are numerous examples of Christian in name only churches and organizations where there is direct opposition to God’s will, God’s ways and His solid principles.  It pains me to point out that a Chaplain and former head of the National Association of Evangelicals in California switched allegiance to the homosexual rainbow flag.  Pastors and counselors were directed to reject Biblical verses on sexuality and deny counseling for those seeking help in their struggle with same sex attraction and gender confusion. Many churches today are unwilling to stand on one of God’s foremost ancient principles.  It is no wonder that millions of Christians are so blind that they prefer democrats and “rinos” who would wipe out their right to raise their children the right way over trump who is battling protect our exceptional republic from literal destruction.  As the old saying goes, stupid is what stupid does.

Father forgive the willful idiots for they know not what they do.  The word of God also reminds us that “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”  May we who know the truth fearlessly declare it, from the mountaintops, from the pulpits, in the class room, in the home, in the media and beyond.  Then our republic will be spared the destruction that comes from the masses being incurably ignorant.  Have no fear, “The Edwards Notebook” is here Blowin’ Away the Myths and Revealing the Truth on over 200 great radio stations throughout the republic during outstanding talk shows like Tapping into the Truth, & Captain’s America Third Watch. The Edwards Notebook is also aired independently on great radio stations like WAAM AM 1600 Ann Arbor, MI.  Above all, don’t miss the Ron Edwards Experience Fridays at 4:00 PM EDT, 3:00 PM CDT, 1:00 PM PST on KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada and worldwide via  Feel free to exercise your freedom of speech during the show at 844.790.TALK (8255).

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