by Lee Duigon

Globalists want a global government. They’ve wanted it for years; and right now, they’re closer than they’ve ever been to achieving it. And they can do it, too—if only they can solve a few simple problems.

First you’ve got to have a law code. If you’re going to have different law codes for all the different countries—well, we’ve already got that, we wouldn’t need a global government to give us that. So how do you create a law code for the whole world?

One approach would be to cobble together a code from bits and pieces of many countries’ law codes. We always want to be inclusive, so we’ll take laws from all over the planet—from the United States, the European Union, China, the Muslim world, and everywhere else. This is guaranteed to exasperate everyone. There would be infinite haggling over which laws to keep and which laws to throw out. So all you have to do is get everybody to agree.

Or, globalist sages could take time out from sipping overpriced drinks in Davos to draw up a whole new code from scratch. It need not resemble any particular country’s law code. It must be admitted that there’s a possibility that everyone on earth would passionately hate the new law code. But surely we can trust the Experts to come up with something.

Failing that, they could keep it simple and just adopt China’s law code in its entirety. The Chinese Communist Party would generously reward this.

The next step would be the easiest: stage rigged plebiscites in every country in the world. That this can be done has been proved right here in America: Democrats rigged our 2020 presidential election and stole it. Now that they’ve got the software to ensure a desired result in any election, all votes become irrelevant. And they’ve got the international nooze media to back it up. “The AP has called the world-wide elections for the global government! The ‘Yes’ vote has racked up 88 percent, world-wide!”

The “No!” votes wouldn’t matter. The hand that rocks the Dominion voting machines will rule the world. And with each rigged election, the political engineers will refine their technique: they’ll get better and better at it, and voting them out of office will become impossible. They’ll never be voted out.

By now, what you have here is an empire. And throughout world history, all empires are held together by the one thing that they all have in common—brute force. The global government, like the Roman Empire, the Assyrian Empire, the Soviet Union, will rely on brute force to keep the plebs in line.

What? There’s a revolt in the Middle East? Send in the legions and crush it. Crucify or impale the rebels, leaders and followers alike—and remember, always, that it’s for their own good. They’ll thank you for it later! But in the meantime, the bodies rotting on the stakes all along the highways will ensure that the people get the message.

And if it seems unwise to kill so many people, there are always concentration camps. China is in the concentration camp business as we speak, the CCP knows exactly how to do it. Ask any Uighur.

Finally, the globalist honchos can just sit back and enjoy it all while getting richer and richer, with more and more power over more and more people—sit back and revel in it until the whole damned thing collapses.

All in all, America’s 2020 presidential election has proved to the globalists that they now have the equipment to do anything they please.

And they will. They will.

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