The media narrative fueling the “not my president” protests is like everything else the media has done for decades, FALSE PROPAGANDA!

Kids are rioting in the streets because the media has told them that “Hillary Clinton had won the popular vote” and she only lost the race due to “the electoral college” and “FBI Director James Comey.” In other words, the very people who attacked Trump for pointing out that “the system is rigged” are now claiming that “the election was rigged” for Donald Trump.

In truth, Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election every way she possibly could, including the popular vote.

According to the final official vote tally, 120,413,472 people voted in the 2016 presidential election. 60,029,235 306 voted for Donald J. Trump and 60,384,823 232 voted for Hillary Clinton. This means that Trump (not Clinton) has won the popular vote by 28,866 votes nationally, despite massive Democratic Party efforts to “steal the election” via dead, felon, illegal alien, repeat voters, media bias and machine tampering.

In addition, Trump won 31 states and Clinton, only 19. That’s why Trump ended with 313 Electoral College votes, leaving Clinton with only 225 and a resounding defeat.

A County-by-County map shows an even bigger “divide” heavily favoring Trump. In reality, only a tiny fraction of the country is pro-Hillary, anti-America and solidly LEFT, all of it in a handful of inner-city metro centers where all the problems in our country are birthed and perpetuated.

The narrative driving kids into the streets and causing them to commit violent crimes is entirely false. These kids are being tricked into committing crimes and violence against their fellow Americans based on a FALSE narrative, thanks to the Democrat Party and their adoring media.

In a recent video interview with Founder Cliff Kincaid, filmed the day after the election, I explain “how the media missed this election so badly.” The answer is really quite simple…

The American News Media, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and Post, The Washington Times, NPR, PBS and many others, including the kid’s favorite news outlet, Comedy Central, all got it dead wrong. Their polls were backwards. In fact, AP, Reuters and UPI all got it wrong too. About the only paper in the country that got it right was oddly, The LA Times, which was predicting a Trump victory for weeks ahead of the election. Maybe that’s because they are the only new groups to actually read TRUMPED!

The rest got it wrong for one simple reason – They were not investigating and reporting the news, they were all inventing and perpetuating a lie. They were not trying to figure out the true sentiments of American voters and report it, or cover the biggest story in U.S. elections history, the fact that the Democrat Party was doomed from the start by trying to run a known career political criminal for President of the United States.

Instead, the so-called “news media” was running a Clinton Campaign from the newsrooms. They complained that Trump received “billions in free campaign advertising” from the press. But that was only true due to the fact that the press was attacking him daily with invented stories in an effort to make Trump look as corrupt as their candidate, Hillary, whom they were giving a free pass for all of the crimes that she and her husband Bill had been committing for decades.

Some of us saw it all coming long ago though.

In a book co-authored by myself and Timothy Harrington and released last May, aptly titled TRUMPED: The New American Revolution, we wrote the history behind the Trump phenomenon sure to unfold in the 2016 elections – a widespread revolt against the DC political establishment in fourteen chapters, only one of which is about Trump the candidate.

Had the news media bothered to read this book ahead of the election, they would have seen this tsunami of American voters coming miles away and months ahead. If protesters would bother to READ THIS BOOK today, they would realize that although their candidate lost the race on November 8, 2016, they won their country and their freedom on that day.

But sadly, even most of the Trump voters have not read the book yet and thus, they do not yet fully understand the war for America that they are in right now or how to win it. They do not realize that the war did not end on November 8, 2016 with the election of Trump-Pence, it had only just begun.

Just as the news media was blindsided by the outcome of the 2016 elections, Trump supporters will be blindsided by the reality that the war for America’s future has only begun with the election of Trump-Pence. They will be blindsided by the reality that the same folks who were Globalists before the election, remain Globalists after the election and that they will continue to use every possible weapon to derail Trump and destroy America, despite the outcome of the election.

Only once “the people” who caused the election of Trump-Pence grasp the whole truth behind what Trump and Pence will now face in the coming days, weeks, months and years, can they or will they “do their part” to make sure that we will Make America Great Again.

At the end of the day, the following facts stand!

1. Donald Trump (not Hillary Clinton) won the popular vote
2. Donald Trump won the Electoral College 313-225
3. Donald Trump won 31 states, Clinton 19
4. Donald Trump won approximately 90% of the Counties in the USA
5. Republicans control the House and the Senate
6. Conservatives will control the Supreme Court and Federal courts down the line
7. Republican Governors control 35 of 50 states
8. The news media is NOT a news media, it’s a leftist propaganda machine
9. Hillary lost because the vast majority of Americans know she is a criminal
10. Bill Clinton is a boat anchor, not a hero to anyone anymore
11. The Democrat Party is on the brink of extinction
12. And although Clinton voters lost the election, they too, won their country, freedom and liberty

American Veterans started the 2016 Revolt in DC on 11.11.11… I don’t just encourage every American to read TRUMPED: The New American Revolution, I beg you to… because only those who do will understand exactly what they are witnessing in America today, the Reclaiming of our Constitutional Republic and the end of Global Marxist influence in America.


