There is nothing that sets me off more than listening to the smarter-than-you experts that masquerade as talking heads on the Boob Tube.   Too be honest, a lot of them actually make my skin crawl.  For the life of me I can’t figure out what they have done to qualify as an “expert” and I certainly don’t ever see anyone on the “news” shows who actually talks or acts like anyone I cross paths with in my daily walk through life.

Eggheads.  That is what we called them when I was in high school.  Most of these creepy dudes and dudettes have won life’s lottery and get paid huge amounts of money for explaining away the obvious.  They all seem to have the same educational bonafides…Ivy League degree…skinny …asexual in both their approach to the world and in their inability to fire up the testosterone meter in regards to their sex appeal.

Although it would not be unusual to find out that the leg-crossing girls on Fox News slept their way to the top it causes me indigestion to think that both Shep Smith and Anderson Cooper got their jobs the same way as the girls.  Except on Fox News, most of the power journalists on the other networks all seem to be way less Alpha Dogs than the bossy women who sit in the anchor seats.

Maybe it is just because I live out here in flyover country where I am surrounded by “deplorables”, but except for our local TV stations I run into very few men and women who resemble anything that walks or talks like the pretty boy news readers the media loves to force feed us.

Without tooting my horn too loudly I think it is important for me to point out that I have been blessed with strong communication skills.  Although I spent a lifetime in the world of high school sports I bristle at the eggheads’ accusation that I am a “helmet head” which is a nice way of saying that I am ignorant.  I have a Masters Degree, write a weekly column read by thousands, and a YouTube page with video’s that long ago passed over 1 million views.

There are others out there, just like me, who are writing powerful analysis of degradation of the American Culture and actually make logical arguments for how things can be repaired.  But because we don’t have the paper mache  looks and the politically correct views that are required in today’s Fake World we have a hard time getting traction.

That is why the world was so shocked when Trump won.  Most of the weenies on TV have never seen a straighten-talking, God fearing man like me who possesses the ability to destroy the libs and their foolish arguments.  Fox News won’t give us a shot either.  They don’t like flame throwers…those of us who can actually make and express a common sense argument in a clear and simple way.

But take my word for it, the Left and their confederates on the God-haters’ team, know exactly who we are.  Just in the last week I was made fun of on some of the most left leaning websites in America.  The Daily Kos, Right Wing Watch, The Young Turks, and others have chosen to do articles regarding arguments that I have made on my daily internet show.

Just last week I was torched on this website for having the gall to say that I would never believe a thing that Rachel Maddow says when she doesn’t even have the common sense to realize that normal sex requires a man and a woman as participants.    I would say that there was some degree of vindication for my position after her latest attempt at creating news on her Fake News show.  I find that more often than not, my views and assessment of our current cultural situation are much more accurate than hers.

Sadly, neither side of the political spectrum like a straight-talker like me.  They prefer to interview guests who abide in the politically correct gray areas.  This brings confusion to both sides of the debate which goes a long way towards advancing the idea that there is no absolute Truth.  It is sad to think that we have Wolf Blitzer and Bill O’Reilly looking out for us.

I know several internet conservatives who can deliver the mail when it comes to destroying the arguments of the asexuals on the various cable news channels.  That is exactly why the Fake News media is dying.  The internet has given the average deplorable a choice in where he will eat his nightly news snack.  The war for America is being fought in the front-line trenches.  What you are watching on the TV is a sanitized version of the battle.

But the Christian Eggheads are just as bad.  You know who they are…the “Doctors” with the large congregations whose watered-down, self-focused, who-am-I-to-judge sermons have anesthetized their listeners to the point that they are no longer able to tell the difference between the Truth and a lie.

A lie is subtle.  Rarely is a falsehood so blatant that the hearer of the lie can’t spot it.  It comes under the cover of Truth, masquerading as opinion spurred on by emotions.  Most of the shows you watch on television are designed to control you by tapping in to your emotions.  Emotions will cloud your rational thought process.  Ultimately, your emotions will betray you.

Normal men do not have sex with other men.  Marriage is ONLY the union between one man and one woman.   Man made global warming and macro-evolution should be classified as religions rather than science.  Do you have to “believe” in gravity or is gravity clearly proven?  Why am I the fool for “believing” in Christ while the “experts” believe that non-living matter produced life?  According to Maddow and her ilk nothing exploded and became everything.  Despite the “science” Bruce Jenner will always be a man no matter how much lipstick he smears on his face.

An unborn baby is alive even if the mother doesn’t want it.  A fetus is not part of the mother’s body.   If abortion is healthcare why does one of the patients die?  Blobs of tissue do not have body parts that can be harvested.  Sex is determined by DNA not by attraction.

I sit here in my office thinking about all of the ways that the talking heads and I disagree.    Other than my religious beliefs most of the arguments I make are supported by science.  Maddow and her gender-bender friends make their decisions based on emotions.  They deny science, and they call me names when I point that out.

Rachel Maddow was a Rhodes Scholar.  It is amazing how many of the like-minded  “educational elite” deny God and His moral code.  If she wasn’t a lesbian she wouldn’t even have a show.  I wonder if she would be willing to interview some of my ex-gay friends.  But she probably doesn’t “believe” in them.

Your emotions will betray you.  I am sick of the foolishness from the educated eggheads.  They have lost the ability to think critically.  They can’t even figure out basic human plumbing.

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