Part Two: Putin’s New Russia

The creation of the Soviet Union was not the result of a conspiracy of ragtag Marxists, but of a few rich and powerful international bankers and oil magnates who feared Russia’s growing economic power — monopoly capitalists hate competition. The conspirators’ purpose was to put Russia into a freezer —which they did for 60 long years— and curtail Tsar Nicholas II’s intentions of turning the country into a major oil competitor in the free market.

The main problem the conspirators had with Russia, however, was not its efforts to become an industrialized nation, but that a large amount of oil had been discovered in Baku, near the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan. At the time, the Baku oil field was considered the largest known oil deposit in the world. By the early 1880s, Russian crude production reached 10.8 million, almost a third of U.S. production.[1]

As expected, Rockefeller and his criminal associates of the American International Corporation (AIC), Andrew Mellon, J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie, were deeply alarmed about the Russians challenging their ambitions of controlling the world oil supply, and they began conspiring to develop a plan to stop the Russians in their tracks. They concluded that the only way to achieve their goal was to depose Czar Nicholas II, and the only way to accomplish that was through a “revolution.”

History books, mostly written by unscrupulous CFR-controlled disinformers passing as historians, have painted the Russian revolution as the result of a spontaneous uprising of the Russian exploited proletarian masses against their oppressive government. But this vision is not exactly true.

Mainly thanks to the efforts of scholars like Antony Sutton,[2] G. Edward Griffin[3] and others, now we know that the “spontaneous” Russian “revolution” was actually a covert operation planned and carried out by international bankers and oil magnates. It would have been impossible Trotsky and Lenin to succeed without the money supplied by some of the most notable millionaires at that time.

Though initially he favored his father’s autocratic ideas, eventually Tsar Nicholas II had initiated the implementation of a series of reforms directed to change Russia from a medieval into a modern society, which included the emancipation of the serfs, the creation of a Duma —a national assembly—, and rural communes. These reforms would have encouraged the Russian people to think about the possibility of a benign government in which the people would democratically participate.

But some influential Wall Street bankers and oil magnates were not happy with these changes in Russia, and conceived another plan. In order to proceed with their plan, John D. Rockefeller, together with fellow conspirators, such as bankers Mellon and Morgan and steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, plus several of America’s robber barons, pooled some of their resources for up to $50 million (an enormous sum at the time), and created the American International Corporation (AIC), a powerful cartel allegedly devoted to stimulate world trade. The truth, however, is that the AIC was created to fund the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II by a small group of professional revolutionaries: the Bolsheviks.[4]

To this effect, between 1907 and 1910 the conspirators met several times with Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, already living in exile in New York, and with Vladimir I. Lenin, another Russian revolutionary living in exile in Zurich. Eventually the arch-capitalists struck a deal with the arch-anti-capitalists: in exchange for financing their “revolution,” the capitalists would be allowed to have a hidden hand in designing the economy of what was soon to become the Soviet Union —allegedly the staunchest anti-capitalist nation in the world.

With the help of the conspirators, Lenin returned to Russia with plenty of gold in his famous “sealed” train, and, soon after Trotsky, under the protection of President Wilson and Colonel House, followed Lenin’s path with more gold. This gold made possible the Russian “revolution” that created a pseudo-enemy. Soon after, the Soviet Union became the bogeyman they used for many decades as a credible threat to manipulate and control the U.S. and other Western countries.

With the final defeat of Nazi Germany —a monster they had also created — the CFR conspirators needed a new main enemy to justify their imperialist aggressive policies. The new enemy was the Soviet Union and the fight against this enemy was the Cold War. A revealing fact, however, is that the expressed goal of the Cold War was to contain the enemy, not to win the war.[5]

With the support of the mainstream media, the CFR conspirators brainwashed and scared the American people into accepting these treasonous and destructive policies. Despite he fact that communism was a total economic disaster, the Soviet Union, thanks mostly to the conspirator’s constant help, unwittingly played for many years its scripted role of artificially-created bogeyman.

But then, after the unexpected implosion of the Soviet Union in 1991, the globalist conspirators found themselves without the needed enemy. So, they carried out the 9/11 PsyOp to create a new one: terrorism. The Cold War was hastily transformed into the makeshift War on Terror.

Nevertheless, the War on Terror has performed way below their expectations. Despite their efforts to push terrorists to commit acts of terrorism, most of them have not materialized, not because of the good job of the antiterrorist agencies, but because the would-be terrorists don’t have the will to commit them. Proof of this is that, despite the fact that the Southern border of the U.S. is a sieve, no terrorist has infiltrated through the border to commit terrorist acts on U.S. territory. This explains why they are now desperately trying to revive the Cold War canard by painting the new Russia as a Soviet Union in disguise.

If one is to believe CFR agent and neocon John Bolton, Vladimir Putin is carrying out a secret plan to “reconstitute the Soviet Union.” According to Bolton, “It’s hard to imagine a worse outcome for U.S. than where we are now.” But Bolton is wrong. There is an even worse outcome for the American people than the one Bolton mentioned. This worse outcome would be the possibility that the CFR conspirators can carry out their secret plan to bring back communism to Russia and to turn the United States into another Soviet Union.

Actually they are working harder to do it.

