Throughout the annals of history, there has never been a nation of any stature that thrive after no longer defending it’s own borders.  Ancient Rome is perhaps the greatest example of a great nation that lost it’s greatness through open borders.  For over ten centuries the Empire of Rome ruled the known world.  She was the ultimate example of national prestige, power and glory.

The purpose of this column is not to extol nor condemn the policies of the Ceasars of Rome.  For there were both positive and negative developments, decisions and actions that occurred during the long history of that great empire.  But as empires have come and gone, one of the major reasons for their ultimate demise was usually an orchestrated plan to destroy them from within without war.  Of course, like many nations, Rome started out with many good intentions.  One of which was to elevate and improve the basic human condition above what it was before.

We all know that before Rome, there had been Greece which for a time succeeded because that nation was the first since the time of Moses to at least recognize that the people should have a voice in the governing of the nation.  Unfortunately, the democracy of Greece ultimately collapsed under the weight of what became a mobocracy.  The diverse mob oriented groups increasingly became immoral agents of national destruction, similar to the Soros rent a mobs that are on a mad man mission of destruction in America today.  Along with the devolutionary tendencies of democracy and the overall decline in morality that ultimately destroyed both Rome and Greece, there was yet another huge reason for their ultimate demise.  It is called open borders, where friend and foe alike are allowed into a nation unchecked and are allowed to do whatever their little heart’s desire.

Of course, not to be outdone in the history of national self-destruction, hundreds of American cities are now sanctuary cities where illegal immigrants are fed, housed and hidden from justice all at the expense of American born taxpayers.  This ill-conceived concept is approved by government school indoctrinated American citizens who prefer any society over the one they were born in.

Cities like New York, Detroit, MI, Chicago, Seattle and others are led by mayors who are willing to put American born citizens in at greater risk than they have already faced in many neighborhoods.  Those mayors and state governors who are willing to even bankrupt their jurisdictions just to house and support illegal immigrants against U.S. law should be thrown out of office.  Obviously, their oath to defend the United States constitution means nothing to them, nor their job to protect “We the People” either.

Sadly, since the founding of this great republic, there have been those who set out to destroy our constitutionally limited government concept.  Today there are people in academe, the media, the entertainment industry and in other high places that do not believe you have the right to live for your own sake.  They also certainly do not want you to enjoy living in a society where your unalienable rights which come from God are recognized.  Or as the founding fathers put it, our creator or natures God.  That is because, America was meant to be a place that prevents government from giving and taking away rights any time they felt like it.

Those wanting to destroy the concept of liberty, meaning freedom coupled with responsibility for everyone, have always been ready to destroy our unalienable rights.  They cannot, because our rights do not come from them.  Anyway, like the mighty Roman empire during it’s heyday, the United States could not be just overrun militarily by our enemies of liberty.  So, the progressives set out to gradually wrestle America into submission to the grip of voluntary self-destruction, for example via the world’s highest corporate tax rates and sanctuary cities.

Thus, after just over a hundred years of gradually pealing away the Judeo/Christian, Constitutional and free market principles that made America the onetime envy of the world, nearly one half of her population now favors the bootheel of communism or Islam over their own God given liberties.  That same sizeable segment of Americans desire our national borders and sovereignty to be a thing of the past.  That is why their ilk did not care when two illegal immigrant men raped a fourteen year old black girl in Maryland.

Their big evil goal is to fundamentally change the United States by allowing in Muslim refugees who want Sharia law. They also seek to ban Christians who are trying to escape being murdered, raped, burned alive, enslaved, and beheaded by sharia law practicing Islamic brutes. because the Christians would be a boon to America.  That was the policy of the former Obama administration.  Those wanting open borders and sanctuary cities hope to use those burdensome policies to help collapse our republic and bring her crawling into submission to a dictatorial global regime or partnership.

But despite such madness I remain optimistic that this last great hope for freedom on earth will through Providential guidance retain her manifest destiny of being a light and example to nations worldwide for people to reach their highest potential through liberty, opportunity and justice for all.  Now you can Enjoy the best radio commentary, “The Edwards Notebook” on worldwide, throughout the day and night.