By Lex Greene

July 13, 2022

Isn’t it ironic that it’s only the most critical questions of all, that are deemed politically incorrect to ask?

If YOU can’t be trusted to protect your own child, can you be trusted with anything else? If you have demonstrated no regard for human life at all, should any human anywhere trust you with their life? If you don’t believe in the most foundational Right to Life, what other Rights could you possibly believe in?

Allow me to continue…

Since none of the experimental CV19 so-called “vaccines” can prevent catching CV19, prevent severe illness or death related to CV19, what is the purpose of the jab? Since more people have taken ill or died after the “vaccines” than from CV19 itself, should we still be forcing people to get the “vaccines?”

Since no amount of social distancing or mask wearing prevented CV19 from infecting people regardless of these measures, what is the purpose of these measures?

Since the 2020 elections violated State Election Laws in every State of the Union, how could the results of that unlawful election process, be lawful?

Why do you think democrats are on your side when it was Republicans who freed the slaves and advanced every Civil Rights law in the USA, while the democrat party fought against both, every step of the way?

Why do you think Republicans are “racist” when it’s democrats who started and operate the KKK, including the Senate hero for all democrats, Senator Robert KKK Byrd?

Now that Jeffrey Epstein’s key human pedophile trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted for these crimes, shouldn’t every JOHN who participated in the rape and abuse of these young girls also be prosecuted to the full extent of the law? Is it right for our federal government to protect the identity of these horrific pedophiles? Do you really think the news media doesn’t already have the real list of rapists and pedophiles?

Unless we ask the right questions, we will never get the right answers… shall I continue?

Why do you believe that conservatives or republicans are “warmongers” when history shows us that it has been democrats who started nearly every war since our nation’s founding?

Why should anyone believe in socialism and communism when both have failed everywhere they have ever been tried?

If socialism is such a great idea, why are people from socialist countries invading our southern border to escape it, and why has the USA sent foreign aid to all socialist countries for decades? Has any foreign nation ever sent aid to the USA because capitalism failed?

Why do we fight amongst ourselves when our government is the common enemy of us all, constantly working around the clock to divide our people beyond repair? Have you never heard of “divide and conquer?”

If Trump was to blame for everything that happened during his four year tenure, why isn’t Biden to blame for everything that has happened during his tenure?

88% of people recently polled in the USA agree that the USA is on the wrong track and headed for total collapse, and they are right. But do you expect this reality to change how they vote in November? Shouldn’t it?

If democrats make better government leaders, why are all of the worst, most deadly, most corrupt cities in the USA, all run by democrats?

Do you really think the same party that has already destroyed every major city in the USA, can somehow make all of America anything better?

Do you really expect people who refuse to even protect the lives of their own children, to protect you or your loved ones?

How much have you been lied too? How long have you been lied to? We have all been lied to, repeatedly, for many years. Are we now no longer able to discern truth from lies?

If you don’t trust politicians, lawyers, judges, news media, doctors, or scientists, why do you place your faith in man at all? Our Founders knew better, why don’t you?

Do you even grasp the difference between inalienable Natural Rights of every human being vs. negotiable privileges temporarily granted by some government official, usually to benefit their own power and wealth?

Everyone and their cousin is trying to tell you what to think and what to do, from politicians to judges, news anchors to social media addicts. Instead, I’m desperately trying to get you to think. I want to know what YOU think this time.

Instead of telling you what I think and why I think it, which I have done many times for many years, I’m asking you the most critical questions of the era and hoping you will take the time to answer these most critical questions.

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