By Lee Duigon

April 14, 2022

We’ve been warning you for years and years that public education’s not your friend, it undermines your family, and it’s poison for your children.

Most people didn’t listen. It was always so convenient just to pack Johnny off to school every weekday and forget about it. That’s what too many of us did.

Mixing children and sex got to be a thing for “educators.” They can’t let it alone. There’s always got to be more. And we ignored it—until King COVID came along, closed the schools, subjected the kids to “remote learning” via their computers… and parents finally saw and heard what these schools were, um, “teaching” their children. The result was a fourfold increase in homeschooling. Nowhere near enough, but you have to start somewhere.

The people of New Jersey are public schooling’s latest victims. They were shocked last week when the state Board of Education suddenly announced a new “comprehensive sex education” curriculum, to go into effect this fall, featuring the usual potpourri of gender identity, sex-change, “gay” relationships, all seasoned with gender-neutral pronouns. Distracted by COVID news, the curriculum changes—by “changes” we mean “making it even more intrusive than it was”—caught the people napping.

Now they’re demanding public hearings and at least a postponement of the launch date. New Jersey Congressman Jeff Van Drew has introduced a bill called “My Child, My Choice” to protect parents’ right to raise their children as they see fit. Gov. Murphy, who was re-elected by a whisker when he expected to win easily, has suggested that he might “entertain” changes to the curriculum if enough parents object.

But we know what they do with our objections, don’t we?

When all is said and done, and all the bullschiff swept away, what is this about but “grooming” children for sexual activity? I see an ideology here: “Abort as many of ‘em as we can—and those who get born anyway, indoctrinate ‘em into transgender!” And the human race skips merrily into self-administered extinction.

They are so hot to trot with this. Parents don’t like it—but my stars, we gave them this power! We’ve let them get away with it for years. They’ve gone way past just getting the camel’s nose into the tent; now they’re pushing the hump and hindquarters.

Do you really, truly, want your 7-year-olds learning all about sex—from strangers trained by Far Left teachers’ unions? Because if that’s what you want… you’re getting it.

There’s always talk about reforming the schools, the school boards, the teachers’ colleges, the curriculum, etc., etc. It’s nothing more than talk. The most we ever get is insincere promises to tone it down. Every benign change we try to make is bitterly contested by the teachers’ unions and the Democrat Party. Any number of state governors and legislatures are trying to drag the schools back to sanity—for which we give them thanks, we do appreciate it—but the public education establishment is rotten to the core. It can’t be fixed. The only way to protect children from indoctrination by the groomers is to pull them out of public school.

Ours is the costliest education system ever in world history. And we who pay for it don’t own it! How unjust is that? When Terry McAuliffe ran for governor of Virginia last year, he said, publicly, that the parents of the students should just butt out—what goes on in the schools, he said, is none of their business. Those comments played a major role in his losing the election; but that he thought he could get away with them shows how profoundly arrogant the educational establishment is. They despise us.

Unionized teachers, with their Far Left Crazy ideology, belong in empty classrooms.

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