By Ron Edwards

When First formed Adam from the earth, he was at first very pleased.  But as time progressed and Adam became proficient at tending the garden of Eden, it occurred to god that perhaps Adam would be happier with a mate.  So, our creator placed Adam into a deep sleep and extracted a rib from him and used it as the foundation of a woman whom Adam called Eve.  Thus, Adam and Eve were man and woman, two different but equal partners who were designed to compliment each other and become fruitful and multiply.  Adam and Eve were pleased when they looked upon each other and both fully appreciated that they were not the same.  For thousands of years, it was assumed we would either be a man or a woman.  After all, two men cannot procreate, neither can two men.  But like the game of dominoes where one piece falls, hitting the next and so on until they all tumble down, so it seems that God’s standards and scientifically supported norms are being toppled over.

There are several reasons for that.  Among the most obvious is a concerted efforted by a certain percentage of human beings who since the time of Nimrod are trying to recreate society and life in general in their unholy image.  In our own troubled nation, the unrelenting attack against manhood via school indoctrination and elsewhere, there are many born male who would now rather chuck it all and live as a female.   Of course, there is a spiritual component to this scenario as well. Let us not forget, satan tempted Eve in the garden of Eden, who then turned around and corrupted Adam.  Adam should have not participated in that hot mess, because he had received specific instructions from God.  But he preferred to listen to Eve and the rest is history.

Satan knew he had blown it with God permanently.So, starting with Adam and Eve, he has been seeking to destroy the relationship between both God and mankind and man and woman.  For years feminists, weak men and certain institutions were all famous for telling men that either females were just as strong as men or smarter.  That “I am woman hear me roar” is better and far superior to any man in every capacity of life.  People were so stupid and bought into that garbage, that when the youthful Billy Jean King defeated a multi decades older Bobby Rigs, they foolishly acted as if Ms. King had beaten an equally in shape and young tennis player.  As a young teenager growing up in Cleveland, when I had the misfortune of being around Hellen Reddy wannabes, I would be reminded that anything I would do could be done better by a female if she chose to try.  I would shrug it off and go on with my life, usually thinking, what are those feminazis trying to prove?  When I think about years gone by, I am convinced that people have warped and fooled into believing that being anything other than what created them to be, would be better.  But unfortunately, in most cases they end up even more miserable and become part of the effort to destroy society, by demolishing original identities.

I believe that if you know your identity, first as either a male or a female, it then opens the doorway to finding your ordained purpose in life.  For we were all (male and female) made in the image of God.  He has much bigger plans for each of us than we ever come up with ourselves.  As a result, far too often, many individuals get caught up in the gloom and doom diversion of false identities and misguided purposes for our lives.  Years ago, the United States army advertising slogan was, “be all that you can be in the army”.  I am convinced that among the many great principles our republic was founded upon was that we as sovereign individuals should experience reaching our fullest potential.  That is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they spoke and wrote about equal opportunity.  Unfortunately, many have been hoodwinked into thinking that their place in this world as a man is less than a woman, a homosexual, or even a low self esteem transgender.

I say low self esteem because why else would a male too weak to compete in boys or men athletics, but be willing to snip off certain body parts in order to compete against either girls or women in order to win?  That is a premier example of selling oneself terribly short and cheating themself out of a potentially fulfilled life or destiny.  Unfortunately, those supporting such madness are literally attempting to break societal norms in order to destroy society, through immorality and bigotry against God, straight men and fatherhood, USA patriots, etc.  We must not allow the leftist destroyers to succeed in their mission to break our republic beyond repair.  Don’t miss a page from The Edwards Notebook commentary now enjoyed regularly on America out Loud. Also, it’s the Ron Edwards American Experience talk show, Sunday through Friday on God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.

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