By Ron Edwards

I thought our situation here in the United States was bad enough, from a variety of angles. Let us begin with the hoodwinking of the sovereign citizens of this republic. During the 1870s, those who hate God, true liberty, equal opportunity for all, free of or freedom from religion were allowed to literally redirect our beloved nation away from her unique golden path. Our United States was supposed to be that shining city on a hill nation. Of course, many ask, what does that mean? Primarily our republic was meant to be that shining beacon of hope for all mankind. Not for all humans from everywhere to show up and illegally cross our borders and drain us dry. But rather the great example of how well sovereign individuals could truly live, be truly fruitful and multiply. Being fruitful simply means, the willingness to work, the ability to prosper as a result of working, maintaining a good traditional family structure, build a business enterprise if one is so inclined, above all remain connected via relationship with our heavenly Creator, or as Thomas Jefferson would say, Natures God. It was believed that the people of other nations throughout the world would have the intellectual know how to learn from our example and recreate their own nations into lands of liberty and real opportunity. Unfortunately, in far too many cases, that is not what has transpired. But simply, teeming hordes who simply desire to shove their way in and help the democrats destroy us.

I firmly believe, when our republic was diverted from a constitutionally limited republic during the 1870s and recast as a foolish corporation, that opened the door to the destruction now dominating the United states. Of course, there was the evil gathering of 1913 of Georgia’s famous Jekyll island, Georgia where it was decided to burden us with the international federal Reserve banking system, which along with the corporation system diverts our wealth to the Vatican and British Crown. Since race relations is always a hot topic among leftist democrats, let us not forget, it was they and Woodrow Wilson who reignited the racist tendencies of many via the Hollywood movie production of Birth Of A Nation. Before that movie was released, racism was in the throes of dying a slow natural death. But the leftists/globalist would have none of that, because they clearly understood that a house divided cannot stand. Thus, they used a misleading movie and systematic indoctrination to place corrosive cracks within society among “We the People”.

Among the indoctrination focuses, was to wrestle the proper concepts of Judeo/Christian Ethics along with self governance from the minds of the citizenry. At first, gradually, from one generation to the next. But once moral depravity reached the horrid levels of today, now such things are attacked outright and even forbidden to be mentioned in some locations, both physical and elsewhere, such as social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Just recently, someone was banned from Twitter for merely posting a portion of one of our nation’s founding documents. In Seattle Washington, government officials their have embarked on a plot to make it illegal to arresting criminals from burglarizing businesses, citizens, or their homes. They also want to make it against the law to tell bums who want to camp out in your back yard or back porch to leave. The reason being, they believe that criminals have a right to rob people, or invade private property if they are hungry, or on need of a place to live. Our republic is so corrupt that now because of the current White House occupier, we shall now experience a dark winter of soft tyranny. If we do not soon figure a way out of this madness, we shall soon have to explain to our children and beyond, why in the world did we allow the United States to fall to such depravity.

George Washington, railed against the masonic order and the problems it would bring. He also stated that if our nation turns it’s back against God, good moral standards and sound policies, our cities would burn and our nation would be in darkness. Well what do you know, here we are. Those of the dark side have taken over every major pillar of society. The are the church, the family, the business/economy, education, media, arts & entertainment and government. People used to make fun of Joe Biden during the campaign season. They proclaimed he hid out because he was not completely there mentally. I did not completely buy it. I privately told the few people who would listen to me, that he was faking it and that people would be more focused on his gaffes than strategizing to win the election. Now he is literally dismantling all of the good policies that the good president Trump put into place. Already in many locations, gasoline prices have risen and average of 35 cents per gallon, maybe higher by the time you are reading this column.

Many cities are being run by miserable Black Lives Matter foot soldier mayors like Bowser in Washington D.C. and Atlanta, Ga. Mayor, Keisha Bottoms. Among the goals of Black Lives Matter and Antifa members is to spread misery and to bring our nation down as far as possible. The antidote is to not sit idly by and just take it and seek Providential guidance and wisdom for the mission to take back our nation from those seeking to destroy us. So how low will society go? Only God knows for sure, but I do know, that the goal of the would be destroyers does not have to be our permanent destiny. God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God. Be sure to catch a page from The Edwards Notebook commentary on America Out loud.

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