Recently I participated in a discussion about the ongoing ranker between president Donald trump and deranged CNN reporter Jim Acosta.  The rather vigorous chat was on Fox 2 Detroit, where there arose in me an overwhelming sense of disappointment.  The television discussion program consisted of a panel of two extreme leftists and two conservatives, one of which was me.  The two hosts were two leftists as well.  My disappointment was not in the political persuasion of the two leftist panelists, nor in that of the two leftist talk show hosts.  For I knew of their leanings.

As the program ensued It became alarmingly clear that the political leanings of my gabfest competitors were deeply ensconced in something much more grotesque than simply a difference of opinion or even a different path toward the same goals of betterment for our beloved republic.  What I witnessed was once again more evidence of a common deviant thread that has infected the very soul of so many misguided Americans.   I listened while our president was called nasty names for simply trying to literally protect our nation from being overrun by illegal border crossers or talking back to an overbearing reporter devoid of any respect for the office of the president.

The word of God plainly explains about how people will call that which is good evil and that which is evil good.  For example, the word nationalist.  It used to be understood as being proud of one’s own country. To want it to be prosperous, strong, a great place to call home and an example for other nations to emulate.  But today, leftist democrats have redefined nationalism as racist, bigoted and evil for wanting to protect our sovereignty.  The leftist democrats are working to redefine life and reshape it in their own globalist/leftist image.

To be honest with you, democrats have represented and fought to establish and maintain evil for centuries.  According to Democrats, though they created the KKK, owned 4,000,000 million slaves, lynched blacks from trees and convinced black women to prefer welfare over having a husband in the home.  Yet today they are the blacks best friend.  According to Democrats illegal border crosser votes should be counted to assure victory for their tyranny promoting candidates.

Democrats believe in cheating during the election process and the vote counting must continue after the fact until they get the results they want, by finding votes in far flung places.  According to Democrats, Kavanaugh should have been arrested, despite the fact they knew all along he was innocent, even before the females admitted that they lied.  Of course, now they want fair justice for wacko lawyer Michael Avenatti who has been accused of domestic violence.

According to Democrats, it is more important to Make false charges of Russian collusion with Donald Trump stick than work to maintain American prosperity, sovereignty and military readiness.  So far there has been no concrete evidence, but Democrats are willing to continue to spend enough money to build a border wall just to make persuade people to believe their false accusations.

At one time it was considered prudent to limit the number of legal immigrants into America to allow for assimilation and to preserve our exceptional American culture.  But for today’s Democrats no number of illegal border crossers is too large and that no matter how rapid the influx, no number of illegals can be an invasion of any kind.

The gospel is commonly known to mean good news about salvation and the ultimate victory over evil.  But the gospel according to Democrats means the abolishment of all that is good and decent.  In the Bible the devil eventually loses.  But for the time being, evil Democrats never ever quit.  If or when America is restored to her destiny of greatness, both conservative Republicans and people of good will must put forth an unrelenting vigorous effort toward such a goal.  Then our republic will completely assume her Providentially determined mantle as that shining city on a hill nation of true Liberty and Justice for all.

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