Consider all sources of information germane to who Hillary Clinton really is: the creation of an illegal private email server for all of her State Department emails, including those containing classified information; the neglect of that most fundamental duty to protect American lives in Benghazi, resulting in the death of four Americans, including the Ambassador; the delivery of State Department favors to major Clinton Foundation donors, netting the Clinton Foundation over $2 billion while she served as Secretary of State; the near constant litany of lies she has told to the American people about Benghazi, about her receipt of classified information on her private server, about her private server, and about her involvement with corrupt practices at the Democratic National Committee; and the spate of Wikileaks’ emails confirming the existence of profound and repeated conflicts of interest, contempt for the electorate, and a willingness to break the law, lie, and destroy others’ reputations in the vainglorious quest for money, power, and the White House. From all sources the glaring realities reflect a dark, hedonistic, and depraved character. We can now say with supreme confidence that Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician in American history. If history is our guide, she will, if elected, be the most corrupt president in American history.

If we examine the character of many of those who Hillary Clinton has selected to serve her, we find a similar degree of corruption. Clinton has surrounded herself with aides willing to advance her illegal agenda; condone and repeat her falsehoods and collude with the media to propound them; violate federal law to serve her political and personal financial ambitions; deceive the American people; destroy the reputations of honest people; and expose Americans in service to their country to grave risks. In short, Hillary Clinton is rotten to the core. Many, if not most, of those surrounding her are likewise rotten.

Clinton is so devoid of moral scruples, so enmeshed in corrupt activities that use public office to advance her private financial interests, and so willing to do whatever it takes to win, regardless of the legal boundaries, that her election to the presidency threatens to transform the entire executive branch of government into a cesspool of corruption, abuse of power, and tyranny.
One would fully expect that those same aides proven through the Wikileaks’ releases to be complicit in her corruption will fill the Clinton Executive branch (the cabinet posts and the agency leadership positions). The government of the United States would then be virtually indistinguishable from any one of a dozen corrupt third world countries. The law would assuredly apply only to those unable to buy political favors or lacking ties to the administration.

Given Clinton’s undeniable legacy of corruption, one must very well ask whether liberals keen on electing the first woman to the White House really want this woman to be the first. Will it advance or detract from the women’s movement if the first woman elected president is also the most corrupt in American history? Would it not be better to avoid that happenstance so that a future woman, of stellar reputation for integrity and a sincere commitment to the nation over herself, would be the first and a profound example of good, not just for all women and girls but for all people?

And for those who simply want another liberal to be president, why vote if your vote is an endorsement of corruption and insincerity? Hillary Clinton’s politics are as fickle as her penchant for the truth. She has changed her positions on issues vital to liberal voters more times during this campaign than any other politician who has run for elected office.

Hers is an ever changing kaleidoscope of policy positions. She has few, if any, deeply held views, and nothing she says she believes in today can assuredly define who she will be tomorrow. Given that reality and the fact of her corruption, why tarnish your own reputation by aligning yourself with Hillary Clinton through a vote in her favor? A vote is assuredly a powerful endorsement, particularly in this election. Better to keep your own integrity intact and stay home on election day than turn out for Hillary whose bankrupt character is so unlike the character of most Americans. A vote for Hillary is a vote for corruption.

© 2016 Jonathan W. Emord – All Rights Reserved

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