We all know Democrats and Republicans differ on partisan politics. But there are bipartisan issues where everyone should agree. We should all agree on what facts and science tell us.

Democrats, in general, claim scientists like me “deny climate change.” The truth is these Democrats deny science.

Anyone who has an open mind to scientific truth will understand there is no evidence that our carbon dioxide emissions cause dangerous climate change.

Facts prove our carbon dioxide emissions are not dangerous. If anything, facts show we should try to increase the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

In Montana, Democrats promote their candidate for Superintendent of Schools. But Democrats have promoted their false climate religion in our schools and universities. Democrats have dumbed down our whole society.

The strongest argument for electing a Republican to Superintendent of Schools is to stop the destructive promotion of the false climate religion.

Science denial cuts both ways in our governor’s contest. Our Republican candidate believes our earth and universe are 6000 years old. Our Democrat candidate believes our carbon dioxide emissions cause dangerous climate change.

Which is worse for a Montana governor? Believing the earth is 6000 years old or believing our carbon dioxide emissions cause dangerous climate change?

The answer is obvious. The false climate religion causes far more damage to our economy than the belief our earth is 6000 years old. The false climate religion destroys our abundant cheap energy, the foundation of our economy.

At the presidential level, the choice is even more clear. Hillary will work to shut down America’s best sources of abundant cheap energy. Donald Trump will work to build up America’s best sources of abundant cheap energy.

About 5 to 10 percent of voters say they support Libertarian Gary Johnson. Johnson believes the false climate religion. Johnson can’t win but his supporters will help Hillary win.

Only Hillary or Trump can win. Fence sitters and third-party voters who claim to be conservatives are not conservatives. They are Democrats.

Some politically-active, Bible-thumping pastors will not support Trump. They are false prophets who lead their people astray.

True Americans support Donald Trump, not because he is perfect. No one is perfect. But because Donald Trump will be far better for America than liar criminal Hillary.

I correctly predicted Trump would win the Republican nomination. Now I predict he will win the presidency.

Vox Day explained why he supports Donald Trump:

I am often asked why I, a Christian libertarian and intellectual, would publicly support Donald Trump, a man of no fixed ideology, no apparent religious beliefs, multiple marriages, visible ties to the Clintons, and whose taste and sophistication tends to resemble that of a nouveau riche rhinoceros. It is a reasonable question. After all, how can anyone support a candidate whose public statements are, to put it mildly, inconsistent—when they are not completely self-contradictory.

The answer is as simple as it is conclusive and convincing. Donald Trump is the only candidate in either major party whose personal interests are aligned with those of the American public rather than with the interests of the anti-nationalist elite who see America as nothing more than lines on a map and Americans as nothing more than 300 million economic units in the global economy.

Ask yourself this: why did Donald Trump run for president in the first place? I believe the real reason is that he, like you, is deeply concerned about the current state of the United States of America, and he, like you, fears for its future.

I support Donald Trump because he loves the America that once was, and he is willing to put both his body and his reputation on the line in order to restore America to that unique state that was the envy of the entire world. That is what he means by Make America Great Again.

Donald Trump not only wants to make America great again, he wants America to be American. That is what distinguishes him from Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. And that is why I support him.

In the past month, I posted several new articles on climate change.

My July 5 article, Why Eric Grimsrud is wrong about climate, has 126 comments. My article on Soon’s, Sun not CO2 causes climate change, has 92 comments.

Some Democrat scientists have attempted to show these articles are wrong. They have failed to do so. Read the comments and judge for yourself.

Democrat David Appell added a comment wherein he denied the facts shown in a chart before him. His comment led me to post two more articles:

Data contradict government Climate Claims is John Christy’s full Testimony to U.S. House Committee on Science, Space & Technology on February 2, 2016. Christy shows why the Democrat climate change agenda is a religion rather than science.

Global Warming for Dummies and Activists is Roy Spencer’s talk at the International Conference on Climate Change in Las Vegas in 2014. Spencer presents a “sixth-grade” level of climate change that is very easy to understand.

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