By Ron Edwards

Throughout the United States today they accusers of everyone on earth of being bigoted are themselves the actual bigots. This is self evident to any objective observer of the current events and terribly bigoted control freak leftists, who have invaded and ruined almost every aspect of civilized society. The leftists are now so up in arms against decency, being on time, advanced math, fathers, especially black fathers, the words Father, Mother, male or female and the crazy list goes on and on. Now leftists in certain city governments do not believe thieves should be arrested and pay for their crimes. One of the greatest examples of that unfortunate fact is the once glamorous San Francisco.

As you read this column, burglers are permitted to rob stores and private residents of up to $999 dollars worth of goods without having to fear the long arm of the law which has seemingly been chopped off. As a result 16 Walgreen stores in the city by the bay, because they could no longer earn a profit because of the allowed criminal activity. Government officials from the federal, state and local levels have been allowed to kick the constitution to the curb. The unnecessary coronachinavirus lockdowns were in my opinion a practice run for a planned future more stringent and even longer lockdown. The purpose of the lockdown was not to save lives. They were enacted to get Americans used to draconian government actions against our inalienable rights.

Anyone who understands the basic rudiments of “THE SCIENCE” knows that wearing a face diaper does not protect you from corona viruses. Those particular viruses are small enough to easily slide right through the fibers of the typical face mask. Then the government insulted us more by allowing China and other nasty nations to supply our republic with those despicably filthy blue masks at airports and elsewhere to force people to wear, if they did not have one of their own. But how did we get here? One might ask. It is as plain as the nose on your face. The leftists will use any method they are allowed to bring about the destruction of our United States of America. To put it plainly, they do not like the concept of This Nation Under God. The leftists/democrats and some RINO’s for good measure are just as bound and determined to enslave us all via tyranny as democrats were long ago determined to keep blacks in slavery chains.

But who should be rightfully blamed for these turn of evil events today? Certainly, we must blame wrongdoers for their actions and allow justice to be rendered. But they are not the only ones to blame. When I was a little boy, I remember a few people saying, “if you move your feet you lose your seat”. When I look at our exceptional nation, it is quite evident that in every facet of life, institutions of greatness were allowed by cowardly standard bearers to be overrun by those who literally hate the good and unique structure of our nation. Yes there were problems in the past. But that is no excuse to allow people who want nothing but ignorance, division, immorality and eventual destruction to occupy positions of authority. So called teachers should not be allowed to indoctrinate students against moral decency, high personal achievement standards, God, country and family, etc. Those seeking the destruction of the USA should have long ago been told “MAYBE THIS PLACE IS NOT FOR YOU”.

The great Frederick Douglas, a former slave grew to love both God along with the United State, then chose to stand for freedom for all who breathed American air. He sought for the true improvement of life and for our beloved nation to simply live up to her God inspired ideals. Douglas never thought that making life miserable for all Americans was a viable solution to any injustices he valiantly fought against. Parents that allow drag queens, BLM members and other deviant souls are just as much to blame for the warping of their children’s minds as those engaged in mentally and morally destroying them. Bottom line is, “We the People” who truly want a great USA must know that in order for her to be great again, the USA must first be good again.

Because this place is not for leftists. God bless you, God bless American and may America Bless God. Do not miss the Ron Edwards American Experience talk show every Sunday through Friday via Also check out and join my Ron Edwards MeWe and YouTube channels.

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