by Lee Duigon

June 16, 2022

Where do these people come from? Out from under a rotting log?

What would you think if your child said this? “I wanna be in the Deep State when I grow up!” You might ask… why?

“Why? Are you kiddin’? When you’re in the Deep State, you can do anything you want to anybody and not get into any trouble for it! No one can touch you—most of the time they don’t even know who you are. You can spy on anyone you like; and if the president doesn’t like it, so what? You just take him down! Like they took down Trump.

“And even if you get caught doing something really bad, like cooking up a totally fake Russian conspiracy—so what? Ha, ha, ha! Then you just ‘resign’ and be on all the cable news shows and make piles and piles of money!”

Parents don’t like what their local school board’s serving up to them? They have the nerve, the gall, to show up to meetings and complain? What? They don’t like Critical Race Theory, transgender bathrooms, filthy pornographic books in the school library, or “teachers” telling first-graders all about their gross sex lives? Well! That makes them domestic terrorists, doesn’t it! And the Deep State will spy on them, and make sinister phone calls to their employers, and maybe even have them arrested. They’ll soon find out who’s boss!

Why, we can even call in foreign spies and sic them on any politician we don’t like. They can set up hoaxes and then we can, heh-heh, “investigate”! We can even get our friends in Congress to impeach!

And what can anybody do about it? Get us to investigate ourselves? “Nope, nothing wrong here! Everybody in the FBI is squeaky clean!” Like that guy in charge of the Justice Dept. is gonna clean up his own house!

The great thing is, we can go after anybody. No one’s safe! Evidence? We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence! And if we did, we’ve got plenty of agents who can fabricate all the evidence we need. Who’s going to say we can’t?

It’s called Fundamental Transformation, baby! We are fundamentally transforming the country into anything we please. No one sees us, no one hears us, and by the time anybody comes even close to finding out what we’re up to, it’s too freakin’ late! We aren’t voted in, we don’t have to worry about being voted out. Wait’ll you see who’s waiting for you after Biden finally conks out!

But whoever it is… well, we’re always there, you can’t get rid of us. And we’ll nail you if you try.

What are the parents of Deep Staters like?

Or is that one of those things that it’s better not to know?

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