An Open Letter to Mr. Trump [Link]

Donald Trump is victorious. We are thankful and glad that Hillary, and the Hillary shills, are not going to quickly move Obama’s agenda forward like she had planned. Mr. Trump dealt her an obvious blow and the citizens of America confirmed loudly, “Not so fast, Hillary.”

But, Mr. Trump, did you know that President Obama helped Hillary Clinton to accomplish HillaryCare goals? It is through Executive Orders and ESEA Flexibility Waivers!

Mr. Trump, did you know HillaryCare is already ObamaCare for children ages 0-21? It is through the medicalization of our schools including daycare centers!! President Obama had everything stacked in Hillary’s favor. He even laid a foundation that would launch her presidency to new heights.

Now, President-Elect Trump, it is high time to turn these tides! Mr. Trump, I respectfully submit the following facts for you to consider:

The HillaryCare plan of 1994 for children was completed and legislated in the new federal education law called ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act. The Common Core education agenda was officially merged with ObamaCare December of 2015. These specific steps that President Obama, with the Republican Congress, took to satisfy all of the conditions needed to move forward to completely merge healthcare and education, could come crashing down if you, Mr. Trump, analyze these facts and recognize the depths of destruction being heaped on our nation’s schools, teachers, and children. [Source]

Mr. Trump did you know that President Obama Used An Executive Order 12866 To Change The Privacy Law, FERPA? The privacy rights of America’s children and their families is being violated!

President Obama issued Executive Order 12866 without Congressional authority that illegally allowed outside vendors access to our children’s personally identifiable information. This was done by reversing and weakening the Family Education Rights in Privacy Act, FERPA. Obama also set up expansive state longitudinal data systems (SLDS) to collect individual psychometric data (psychological information) on American citizens from “womb to workplace.” This was done via assigning students a unique national ID.

Datamining on American’s children commenced immediately, scrapping individual and family privacy protections. Thus “unlocking” data has been swindled from state education-collection data warehouses for “free”. This data release paved the way for the development of intrusive curricula and software, and the computer monitoring of a child’s affective domain (emotions, feelings, attitudes, beliefs). These were developed and aligned to the Common Core standards.

Obama betrayed parents and did not protect our children from predators. Children became a commodity, often derogatorily referred to as “human capital” by education reform elites. Common Core curriculum is being used today to change our American children over to believing in principles that are anti-American. For example, the students you have seen picketing in the streets have never been taught the basics of American civics – a key indication of the success of the liberal goals of education reform for over a generation now.

Mr. Trump, did you know that President Obama used illegal ESEA Flexibility Waivers to get control of teachers and children in the classroom? [Source: Part 1], [Source: Part 2]

President Obama added psychological standards! ESEA Flex Waivers expanded Common Core to include social, emotional, and behavioral standards, or mental health/personality “defects” as I have previously reported in numerous articles. But, remember, these affective domain psychological conditioning standards are illegal to use on children. They violate federal law and had been removed in 1990 in Pennsylvania when I filed my federal complaint against the illegal state assessment, the EQA. Pennsylvania was forced to retract the test and remove the psychological standards. But Former Governor Corbett had also been forced to remove the non-academic Interpersonal Skills in 2014 when he was confronted with the illegal standards being slipped in once again by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. [Source]

Mr. Trump, did you know that President Obama dropped and manipulated poverty guidelines? The Obama regime previously used the ESEA Flexibility Waivers to illegally manipulate and lower the poverty guidelines under Title I for ALL children to come under the umbrella of “SCHOOLWIDE”. ALL children are now considered At-Risk/Title I children and they are being identified in the federal data banks as needing psychological interventions. So Title I sorted schools and children into who would need “turnaround” and behavioral conditioning. Because of this, America’s schools are being targeted for change while principals and teachers are forced to commit to Common Core–or resign. Teachers are being forced to teach Common Core with its illegal psychological standards that children must achieve—without proper credentials and licensing to perform these psychological techniques on America’s children.

Mr. Trump, did you know that President Obama implemented psychological interventions in the classroom as part of the old HillaryCare? This is an astonishing and alarming fact. America’s children are being barraged with prison-like reward and punishment techniques that hearken back to the old BF Skinner operant conditioning methods, where ALL their behavior is monitored, even on phone apps. Special Education-funded teams are scavenging the classrooms using CHILD FIND to place more and more children under the Common Core/Mental Health/ HillaryCare agenda. Schools are preparing to rake in the “free” money under this scheme of identifying children as disabled in order to bill Medicaid. This is a scam! The more children identified, the more money the schools can clamor for.

The psychological interventions and conditioning continue, and intensive Response to Interventions (RTI) becomes more potent, as children are “remediated” until they change their attitudes and beliefs to match these outrageous standards. Specific psychological interventions were included and named in the ESSA legislation mandated from federal legislation. The following illegal psychological methods are being used in the classrooms of America: Response to Interventions, Multi-Tiered System of Supports, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports, Specialized Student Support Systems, and Universal Design for Learning. [Source 1], [Source 2]

Mr. Trump, did you know that ObamaCare is the right place to analyze Common Core and Medicaid? That this is transforming the Medicalization of Schools? [Source]

Medicaid in the schools will expand dramatically under Hillary’s Mental Health/Health agenda and ESSA where schools apply for partial hospitalization licenses to bill Medicaid. States will have to grapple with the expansive measures of every child receiving Medicaid Mental Health benefits billowing and surging under Common Core and IDEA (Special Education.)

