About 15 years ago, I watched a movie that changed my entire prospective of movies, in general, and acting, in particular.  The profound event took place when the mother asked her daughter, “When are you going to stop being a prostitute?”

“Mom, I’m not a prostitute,” the daughter responded, “I’m an actress!”

“What’s the difference?” The mother replied.

A year later, I was watching a movie and this totally nude couple was lying in bed hugging and kissing each other.  That’s when it hit me, they actually believed that what they were doing was perfectly acceptable behavior because they were simple acting out a part written in a script.  They had also convinced everyone watching that kissing and hugging someone else’s wife or husband is all right because they’re actors, playacting a character in a movie.

A definition of prostitution is “somebody who uses a skill or ability in a way that is considered unworthy, usually for financial gain”.   The actors were prostituting themselves for fame and/or fortune.  Moreover, since both actors were married, and their real spouses shared the benefits, they were willing accomplices in this act of prostitution.

What’s equally disturbing is that no matter how perverse, vulgar, disgraceful or vile the action, since entertainers are considered a privileged class, whatever they do is excusable and even acceptable behavior.  And that, my dear friends, is the fundamental intent of the majority of entertainment today; to convince you that you can also do whatever you please, whenever you please, to whomever you please and it’s perfectly excusable, if not acceptable behavior.

There are three kinds of deception, I deceive you, you deceive me, but the worst of the three is self-deception; when you deceive yourself.  Deception is dishonesty; it’s a con, its trickery.   Deception is when you think you’re heading north but you’re really going south; you’re deceived.

I’m old school, so I remember great movies, classics that didn’t need foul language, ridiculously impracticable action-scenes, gross murder or sex.  Movies challenged your imagination to form new ideas, images and concepts. Today, movies aren’t mental, they’re sensual, and they’re designed to appeal to the five fleshly senses and feelings.

We are in a spiritual battle being fought on an ideological battlefield and without the spiritual aspect none of this makes sense, the dots cannot connect.

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Satan controls people through their five senses; what you see, what you hear, what you taste, what you smell and what you feel.  You never get enough of what looks good, what sounds good, what taste good, what smells good, or what feels good.  The five senses incessantly crave for more, and if you don’t control them they (Satan) will control you and take you straight to the grave, and worse, straight to hell.

Jesus came to set captives free from prison, freedom from bondage to the five senses or the flesh.  He came to impart a new life, and with it the ability to exercise authority over the five senses.  Since Satan controls us through our irrepressible fleshly appetites, authority over our flesh frees us from Satan’s control.

Satan’s and the movie industry’s common theme is “follow your heart (feelings)”.  Everything they do is generated by appealing to your emotions (feelings).  But emotions can’t reason, they can’t calculate and they can’t reach conclusions based on facts.  Feelings change like the wind from one moment to the next.

Is any of this mere happenstance that today’s enticements through heterosexual and homosexual sex scenes, foul language, vicious murder, voodoo, witchcraft and Satanism are common place, not just in the movies but daily television programs?  Or, is this simply evolution in the movie industry?

No, this is a fraction of a comprehensive, well calculated, socially-engineered attack on everything that is good, and right and just.  This is social programming deliberately designed to desensitize, sensualize and confuse our children and turn us all into whores, while reducing us to the most primitive physical, mental and spiritual state possible.

These attacks, which include attacks against gender, language, culture, borders, nationalism, history, heritage, individualism and good-old common sense, taking place throughout the world today, are aimed at destroying, not just Western Civilization, but all of humanity.  And if you don’t think these dots connect, you are sadly mistaken.

Is the sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood’s sacrificial lamb because he got himself caught?  After all, this is the same Harvey Weinstein, Meryl Streep called God, and Tom Hanks commented that he “knew all kinds of people” like Weinstein “who love hitting on, or making the lives of underlings miserable just because they can”.  This is the Weinstein that sent fear through the hearts and minds of actors and actresses alike, such as the five nominees for best supporting actresses who were told by Seth McFarlane they no longer had to pretend to be attracted to him.  This is the same Harvey Weinstein who publically reprimanded Jennifer Laurence during an award ceremony for failing to accredit him when she was given her Oscar for services rendered, and who recently confessed that she was forced to participate in a “degrading and humiliating” lineup while naked. Not to mention all those whose careers were destroyed because they were principled enough to refuse the Weinsteins degrading advances.