In a recent book, Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America, CFR agent and neocon Dick Cheney and his daughter said, “Our next president must be committed to restoring America’s power and strength,” and “Our security and the survival of freedom depend on it.”

The Cheney’s list for creating a powerful America would be a boon for Halliburton. It features a massive military buildup, including new missile-defense systems, more nuclear weapons and a force prepared to wage war in multiple geographic locations simultaneously. They also call for the restoration of National Security Agency’s surveillance authorities, the return of “enhanced interrogation” of terrorism suspects, the deployment of thousands of military “advisors” to battle the Islamic State and a halt to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. They also advocate aggressive actions against rival nations, such as sending troops to NATO countries that border Russia, in order to “signal American determination.”

Initially the Russians lived up to globalist’s expectations as they reduced taxes and pushed entry into the World Trade Organization. But, as early as 2003, they began turning away from their new “friends,” and accelerated the retreat in 2012.

After the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union[6] the globalist conspirators descended upon Russia like hungry piranhas. Using the corrupt institutions they control, mainly the IMF and the World Bank, they forced the Russians to implement their “shock therapy” economic policies. This translated into the wholesale looting of Russia’s economy and natural resources, practically turning Russia into Third World colony with an impoverished populace.

But the Russians were not fooled. As early as 1992 Russian economist Georgi Arbatov exposed the bankers’ strategy for the enslavement of Russia in an article he titled “Neo- Bolsheviks of the I.M.F.” According to Arbatov, IMF officials, like the Bolsheviks, “love taking other people’s money, imposing undemocratic rules and stifling economic freedom.”[7]

Arbatov was not alone. In 1997, At an international meeting in Bonn, Germany, Dr. Sergey Glazyev, Chairman of the Economic Policy Committee of the Russian Federation, exposed in detail the gobalist conspirators’ evil plan or the colonization of Russia.

According to Glazyev, this colonization, masked as reforms, destroyed the basic institutions of Russian society by destroying Russia’s financial system with an endless buildup of state debts, destroying the scientific and technological potential of the country, selling controlling blocks of shares of key Russian firms in industry, power and telecommunications to foreign corporations, and transferring to them rights to exploit raw materials deposits. These reforms also included the foreign control over Russia’s stock exchange and the establishment of foreign control over the country’s domestic and foreign economic policy.[8]

It has been estimated that from 1991 to 1999 the U.S. ripped as much as $500 billion from Russia, in the form of resources, money, equipment and treasures. Most things of value, nailed down or not, were taken. Whole cities would wake up and find that the various manufacturing plants that supported their economies were now empty of all equipment, which had been disassembled and packed in the night.[9]

But the event that fully woke up the Russians about what was really going on in the U.S. was the 9/11 “terrorist” attack.

In the summer of 2001, Russian intelligence notified the CIA that 25 terrorist pilots had been specifically trained for suicide missions. In August, Russian President Putin told Russian intelligence to warn the U.S. government “in the strongest possible terms” of an imminent attack on airports and government buildings,”[10]

This may explain the radical about-face taken by the Russian government —one of the few governments in the world currently not fully under the control of the NWO conspirators— in its relations with the U.S. The Russian leaders may have logically concluded that, if the U.S. Government can inflict, or allow inflicting, something so terrible as 9/11 on its own people, there are no limits to what they can do to other peoples. Consequently, the Russian leaders quietly began preparing themselves to protect their country and its people from the CFR madmen. This explains why the Russians have been arming themselves to the teeth to deter a similar aggression upon the Russian people.

Moreover, most Russians, particularly the young ones, are finally discovering that the people behind the 9/11 events are the direct descendants of the ones who conspired at the beginning of the past century to implement and maintain for 60 years the communofascist nightmare that almost destroyed their country and the Russian culture, and they are not happy about it.

The bottom line is the Russians are not buying the conspirators’ New World Order. Actually, they have become the main stumbling block in the conspirators’ path to carry out their evil plan.[11] Contrary to the U.S., which is almost under the globalist conspirators’ full control, Russia has turned into a Christian nation, where Christian values are not scorned but encouraged. As expressed by Putin himself,

First and foremost we should be governed by common sense. But common sense should be based on moral principles first. And it is not possible today to have morality separated from religious values.[12]

Furthermore, Putin has proposed compulsory religion and ethics classes for Russian students.[13]

Nevertheless, the CFR conspirators are trying harder. To their utter surprise, here in America there are a growing number of people who have become aware of their dirty game of deception and treachery — and they are quietly, but firmly, opposing their New World Order.

Paradoxically, it seems that the Russians currently know more about what is really going on in the U.S. than most Americans. There is an explanation for this. In the first place, because, contrary to Americans who still seem to be living in a dream, the Russian people experienced for 60 years the results of a communofascist totalitarian dictatorship in their country. Secondly, because currently the Russian people are not the target of a psychological warfare operation to make them believe that snow is black.[14]

Servando is the uthor of Psychological Warfare and the New World Order and I Dare Call It Treason, and the DVDs Treason in America and Partners in Treason, all of them available at NewsWithViews.

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11. [The fact that the Russians have banned open gay manifestations in their country has nothing to do with sexuality but with politics — the gay movement is not a social, but a political movement in disguise. The Russian leaders have realized that the gay movement is nothing but a spearhead, a Trojan horse for the New World Order conspirators, and have taken effective measures to neutralize it.
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