By Roger Anghis

August 28, 2022

There is a very good chance that the Republicans will take control of the House and possibly the Senate in the 2022 Mid-term elections.  As they should because what the Democrats have done to this country is a crime. Literally. But there needs to be a lot of concern from the voters about what they will do with that power. Unfortunately, we have seen the need for continuous investigations into the corruption that is the Democrat Party. Failing to protect the border, destroying our energy sector, insider trading done by the Pelosi cabal, and unreported business meetings with Pelosi and her son with business leaders in Taiwan just to scratch the surface of their corruption.

The problem I see is when they’ve had power in the past, they have failed miserably at investigating and bringing to justice the culprits that have been working hard to destroy America for the last 50 years. Remember the only Attorney General ever found in contempt of Congress, Eric Holder, that was guilty of running guns to Mexico? He was never investigated.  Remember when he said he didn’t like a specific law and therefore refused to enforce it? When states tried to clean up voter rolls, which is required by law, he sued them to stop the cleanup. He refused to investigate the IRS’s political targeting under Lois Lerner.[1] This is a short list of literal crimes he committed that the Republicans conveniently ignored when they took power.

Then you have the Benghazi disaster that involved both Obama and Hillary Clinton. Again, the Republicans did nothing. Hillary was proven to be the one behind the Russian Dossier and silence from the Republicans.  She had 30,000 emails subpoenaed and then deleted them all. Nothing from the Republicans. It was proven that she had a private unsecured server that held classified information on it and used an unauthorized email and silence from the Republicans. Her phones and other devices were subpoenaed and she either busted them up with hammers, removed the SIM cards and used BleachBit to wipe the hard drives of her computers. Crickets from the Republicans,

We’ve heard that all these investigations are going to take place but what we want are prosecutions.  No political party should be allowed to do what the Democrats have done.  They’ve gotten away with it for years and believe that they will continue to get away with it because the Republicans never follow through with their promises.

We just saw Bidens DOJ pull another early morning raid on Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago. They claim that he had refused access to certain classified documents but the truth is he personally told the National Archives and Records Administration, NARA, that whatever they wanted to look at he would give them access. He has cooperated completely with the NARA when they’ve asked.  They knew where the records were kept but, in this raid, they reportedly ransacked Trump’s entire residence for nine hours including searching through Malania’s closet! The warrant that they used for this raid also allowed for Trump’s lawyers to be present but they were denied access.  The FBI even told them to turn all surveillance cameras off. Fortunately, they didn’t.  You have to ask Why did they want the cameras off? What would they be doing that they didn’t want anyone to see?  Now they are demanding the tapes and I hope they don’t get them. A copy maybe but not the originals. The magistrate that approved the warrant was a one-time lawyer for Jeffery Epstein. This is nothing more than a fishing expedition trying to find something to charge him with.  Democrats are desperate to keep him off the ballot.  Will we see anybody prosecuted for this unprecedented act of political targeting when we get control? If we judge by the past actions of the Republicans, it will be very unlikely that anyone pays for this.

Here’s a good one, when Obama left office, he took thirty million pages of documents, and the NARA has never even questioned what was taken.[2] Do try to convince me that this isn’t a witch hunt. Remember Sandy Berger? He went to the NARA and stuffed documents pertaining to 911 in his shorts, socks, and anywhere else he could stick them and all he got was a slap on the hand.  Don’t forget the spying Obama did on the Trump campaign and while Trump was president. Obama used the FBI and the CIA to facilitate that; This includes the FBI and CIA, which conspired against and spied on Donald Trump, both before and after Trump succeeded him as president.

And the liberal establishment media, which swooned over Obama, not only let him get away with it, but cheered him on. Obama had their number and they knew it.[3] This is irrefutable not to mention illegal yet not one person has been charged or convicted. Democrats aren’t afraid to charge anybody. Just ask Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Peter Navarro, and even Donald himself. Then the FBI seized the cellphone of a Trump supporter: Federal agents seized the cellphone of Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) while he was traveling with his family Tuesday, executing a court-authorized search warrant that a person familiar with the situation said was part of a criminal probe into efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Perry, an ally of Donald Trump who played a key role in promoting the former president’s false claims of election fraud, wrote in a statement that the contents of his phone are not the “government’s business.”[4] Why haven’t the associates of Obama, Clinton, Holder, Axelrod, and the rest of the Obama cabal had their homes raided, computers and cellphones seized, and drug out into the streets in the pajamas for all the neighbors to see?

How about the video evidence we have of Joe Biden’s quid pro quo with the political leaders in Ukraine? What he did was illegal. Silence from the Republicans. We have discovered he lied about meeting with Hunter Biden’s ‘business’ partners as there are fourteen times he met with them at the White House when he was vice-president not to mention the pictures we have seen of both Bidens and Hunter’s partners together. Then there is the LapTop from hell. Pictures of him smoking crack, as well as being in obvious very inappropriate situations with underage girls.  The FBI has had that laptop for over two years and has done nothing to pursue what has been witnessed on that computer. The FBI has done nothing and the Republicans are only talking about it.

Attorney General Garland has stated that his Department of Justice applies the laws equally which is a lie straight from the pit of hell. While all the people protested at the homes of our Supreme Court justices, illegally, he did nothing.  When parents showed up at school board meetings protesting the pornography they are pushing as curriculum, the teaching of CRT, and the other things parents have a legal right to confront the board about, Garland sends out a letter telling school boards to classify these rightly concerned parents as domestic terrorists. Will we see any effort from the Republicans to bring the decision makers of this act of travesty to justice? I question whether we will see any action from that at all.

First, we have a corrupt so-called justice system that is blind to the actions of the Democrats but are willing to charge a conservative with a felony for jaywalking.  Second, our political system is simply a two-headed snake. Republicans won’t prosecute the Democrats for fear that the Democrats will prosecute them when they get back in power.  This is why the American people must become involved in our political system.  We have to replace most of the people in DC with people who will govern according to the Constitution, believe in America first, and take care of our vets the way they deserve to be taken care of.

We don’t have many chances left to do this. If we make good progress in 2022, we will be able to make a lot of progress in 2024. David had the rocks but nothing happened until he put one in the sling and threw it. We can talk all we want but we have to take action, run for office, vote, support good people that are running, and standing up for what America has always stood for . . . FREEDOM!

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Foot Notes

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