by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D.

Recently, I have received a lot of emails from people concerned that under President Biden we seem once again to be moving toward Socialism as when Biden was vice-president under President Obama. Of course, for the U.S. to move toward Socialism, the people would have had to be conditioned beginning a long time ago to accept it, and that began with our educational system. In the December 1933 edition of PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION, Dr. George Hartmann of Penn State University wrote: “A New Definition of the Educated Man,” in which he stated: “Some may at once protest, ‘What? Is education to have as one of its symptoms the acceptance of radical views?’ The answer is ‘Yes,’ if radicalism means any serious endeavor to alter our social arrangements for the better….How any one with the least pretensions to higher education can fail to be thrilled by the ultimate prospects of a single world government,…and the enlightened practice of eugenics and euthenics….”

Of course, after wars, the Power Elite usually attempts to condition a war-weary public to accept world government. And after World War II, Spencer Tracy in the movie “State of the Union” in 1948 says that in a speech to leaders of industry, he will talk about the need to redistribute our wealth economically in some areas, and then he remarked: “I’m gonna tell them (industry leaders) that there’s only one government which is capable of handling the atomic control, world disarmament, world employment, world peace, and that’s a world government….The people of 13 states started the United States of America. Well, I think that the people of that many nations are now ready to start a United States of the World…with one international law, and one international currency, one international citizenship, and I’m gonna tell them that the Brotherhood of Man is not just an idealistic dream, but a practical necessity if man is going to survive….”

From 1951 to 1954, Robert Hutchins was associate director of the Ford Foundation, whose president, H. Rowan Gaither, in 1953 said they were operating under directives of the White House “the substance of which was to the effect that we should make every effort to so alter life in the United States as to make possible a comfortable merger with the Soviet Union. For this “comfortable merger” to occur, however, there would have to be a “New World Order,” and in President George H.W. Bush’s address to the U.N. General Assembly on October 1, 1990, he remarked: “It is in our hands…to press forward to cap a historic movement towards a New World Order.”

The ultimate goal of the Power Elite is a synthesis of Western Capitalism and Eastern Communism into a World Socialist Government (WSJ). One sign that the New World Order was here was that the Soviet Union supposedly collapsed in the early 1990s, and a 16-foot statue {see https//] of murderous Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin weighing over 7 tons was brought from the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic to the Fremont neighborhood in the City of Seattle (it is the only statue of Lenin in the world still standing).

An important component of bringing about a WSG is immigration, and the Biden administration has signaled a loosening of restrictions in that regard. In 1972, Council on Foreign Relations member Lester Brown, president of Worldwatch Institute which promotes world government, authored WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS. And even before President George H.W. Bush used the term New World Order, on August 18, 1987, Brown stated that “a new paradigm, a New World Order, will be established, characterized by an end to the arms race, demilitarization, a redistribution of global wealth, an end to pollution, environmental harmony, and deindustrialization.” Most of these now seem to also be goals of the Biden administration. Very recently, the Biden administration has sent signals to Mexico that our southern borders will become more open. Relevant to that, Elena Poniatowska, who has taught at Harvard, Yale, Princeton and other universities has concluded that “Mexico is recovering the territories yielded to the United States by means of migratory tactics.”

Democrats aren’t solely to blame for what has occurred in terms of immigration, as nationally syndicated columnist Georgie Anne Geyer on March 17, 2002 wrote “Darkness by design for amnesty move” in THE WASHINGTON TIMES, in which she said that “at the precise direction of Mr. (George W.) Bush—the House sneaked through a bill” granting a form of amnesty to illegal aliens. She explained that part of the reason for the legislation “is big business pushing the president to provide them with more and more cheap and compliant labor. And part of it is the White House’s incredibly cynical attempt to manipulate American politics at the expense of American citizens….Such mini-amnesties say to the world: ‘We haven’t learned anything from 9/11. We still don’t care a whit about who obeys our laws—in fact, we don’t obey them ourselves, not if we need dawn-to-dark laborers in California and Oregon or chicken farm laborers in Arkansas….”

Until the Trump presidency, Democrats and Republicans have also been similar in terms of American jobs going elsewhere, as on NBC’s “Meet the Press” (January 13, 2002), Ralph Nader indicated that a Gore presidency would not have been different from the Bush presidency in terms of NAFTA, GATT, and American jobs going overseas. Nader then remarked: “There’s a permanent corporate government operating here. The American people, whether they are liberals or conservatives, feel that they’ve lost control over everything that matters to them—their government, their elections,…their genes, their privacy, their workplace, their children, commercialization of childhood, and they have a thirst for taking control again.” This is one of the primary reasons Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, one of the reasons he received 74 million votes in 2020, and one of the reasons his political influence is not going away!

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