Or, is Harvey Weinstein being used as the diversion to keep the public sidetracked from the real, malicious depravity going on in Hollywood?  After all, Cory Feldman has been shouting from the rooftop for years that “pedophilia is the worst problem in Hollywood” and “the cause of his best friend, Corey Haim’s death”.

None of this is new, all of Hollywood was aware of it, and they covered it up because they were eager accomplices, willing consenters, or they were the poor victims like Corey Feldman and the thousands of others crying in the wilderness.

Regardless to how many emergency meetings the Hollywood elite hold to bury this scandal, the fact remains that Hollywood consists of executives and producers combing the studios to take advantage of actors and actresses who are willing to prostitute themselves, or not will, but seeking fame and fortune.  And that’s why the Weinsteins’ casting couches will always be the place that stars are born.

Another thing you can’t help but notice is Weinstein’s staunch liberal leanings, his large donations to liberal causes.  But it’s not just Weinstein; it’s all of the Hollywood types sucking up to, and by, liberal politicians who are also prostituting themselves for something or the other. And you can’t help but notice liberal politicians deafening silence toward this serial rapist, pedophile and sexual predator, who, by the multiple photo ops with liberal Congressmen, Senators and Presidents he is obviously one of them.  Or haven’t you observed Hollywood’s disdain for conservatives, who hold the ideology that the traditional forms of society are worth preserving?

The seven media companies in America, The Walt Disney Company, Comcast, Time Warner, CBS, and Jeff Bezos’ numerous holdings, also own the major movie industry—they’re one and the same, in thought and in deed.  These are the companies and their owners who conspire daily to control everything you see, everything you hear, and consequently, everything you think, feel and ultimately believe.  This is truly an information war.

These presstitutes have for over a century exercised the privilege of creating your reality, and they jealously detest the honest facts of true reality presented by the alternative media.  This group of elites that manage the mainstream media, now accurately dubbed Fake News, will resort to anything to prevent you from awaking out of their created-reality, to engage in the truth, based upon facts, which is actually reality.

Now that Communist China is buying up all the major Hollywood production studios we can expect a twist.  But knowing that China is a controlled dictatorship that has killed over 80 million of its own people over the last century, and currently manages human farms that harvest and sell freshly killed body parts, guaranteeing delivery anywhere in the world within 24 hours, it can only go from real bad to worse

The Weinstein scandal is only the tip of the iceberg.  The iceberg is pedophilia, Satanism and human sacrifice, which energizes most of the dealings in Hollywood, professional Sports and Washington DC.  The thousand pound elephant in this room is Disney.  And I’m not just referring to the sexual abuse and Satanic programming of the children under its employ, but the sexual and satanic indoctrination of sensualizing our children and sacrificing them on the Hollywood’s satanic alter.  Disney is one of the largest out of the seven media companies and its results are openly displayed in the lives of its famously degenerate, self-proclaimed demon possessed prodigy.

These are epic times and we have to stand ready to meet the challenge, for the future of humanity is at stake. Since Donald Trump took office 3,000 pedophiles have been arrested in the United State and over 84,000 internationally.  Thousands of Children have been release from cages, some chained to walls, others locked in containers, basements and dungeons, and not a word from the Fake News, mainstream media.

We must continue to reject these idiotic, insane and depraved ideals in the same manner we cast aside the reigns of the corrupt Democratic left when we elected Donald Trump.   Denouncing the NFL’s arrogant disregard for this country and our president was a start, that resistance definitely demonstrated the power possessed by peoples when united.  This same display of reestablishing authority over what we will or will not allow in our lives must be repeated in any and all institutions that stand as enemies of the truth and a wholesome way of American life.

The devil comes to kill, steal, divide and destroy; he’s the father of lies and he cannot tell the truth.  Look at the world today, who are the proven liars, who are the thieves and dividers that are destroying and killing everything they touch?  Jesus comes to bring enlightenment, truth, life, and that eternally.  He also brings principles, morals, satisfaction and contentment.  Do not be deceived, liberals see Christians as the enemy.

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The war raging today is a battle between right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, and life vs. death.  It’s truly a war between God and Satan and humans are the pawns.  The battle lines were drawn at the Trump election; make sure you’ve chosen the ethical high ground and be ready to stand firm to the end.

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