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President Donald Trump has earned his place in history—by showing us that The Swamp, and the Deep State, are for real.

And Chick-fil-A has shown us that The Swamp is everywhere, not just in Washington, D.C. It’s gotten its tentacles into everything. Draining it will require a herculean national effort. Hercules washed out the Augean stables by diverting the course of a mighty river to blow out all the muck. If only it were so simple.

Chick-fil-A’s original owner died in 2014, his wife in 2015; and with them out of the picture, somebody hired this creepy little guy from the Far Left to manage the corporation’s charitable operations. No one noticed at the time. Very quietly, he turned “charity” into “social responsibility” and started funneling millions of dollars of Chick-fil-A’s earnings into the pockets of every gang of left-wing scalawags he could think of. We are thankful to Daniel Greenfield of Frontpage Mag for reporting this.

Obama and Clinton donor Rodney Bullard, as head of the Chick-fil-A Foundation, turned the foundation into “just another corporate leftist charity that lavishes cash on organizations linked to local Democrats and assorted diversity causes.” Mr. Greenfield provides a partial list of them. You’d be hard put to name a Far Left group that hasn’t received its piece of Chick-fil-A’s profits. Even the anti-Christian hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, got a gift of $25,000. Chicken feed, compared to what some others got—but you see the point.

Not so easy anymore to trust “foundations,” is it?

So when Chick-fil-A shocked American Christians by cutting off its donations to the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes—“anti-LGBT” hate groups, dontcha know—it was only the next step in a process that Mr. Bullard had been managing for several years.

An “anti-LGBT hate group” is any two or more people who haven’t kowtowed to “gay” supremacy.

But it’s not just Chick-fil-A. Banks fund “pride parades.” It would be difficult to find a bank that doesn’t. Our professional sports leagues, when they’re not busy siding with Red China against people in Hong Kong who’d like to keep their liberties, support every wacko leftist cause that comes down the pike. Ditto Hollywood, a raft of professional associations, labor unions, Big Tech, and, indispensably, the Democrat Party. Chick-fil-A is only one of very many. The Swamp is everywhere.

We can’t boycott everything. Our colleges and looniversities create and train these leftist apparatchiks, who then go out and worm their way into all sorts of places where we never see them, never hear them, but have to live with their slow and patient murder of our culture. They’re in government, in social media, in business, publishing, the nooze media, and everywhere else—gnawing away like termites, invisibly working to “transform” America into God knows what.

Probably the best thing we can do, to achieve the survival of our nation and our way of life, is to cut this off at the source. As long as our education establishment keeps turning out termites, we’ll be afflicted with them. Teachers’ unions are all but openly communist. The day your child first enters a public school classroom, the unions start to work on him. What we still naively call “higher education” finishes the job. The only thing public about public education anymore is that the poor defenseless public has to pay for it.

This has to stop. That means abandoning the whole idea that everyone has to go to college. It means uprooting the government from its hold on education, taking away the funding, abolishing the federal Dept. of Education, and all the state departments of education, and returning control of the schools to the communities that they pretend to serve. It means breaking up the teachers’ unions. It means allowing a lot of colleges and universities to go out of business—because, in all honesty, America just doesn’t need several million brainwashed students working for degrees in Gender Studies.

Hercules had a much easier row to hoe.

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