• “This book really helped me understand what is going on this political season. I’m going to share it with others like myself, who’ve pretty much had enough of the status quo.”

• “I received my copy of TRUMPED and anxiously started reading and reading. I could not put it down. It so succinctly put into words my feelings of hopelessness and fear for my beloved American heritage in a way that helped me understand what I and many Americans are feeling but just couldn’t find the right words to explain those feelings. TRUMPED has the right words. The words to put the pieces of the puzzle together. To make sense out of what we have been feeling but just didn’t understand why we felt the way we did and why we were seeing everything we love being destroyed before our very eyes. This book also gave me encouragement and hope. Now I understood my own inner feelings and the motives and tactics of those obsessed with destroying our country. But there is hope and that hope is in God and We The People. Trump is only an extension of our feelings and our longing to rescue our country. I believe if Trump wins he will only be the pause We The People need to put things right again. The real work will be after the election for the American people. We cannot allow ourselves to become complacent again. God has given us a second chance. Lets not screw it up again. I also pray that Donald J. Trump himself reads the book. This is a fast easy to read book but the message will leave you with a renewed sense of understanding and hope. Thank you to Mr. Williams and Mr. Harrington. I hope there is a follow up!! The next chapter in the history of this country is about to take place and we need it written for future generations to read.”

• “I was a Marine with Tim. While we may not agree on some things, one thing I can attest to: Tim will not lie to you, nor will he try to lead you astray. Buy his book for that alone.”

• “I, with 2 million (by police count, not the propagandist media) other “Silent Majority” Americans from all 50 states marched in the first TEA Party march on Washington, and it was reassuring to hear two million voices shouting “Can You Hear Us Now.” I’m sure there are many Silent Majority Americans out there who are desperately waiting to be heard. I and my wife couldn’t put the book down. Frankly, there are only several things in the book that we did not already know, which attests to the authors doing their homework very thoroughly, but the average Silent American who is only now coming on board with this will get a wonderful awakening, and in the nick of time. Please advertise this to your friends on the Internet, to anyone who is beginning to see the light. This is our chance, and most likely our only chance, to have America back.”

• “I just finished reading this book this evening. It confirmed much, it informed a lot, it gave me hope I hadn’t felt for a long time. I’m so thankful I kept opening my mouth with my politics and am a proud member of that no longer silent majority. I’m on a mission to save my beloved Constitutional Republic and so thankful to have so many friends across this nation on that same mission. You’ve got to read this book!”

• “My wife ordered the book and finished reading it last week. She said that if she were asked to rate the book from 1-5 that it was definitely a 5 (Excellent)! It covered well the New American Revolution which is taking place in our society now with The People siding in big numbers with Donald Trump. “The People are sick of being treated like Mindless Fools and want to end the era of Big Government Tyranny! The book is very readable and easy to understand.”

• “I received my copy in the afternoon on Tuesday and started it later that day. I finished two thirds of it by the evening and got up early and completed it in the morning. The thrust that Trump has given to the “silent majority” to get involved is clearly spelled out. As explained, the book is not about Trump, but how he happened to be in the right place at the right time to galvanize the silent to get involved. The admonishment in the last three paragraphs to those who have decided to “sit this one out” is a powerful indictment of non-action! This is a must read for those who are not aware of what has happened to our country, while most of us have not been paying attention. Don’t hesitate, get your copy now and get involved in saving our republic!! Dear friends, we are the only remaining option.”

• “TRUMPED is an excellent book. It is an easy read and at the same time very educational. You’ll get the highlights of 100 years of history that led us into the mess we’re in; naming names, groups, policies and strategies responsible for our plight. It’s the story of the “Silent Majority” reawakening to recapture and restore our country before the Marxists, communists, socialists and progressives, in cahoots with Republican RINO globalists, completely destroy her. It gives me encouragement that all is not lost. We can win this thing if we pull together as Americans and fight for America This November’s election may be the last opportunity for a peaceful revolution before it becomes not so peaceful or becomes lost forever. The stakes have never been higher. TRUMPED should be read by all but especially the younger generations who have suffered through our dumbed-down education system the past few decades. Learn something before you go into the voting booth and mark that ballot. Kudos to the authors.”

• “It is about the awakening of the silent majority to the fact that our beloved constitutional republic is and has been under attack. An attack from within our borders, from within our three branches of federal government, and from within our major news corporations. It is also a bugle call to action; a call for the silent majority to be silent no more. A call for that no-longer-silent majority to stand together to peacefully restore our once great nation to its former greatness and glory. I urge all patriots to buy the book; read the book; spread the word; and join the movement. Together we, the people, will Make America Great Again!”

• “‘Trumped’ was easy to read and gave concise details on how we got to this point in history where the American citizens see that the government has not been listening to them or working for them. The Revolution is an awakening of the silent majority. Please read and share this book with your family to arm them with knowledge to fight the enemy.”

GET TRUMPED HERE TODAY! We made history and now you should own it! Without this book, you cannot help Trump and Pence Make America Great Again!

© 2016 JB Williams – All Rights Reserved

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