By Lee Duigon

Crazed ideology leads to crazed behavior. You can bet your paycheck on it.

For instance: In Merrie Olde England recently, police arrested a woman for… singing in her back yard. You really ought to click the link and watch the embedded video. It’s scary stuff.

At least four officers—in body armor, no less—“pushed into” this woman’s house, totally freaked her out, scared the children, threw her face-down on the floor, cuffed her hands behind her back, and dragged her off to the cop shop.

I’m assuming there’s still enough sanity left in Britain that you can’t just phone the police and demand that they charge right over and bust your neighbor for singing. Even if it was particularly bad singing. Who made the complaint, and what in the world was the basis for it? We also wonder if the cops had a warrant to force their way into the home. What kind of judge issues a warrant to arrest someone for singing?

Another instance: Some geniuses at the Center for Disease Control are calling on Americans to wear not one face mask, but two or even three. How long before they try to ban breathing? Meanwhile, they’d like another Mandate—we don’t bother with actual legislation anymore: so much more fun, just to hand down mandates from the mountain-top—forbidding us from using any form of mass transportation unless we double up on the masks. And don’t let them catch you singing.

The ideology behind all this is the hyper-humanist delusion that The Smartest People In The World can solve any problem, overcome any obstacle, even make a virus go away, if they are given enough power to order everybody else’s lives. They shall be as gods—didn’t the Serpent promise?

We are the peasants, see—the deplorables, the great unwashed. Our job is to be herded like cattle, taxed, robbed, lied to, bullied, scared into paralysis by Our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc., mocked, and blamed for everything that ever went wrong in history and everything that still goes wrong today. Their job is to do these things to us.

Because it’s all for our own good, don’t you know. We can’t possibly understand all the nuances and mysteries so deftly fielded by the likes of Obama, Kerry, Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer: really, it’d be just a waste of time, trying to explain it to us. Our job is to obey. As the sage and philosopher-king, Dr. Anthony Fauci, puts it, “Now is the time to do as you’re told.”

So they bust you for singing, but let armed robbers go free because they don’t want those little darlings catching COVID while in prison. Besides, having a lot of criminals on the loose will encourage the rest of us to stay off the streets.

Is this what they used to call “non-linear thinking”? We can all think of quite a few other names for it. Lady Liberty has a price on her head, and the global elites mean to shoot her on sight.

Heaping up the hubris; blinded by their dreams of global government, with themselves in charge; piling restrictions onto our lives; stealing elections; partnering with Communist China because they think the Chicoms have a good thing going—this is where their rule-the-world ideology inevitably leads them.

May God’s justice overtake them soon.

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