Andrew C. Wallace

October 25, 2022

First of all you must shun the FBI as a monumental disgrace to law enforcement and the Republic. There would be little corruption in the federal government if the FBI was not the most corrupt of all.

The FBI is an abortion and has as much support in the Constitution as Roe V Wade.

1. Never, ever voluntarily open the door to your house or car to  FBI agents who lie, cheat, steal and frame citizens..

2. Never talk to an FBI agent, speaking your name is too much and can be used to frame you.

3. Only your lawyer should talk to FBI agents.

4. Under no circumstances should you agree to a plea agreement when you are innocent. or framed…

5. When the so called FBI agents show up at your door call your Sheriff for protection from home invaders masquerading as FBI agents acting under the “Color of Law”.

6. Your Sheriff is the supreme law enforcement official in your county and can arrest rogue FBI agents acting under the “color of law”.

7. Demand that your Governor remove the Sheriff if he refuses to give you written assurance of protection from rogue FBI agents acting under the “color of law”.

8. I am not advocating armed confrontation, let the Sheriff act in your defense.

The FBI is famous for framing people and the rogue DOJ leaves them to rot in jail without trial, due process. or Constitutional rights..

Well known politicians are immune from all laws.

Cooperation with the FBI is dangerous. Look no further than the framed political prisoners from the January 6 event who were held without bond or trial in terrible conditions contrary to the Constitution!

The Communists defunded and destroyed police in Democrat cities so people would become desperate and willing to accept the FBI as a national police force , contrary to the Constitution.

The Parasitic Suoer Rich Ruling Class ( PSRRC) and their brbed minions in corporations and governments have been working hard to concentrate all power in Washington and the most important power is Police Power.

FBI was founded in 1908 as the Bureau of Investigation. This was after the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Dick Act of 1903 made the Militia of the Several States part of the National Guard. Under the Constitution, the Militia has the responsibility for enforcing laws of the Union.

I could find nothing in the Constitution to authorize federal laws to legalize the use of federal law enforcement within the Several States, except on the delegated federal territory needed to carry out its enumerated duties. The only possible exception I can see is the use of federal force for actual counter terrorism,  protection of officials and currency violations etc..

Laws giving the FBI police powers in the states are UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND  DELIBERATE ACTIONS TO GIVE THE FBI AN EXCUSE FOR ACTING UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW TO PUNISH PATRIOTS. I could find nothing in the Constitution to support the laws which allow the FBI to arrest kidnappers, felony killing of state law-enforcement officers, committing violent crimes against interstate travelers, serial killers, bank robbers, etc. IN FACT I COULD FIND NOTHING IN THE CONSTITUITION THAT EVEN SUPPORTS THE EXISTANCE OF THE FBI. THEY HAVE NO POLICE POWER IN THE STATES, ABSOLUTELY NONE

If our judges followed the Constitution many FBI agents and government officials would be in jail and sued for their last dime. Many innocent American victims of Unconstitutional laws will seek compensation. It will be many victims because a majority of federal laws are unconstitutional.

The FBIs incompetence on 9-11 is well-known by any person alive at the time.

I maintain that the organization and management of the FBI is so corrupt and dysfunctional that it is impossible for it to function effectively and honestly.. To prove my point you only need to read “Classified Woman” a 333-page book by Sibel Edmonds.

The FBI has a terrible history of promoting crimes,

There is no fix for the FBI, it must be disbanded and its employees fired, never to work for government again.

There can be no question that the so-called insurrection on January 6, 2021, was an FBI frame-up and false-flag

A book you must read is titled: “The Terror Factory, Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism” by Trevor Aaronson. It is 281-pages plus an index of purported facts.

I have made no attempt to list all of the FBIs crimes because they are too numerous, and well known.

God Bless America.

© 2022 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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