By Frosty Wooldridge

At this point in our country’s history, with this Covid pandemic knocking on all our doors 24/7, I find myself contemplating life, our country’s future, our children’s future and the rest of humanity.  This crisis proves itself beyond anything I’ve seen in my 73 years of living.

If it’s true that some maniacs scientist in Wuhan, China created this bio-weapon, or it simply erupted out of the filthy conditions of ‘wet markets’ that you may have seen on YouTube videos—the Chinese maintain an exceedingly unsanitary culture in their food chain. Whatever it is, it’s killing a lot of people.

From what we’re being told, something like 100,000 to 200,000 of us will see death in the coming months.  It could be anyone in my family. Heck, I could be gone because it kills most folks over 70 years of age.

As a baby boomer, I’ve lived a wonderful life.  By dumb luck, I lived through the Vietnam War.  I haven’t died of a heart attack.  I made a reasonable living as a teacher and truck driver my entire life.  I explored the world on my bicycle.  I’m happily married.

But as I look back on my life, and this country’s history since 1950, I can’t help but wring my hands and wonder what happened to the United States?  What happened to our integrity as a constitutional republic?   Why did our leaders plunge us into the Korean War that killed 33,000 young Americans for absolutely no good reason?

Why did we allow Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Military Industrial Complex, filled with sickeningly greedy, amoral men, to start a 10-year war in Vietnam over the bogus “Gulf of Tonkin Incident”?   Why did our “Silent Majority” allow those power brokers in Washington DC, filled with lies and deceit, to fund that deadly war for 10 years?  Why at the expense of 58,220 of our finest kids?  What did it prove?  Answer: nothing.  Who did it save?  Answer: killed over 3,000,000 (million) Vietnamese, men, women and children. Who benefited?  Answer: power brokers who made defense contracts, war munitions, uniforms, tanks, food and endless weapons to kill other human beings.

That war shaped me, affected me for the rest of my life, and affects me today. I don’t trust one son of a bitching senator or House member in Washington DC to do the right thing. They prove themselves a den of thieves and racketeers.  And our presidents, not much better as they led us into those wars. Note: keep your weapons and 1st Amendment rights!

What about the fraudulent “Weapons of Mass Destruction” ruse to force us into Afghanistan and Iraq?  What about these two 19 yearlong wars? For what?  Answer: money, money, money for war corporations and stockholders.  For whom?  Answer: corporate profits.  Why? Answer: screw the American public.

Why 700 military bases and over 450,000 military personnel housed in over 80 countries around the world for the last 50 years?  Why?  Answer: no sane reason.  What cost?  Answer: into the trillions of dollars over the decades.  For what purpose?  Answer: can you give an answer?

We’re $23 trillion in debt for heaven sakes!  We’re overrun with legal and illegal immigrants that are totally changing our culture, way of life, language and citizenship.  We’ve got 13 million children living under the poverty level.  We’ve got over 100,000 homeless living in tarp tents in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, New York City, Miami, Dallas and many more cities.  Seven out of 10 Americans suffer from being fat around 40 pounds overweight or obese at 80 to 100 pounds overweight.  Why won’t fast food joints serve healthy meals with healthy beverages?  Answer: they could give a crap about your health.

We’ve got 7 out of 10 Black kids born to single mothers living on welfare.  We’ve got 40 million Americans subsisting on food stamps.  Yet, we give billions in foreign aid.  We’ve got $120 billion in drug trade annually that causes incredible horrors for families with addicted members.  We watch over $100 billion in cash transfers exit our country annually by immigrants of every stripe.

We’ve got 22 military service men and women committing suicide 24/7.  And, according to MADD, 14 million people drive drunk on our highways 24/7.  Around 18 teens overdose to death hourly on drugs 24/7.  Alcoholism affects upwards of 30 million Americans.  It kills families, ruins lives and wreaks deadly havoc on our nation’s highways.

Can we continue to watch 500,000 people jump our borders annually to come to America, “For a better way of life”?  Can we sustain the projected 100 million more immigrants within 30 years?

I could cover another 20 items, but don’t have time in this column. Suffice to say, our country stands eyeball deep in trouble.

For a kid out of the 1940’s, I feel blessed beyond measure to have enjoyed an educated mind, free choices and good health. I feel blessed with an exceedingly wonderful wife, two great boys, and dear friends.

I hope this pandemic helps us re-arrange our choices.  We need to take care of our citizens first, second and always.  We need to stop all immigration to integrate the millions of disparate people already here.  We need to mandate English as our national language.  We must stop any other foreign or religious laws from forming in our Constitutional Republic.  We need to take care of our young with solid educations, personal worth and allegiance to our country.  We need to create jobs that contribute to our world in a healthy and ecologically sane manner.

We need to pull our troops out of all wars and corners of the globe.

We’ve got to start thinking and acting on alternative energy. We MUST stabilize our own population to live within the carrying capacity of our finite land mass with finite water, energy and resources.

We need a national-discussion-debate on what kind of a civilization we’re handing over to our children.  What are your ideas?  If we don’t change course, do you think your kids stand a chance?

May God bless you and yours during this time of painful uncertainty.

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