By Frosty Wooldridge

March 3, 2022

On Tuesday night, March 1, 2022, Joe Biden attempted to paint himself as a raging success as president of the United States.

The miracle is, how did he do it with a straight face?  How could he stand in front of all the members of Congress and a dwindling American audience of only 30 percent approval rating—and tell us what a wonderful job he’s done?

With a straight face, how did he tell the American people and justify that he invited, allowed, transported, fed and housed in excess of 2,000,000 illegal border crossers who have invaded our country—against our laws?  Biden broke many laws in the U.S. Constitution in 2021.  Did he expect to receive a standing ovation for such turpitude, dishonesty, and vulgarity against our country?

Did he expect to receive a chorus of cheers when he allowed endless Mexican drug cartels to transport of methamphetamines, fentanyl, heroin, ecstasy, and other drugs across our borders that killed 100,000 Americans with opioid deaths in 2021?

During Biden’s speech, Colorado House Member Boebert and Georgia House Member Greene shouted out to “build the wall”, and what about the “13 military members who died at Kabul Airport?”

How does a man stand before the American people with a straight face and tell them what a “bang up job” he did as to his deadly loss of 13 military members through sheer incompetence?  What about his leaving $93 billion worth of military hardware in the enemy’s hands?  How did he cover the fact that he illegally carried 124,000 Afghan refugees out of the country without vetting or investigating a single one of them as to terrorism?  How could he justify putting that many people onto the American taxpayer’s bill?

When you look across the American landscape, how in the name of common sense and integrity could Biden tell Americans that it’s okay that gas prices have doubled in the last 14 months since he took office?

How could Biden watch his policies create inflation that hits all Americans in the pocketbook as to heating oil,  gasoline, groceries and mercantile goods?  How did he stand up in front of 535 members of Congress and con them into thinking he was doing a great job?

How could Biden, with a straight face, tell us what a great job he’s done when his own son Hunter is a drug addict, sexual deviant, tax cheat and all-around waste of space?  How could a father, who got his son a $50,000.00 a month stipend, to sit on an illusionary “board of directors” for a Ukrainian oil company—think that is legal, moral or ethical?

How could Biden tell the American people that he’s doing a great job when a documented 580,000 homeless citizens live on the streets without food, jobs, shelter, drug care, medical care or a decent chance for a normal life?  Yet, Biden allowed 2,000,000 border jumpers into our country to siphon off all our welfare benefits?

How many major failures for Biden in the past 14 months?  He failed to “Build Back Better.”  Why? Because it wasn’t designed to build back anything. He failed to cancel student debt. Why? Because it was stupid beyond reason. Did he make Covid better?  Fact: more people died of Covid in 2021 than under Trump in 2020.  Why did he tell us he did a great job when inflation increased more in the past 14 months than in the past 40 years?

What about his insane if not beyond-stupid support of DNA male transgender boys pretending they are girls and given the ability to compete on the athletic field or pool?  It’s ruining NCAA athletics and ruining DNA girl’s lives.

Biden commanded his DOJ staff to call parents at school board meetings, “Domestic Terrorists.”  What a crock of horsesh*t!

His VAX MANDATE was/is purely unconstitutional. Period!

Biden’s gross incompetence could not handle the 100 ships churning around off Los Angeles, and wasting fuel, time and no transport of goods to stores.

Biden did nothing to solve or at least alleviate the Russia-Ukrainian War. He’s simply impotent.

Pretty much, Biden has overseen and/or created a crisis a month during his first 14 months in office.

And, the big question on everyone’s minds grows daily:  is he not suffering from accelerating dementia, also known as Alzheimer’s Disease? Is he capable of fulfilling the office of the presidency?  Does he comprehend what he’s doing? Can he remember what happened last week or even this morning?

Wouldn’t you agree that there should be age limits of 65 years of age in order to run for the presidency of the United States?  At the age of 79, wouldn’t you agree that Biden stands as a daily reminder that he shouldn’t have run or been elected to the White House?

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