By Roger Anghis

June 19, 2022

One thing that I have seen over the years that I have been writing is how deceptive the media is.  It isn’t anything new by any stretch.  They have been doing it for decades if not centuries.  To show you the depth the media will go I want to describe how they handled a story during World War II.

In the final months of WWII Britain and America were conducting bombing raids on Germany daily and nightly.  Britain would typically bomb at night and America during the day . Their targets were manufacturing facilities, military sites, oil storage, etc.   On the evening of February 15, 1945, the target was Dresden. It was more of a cultural city than a military city but it did manufacture machine guns and some munitions.

Hitler had ordered his bombers to not bomb London but one night some of his bombers were misdirected and did bomb London.  Winston Churchill retaliated by bombing Berlin and everything seemed to escalate from there.  Hitler proceeded to bomb dozens of British cities that were not of any military importance.  Hitler’s objective was to break the British citizens will.  London itself was bombed every day for 57 days,  The air raids on London killed over 40,000 citizens.

Germany had indiscriminately bombed cities in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg.  They did not target just sites of military importance but the civilians.  The purpose was to break their morale.  They did the same in the Soviet Union, Poland, and every other nation they invaded.

Britain’s Director of Bomber Command, Author Harris, adopted a plan to carpet bomb German cities with the understanding that if you eliminate Hitler’s workers, he can’t continue the fight.  He was given a list of cities to bomb and told to create chaos.  He started with Dresden.  He scheduled two bombing raids on that city in the late evening of February 15, 1945.  The first raid consisted of 244 bombers.  It only took fifteen minutes for all of them to drop their payload.

In just a few hours the second raid began.  There were 500 bombers in this raid.  At daybreak the American bombers arrived targeting military and industrial sites but because of all the fires, many missed their targets and bombed residential areas.

The American papers reported that Dresden was no longer there which was untrue but a good portion of it was destroyed.  Of course, Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, wasn’t going to let a disaster go to waste so he amplified what happened in Dresden.  The actual number of people that died in the raid was estimated at no more than 25,000.  Remember that just the raids on London took 40,000 lives.  Goebbels decided to add a “0” to that number and claimed that over 200,000 people died in the raid.  Even American papers referred to the raid on Dresden as “Terror Bombing’.

I am not discounting in any way the lives lost in that raid.  Many died horribly.  The fires were so intense that the fires created their own tornados that were so powerful that trees were uprooted and babies and small children were pulled out of the arms of their parents.  But even the American reporting totally ignored the raids Germany had done on Britain and the lives lost in those raids.  Germany complained about the raid without giving thought to what they had done to the Jews, Gypsies, the mentally handicapped, and the others they put through the concentration camps.

Virtually all the reporting from the British and American papers ignored what Germany had done.  At this time there was very little knowledge of the camps but remembering that Germany bombed dozens of British cities and London was bombed for 57 days straight was given a pass.  Germany was the aggressor in the war and Britain was simply fighting back in a way they thought would bring the war to a close.

We see today’s media doing the very same thing.  When George W. Bush was president we heard about every dead soldier in the Iraq War but when Obama took office you didn’t even know there was a war going on even though he attacked Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, and Syria.[1] We know that the Steele Dossier was a fake and was even proved a fake by the Mueller Report yet the media still reports as if it was true.

The integrity of our media is nonexistent for the most part.  Not even FOX News can be relied on to report the truth.  Very few news outlets report the truth.  News agencies used to investigate but they no longer do that.  They are hand in hand with the liberals to push their agenda.  If they investigated ‘climate change’ they would report that it is a false claim.  The Earth has been cooling for the last 19 years.  Think about it,  If the ice caps were melting and the seas rising was a real danger why would Obama and several other climate change pushers by ocean front property worth millions?

There was no logical reason for the news agencies in the 1940s to report some of the stories the way they did to discredit Britain and America just like the agencies today that push the liberal agenda ignoring the real facts.

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  1. Countries that Obama bombed
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