We keep hearing about this Great Blue Wave that’s going to inundate the country in November. For reasons which the nooze media never make quite clear, the same electorate that put Donald Trump in the White House is expected to cede Capitol Hill to Democrats, to stop the president from doing what he was elected to do. If that makes sense to you, there’s a job waiting for you at CNN.

They’ve been working on their Blue Wave since Election Night of 2016: how many days, how many nights, who keeps count? The tantrum never stops. Antifa. #Resistance. (“Resistance”—that’s rich. “Do you vant a blindfold, schweinhundt?” “Only a cigarette, M’sieur—I care nothing for your firing squad!” And he’s still singing “La Marseilles” as the Nazis shoot him. Some Democrats watch way too many movies.) The shouting and the cursing, night and day, non-stop. It’s supposed to win us over, turn us against the president we elected, and turn us on to the Deluxe Far-Left Fun-Pack of open borders, MS13, transgender for the masses, jail for Climate Change skeptics, and big, huge, all-powerful government deciding who gets medical care and who doesn’t.

How do they expect to lib their way into our hearts?

Bill Maher gave a little demonstration of it last week, on TV. Maher is supposed to be a comedian, although he can’t prove it.

Maher says he’s rooting for a recession, a crashed economy, “to get rid of Trump.” You know—businesses going under, people losing their jobs. “Sorry if it hurts a lot of people,” he prattles, you could float a rowboat on the crocodile tears, “but it’s either root for a recession or lose our democracy.” Why don’t you root for a plague, too, while you’re at it?

This is classic lib-speak: “Let’s you and him make a really painful sacrifice to get what I want.” Like the rest of the Hollywood leftids, Maher is very rich and guaranteed recession-proof. It won’t hurt him at all. It’s a small price for the rest of us to pay.

Or we can mosey on down to the Democrat bat-cave of Fairfax County, Virginia, where the county school board has voted to teach all the kiddies that there’s no such thing as male or female, boy or girl, “gender is fluid” (so are their brains), and you are whatever you say you are because there just ain’t no truth except for whatever the leftids on the school board say from day to day. To quote one of these sages, “Biological sex is meaningless.”

I have never in my life seen anything pushed so hard, so fast, as the Left has pushed “transgender.” What makes them think that this is such a great idea? And who has ever heard an answer to that question?

Well, they want God’s job, nothing less will satisfy them, and they have a major problem with God’s word: “Male and female created He them” (Genesis 1:27). So they’re going to re-create us. With 57 “genders,” or whatever the number’s up to now. And power given them to impose a recession with a stroke of the pen, to punish us deplorables for not consenting to bear the servitude which they think is our proper station.

Power over others—all for our own good, of course, we ought to be grateful to such smart people for condescending to rule us—they crave it; and when they can’t have it, they’ll do anything to get it. You see by their behavior how they carry on if it’s withheld from them.

They were overconfident in 2016, and let the big prize slip through their fingers. Are they dumb enough to let it slip again?

God help us if they ever get their hands around our country’s throat again. This time they won’t let go.

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