By Lee Duigon

I am writing this on Tuesday, under a self-imposed deadline. You’re reading it on Thursday.

But in between lies Wednesday, January 6. To me it’s tomorrow, and I have no idea what tomorrow may bring.

Senator Ted Cruz, with eleven other senators, has stated his intention to object to the certification of 2020’s travesty of an election and says he will demand an audit. Who believes the Democrats will allow it? Although you’d think, given the thousands of allegations of massive fraud, backed up by a mountain of evidence, that Democrats would want to put those charges to rest… somehow. That they refuse an audit can only mean they have very much to hide.

So all we get out of them, and out of their stooges in the nooze media and Big Tech, is bald denials that there was any fraud at all, name-calling, ridicule, and a manic rush to get China Joe Biden into the White House come hell or high water. They refuse to look at the evidence.

They stole the election and want to keep it.

We will ignore the question of whether we even trust the government to investigate itself. Since President Donald Trump first declared his candidacy, Democrats, nooze media, and the Deep State worked around the clock to defeat him; and having failed in that, to run him out of office with one hoax after another. After four years of that, we are now expected to play nice and believe the whopper that 80 million of us voted for a doddering plagiarist who spent most of the campaign hiding in his cellar.

We do not believe it and we will not play nice.

What we are looking at here is a vast scheme to impose a global government on us while maintaining the illusion that nations are governed by themselves. Now they have the technology to dictate the results of any election, anywhere. A manufactured consent of the governed. And if they can seal the deal here in America, they can do it anywhere in the world. No government, ever again, will need to worry about public support for its agenda. The Dominion Systems voting machines will provide however many votes the tyrants need.

We are asked to believe that 80 million of us—who have not been seen or heard from since Election Day—voted for higher taxes, non-existent borders, the Green New Deal, lockdowns and face masks for as long as needed to whip us all into obedience, transgender, sweetheart deals for Communist China, and every other lunatic project that Far Left Crazy can imagine.

No, we did not vote for those things. We voted to re-elect our president who, without the fraud, would have had a resounding victory. But our votes were canceled out. By fraud.

Do I know what to do about it? No, I don’t. We’ve never dealt with such a colossal crime before. We are asked to submit to a government that has no right to be there. I can only pray that we will not.

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