Mr. Trump, do not miss this point! Psychological manipulations have replaced academics in America’s classrooms. Datamining is rampant, and parental privacy fears continue to mount. Thanks to Obama and Hillary there is an Education Stasi looming, a government-funded system of surveillance over our nation’s precious children.

Hillary’s plan continues to move forward even though she was defeated. We know that President Obama and the Republican RINOS made it happen. Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, Republican Congressman Kline, and Republican Speaker Paul Ryan were the few who steadfastly made Hillary’s plan a codified reality. We parents and citizens who care about America’s children will not forget their names.

President-Elect Trump, you have a big job. And I hope you attack this issue BIGGLY.

We citizens are requesting to meet with you. We are the parents and researchers who helped to elect you to correct these dastardly deeds. And it is you, Mr. Trump, and you alone, who can help American children fulfill their God-given right to live in this country free from manipulation of federal control. The future of our children is depending on you!

Our children are normal American children who are being identified as needing psychological interventions because they are “too Americanized”. They are too independent. They are too patriotic. They love God, family, and country…. just like you, Donald J. Trump!

Please, Mr. Trump. Give parents the chance to let you know what is happening in our local schools, to our children, and to our beloved country.

Anita’s Note to Readers:

I have outlined in the one page statement below, what I would tell President-Elect Trump if I had one hour to explain what this agenda is all about. I am sure that the documentation provided will lead to other questions: state’s rights when Title I funding following the child bypasses state budgets used for so-called “CHOICE”; or what happens when charter schools are expanded to for-profit investors in our neighborhoods who soak up local tax money that should be poured into our public schools; or what happens to private and religious schools that have Education Savings Accounts, ESA, Title I /CHOICE children applying to their schools. Plus the privacy issue and datamining issues hang over the country. Will Mr. Trump void the Executive Order 12866 and close FERPA loopholes that allow personally identifiable information (PII) to be shared with outside vendors?

Can Mr. Trump stop the datamining? Can he stop Common Core? Can he stop the psychological abuse in the classrooms? Can he save our children? You can act! Your voice continues after the election! You must help inform Trump of this. You can’t count on the Establishment Right to educate the president. Your job is just starting.

Many meetings may need to take place to explain the expansive role of the federal government into our lives and the Power Elites’ goal to nationalize education. I call it, “Roll Back, time.” Please, American Citizens! Tell Mr. Trump to give parents the chance to let him know what is REALLY happening in our local schools, to our children, and to our beloved country! Tell him to hear the facts! A Mr. Trump forewarned is a president forearmed against the Education Establishment Elites who have brought us these disasters.

How To Begin “Roll Back, Time.”

If I had one hour with Donald Trump, what would I tell him? I would explain the 3 illegal maneuvers and results that President Obama did to hijack our educational system away from being the greatest educational system in the world… toward globalism.

1. I would explain how Common Core nationalized the standards, curriculum, and teacher training. I would tell how this is all controlled through a federal bureaucracy which forces traditional academic education to be dumped, replacing it with the behavioral conditioning of our children.
2. I would explain how the national education data system collects personally identifiable information on our families and children, thus creating value, attitude, and disposition dossiers called mental health psychometrics that will be used against citizens.
3. I would explain the Obama Executive Order 12866 and the Obama ESEA Flexibility Waiver that created multiple, illegal atrocious actions.

The Illegal Obama’s Executive Order 12866 and ESEA Flex Waiver:

• Obama changed FERPA, Family Education Rights in Privacy Act, with his Executive Order so that children’s data could be shared (free) with big business to validate curriculum, software, phone apps, and textbooks, conforming to Common Core psychological standards including the areas of social, emotional, and behavioral (mental health) criteria. Datamining proliferates.

• Obama created a state longitudinal data system so EVERY STATE must conform to the SAME data elements by collecting private, sensitive information about the attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions of our nation’s individual children and families:

• Obama initiated a national ID for every child and every teacher that identifies each individual in the federal system. This process cross-references personal information into future decision making to ensure everyone conforms to Common Core, especially teachers.

• Obama initiated the teaching of a dangerous mental health, non-academic curriculum called “social, emotional, and behavioral interventions.” This is designed to change the attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions of America’s children–validated as “effective” for behavioral change.

• Obama forced teachers to become trained in experimental and psychological techniques to be used on normal children to mold them into followers. This destroys the American ethic through constant intrusive psychological interventions and politically-correct remediation of their values, beliefs, and attitudes. Turnaround schools is a focus.

• Obama pushed these behavioral conditioning and value changing techniques by using Special Education, IDEA, to identify label our children as being “disabled” through government-controlled mental health criteria. Here is where normal American children are a target. Their futures are in jeopardy. This is why we must speak out.

• Obama changed the poverty level to 0% so he could apply these techniques to ALL children, called “SCHOOLWIDE” in Title I, which is being applied in the new ESSA federal education law. Common Core is manifesting and duplicating itself across the country to every child.

• Obama will merge EDUCATION with OBAMACARE through MEDICAID billing in schools for all Common Core mental health disabilities by applying for a partial hospitalization license.

• Every child identified for Medicaid mental health interventions would have a DSM MENTAL HEALTH CODE put on their permanent record. This is the backdoor plan (Hillary’s original plan in 1993) to REMOVE 2nd AMENDMENT GUN RIGHTS in the United States. Our American children are in danger. The system has been set-up before Mr. Trump ran for President. [Link]

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