Ever since then presidential candidate Donald Trump rode down the Trump Tower escalator to announce his candidacy for president, he has faced an unrelenting onslaught of hate filled attacks.  Not because he ever committed wrongful acts against or toward his political opponents or anyone for that matter.  But the cruelty continues, because he unlike any president, save the Gipper Ronald Reagan, President Trump has from day one of his presidency sought to govern on behalf of “We the People”.  From the outset the president has demonstrated a clear understanding of the importance of following through on his pledge to protect the United States and defend the Constitution.

It used to be that if a person assumed a position, they would be lauded for doing their job and getting great results.  It would seem, that president Trump would be thanked for trying to make sure that our borders are secure and going to bat for our national interests.  But in many circles within our republic, sadly that is not the case.  Thanks, but no thanks to decades of state planned government school indoctrination and abolishing good moral principles, the immorality of hating those who appreciate America is now commonplace.

Recently elected government school brainwashed Rep. Ocasio Cortez claimed that “illegals are more American than Trump”.  The non-partisan issue of border security has been sifted through the sieve of leftist political games, twisted lies and obstruction for decades.  As a result, supposedly the world’s mightiest nation is being picked clean by legions of vulturelike belligerent and ungrateful illegal border crossers.  Most them would slit your throat as easily as batting their beady little eyes.  Even some law enforcement personnel are more focused on serving, honoring and protecting illegal border crossers than the sovereign Americans who pay their salaries.  It was not long ago when the LA County sheriff threatened to physically remove ICE agents from county jails in order to protect illegal border crossers. Many of them have raped, cut to pieces, burned to death and stolen from American sovereigns for the sport of it.

Democrats are desperately trying to seal the doom of our republic with permanent open borders just to be able to destroy the Trump presidency.  President trump has for many years lamented the horrible trade deals that have literally robbed trillions of dollars from our economy. Donald Trump’s America First agenda is what is most needed in order to help reconfigure into the mindset of people in this country the importance of maintaining our republic for now and future generations.  The Donald understands that without an America First mentality, our republic will not remain in a position to be a blessing or positive example to other nations.  Like it or not, the United States of America was established to be a positive example to the world.  Not the feeding trough of the planet.

When Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer gave a poor imitation of Ma and Pa Kettle when they lied like rugs about the border situation and the meeting they had with the president, their dark hearts were fully revealed.  Nancy, Chuckie and most political democrats are so filled with demonic hatred of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness that they are willing to help illegal border crossers to come into our republic to kill steal and destroy.  The democrats are fully aware that open borders are destructive, they said so in 2003 and 2006.  Just this year alone, another 40,000 pounds of drugs were intercepted on the Rio Grande River on our Southern border. Democrats howled about family separation of families that voluntarily travel from Central America to our border and invade illegally.  But not one of the leftist democrats uttered and ounce of concern or empathy toward the American families that are permanently separated from their loved ones who were murdered by illegal border crossers who came I to our republic illegally.

On a daily basis, there are rocks hurled at the heads of border patrol agents, local sheriffs and police officers by brutal foreign bullies on the Mexican side of the border.  Quite often, the invaders curse America, our president and our way of life, then wonder why the intelligent among us refuse to welcome them with open arms.  I could go on for days, but I pray that I have made a good case for protecting our borders and for thanking God for a president who appreciates this republic and despite the globalist onslaught, continues to battle for our national interests.

Mr. President, thank you for standing up for our great nation.  May God strengthen, protect and encourage you and your family.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.

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