We know that ignorance of the law is no excuse when someone engages in illegal activity, whether they meant to or not.  Unfortunately, the government does not seek to recognize or protect your right if you do not know them.  In fact, rather than making sure that Americans understand their unalienable rights which come from God, government school indoctrinators play intellectual games.  Starting with the most simple example, Benjamin Franklin famously told an inquisitive lady that “this is a republic if you can keep it mam.”  Yet today most people refer to our beloved republic as a democracy.

Unfortunately, most people ignorantly go along with the false identifiers and call the United States of America a democracy.  Obviously, Aristotle’s law of identity is rarely utilized, which simply states that A is A, a thing is what it is.  Frequently today more and more people are no longer willing or capable of recognizing absolutes regarding the original identity of many things, including the republic we live in.  Almost every time I hear someone call the United States a democracy, I cringe.  It is mind boggling that people believe that our liberties and freedoms are sustained via democracy, or mob rule. Democracy is an open door to long term tyranny.   When the Founding Fathers framed our republic, it was to reflect the policy of God almighty who recognizes everyone equally.  They understood that in order to maintain true freedom and liberty, people from all racial backgrounds and economic status should have equal opportunity, not equal results.

The original intent of our republic was for morally strong individuals to live free, as they saw fit, so long as they did not infringe upon the rights of others.   It was understood that the rights of one individual or group of individuals does not supersede the rights of another.  Such a national arrangement insured a permanent national cohesiveness.  Of course, there have always been certain people in the mix who did not and to this day do not appreciate God’s gift of liberty for “We the People”.   It stems from their lack of a belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who was the originator of the concept of individual liberty based on personal responsibility.  Unfortunately, legions of leftists have been allowed to assume positions of power in every single sphere of influence beginning with the church.

Once the church was corrupted the other dominos were sure to tumble as well.  I place the blame on those so-called good people who decades ago caved into the leftists and allowed them to poison every aspect of American society.  The leftists have come so close to literally destroying your ability to keep your job, your house, your freedom to worship Christ, raise your children, etc.  Even now, government officials and activists in California are trying to get pedophilia normalized and increasing numbers of Muslims are gaining positions of authority and influence.  Such developments do not mean it is all over and that we should just throw our hands up in defeat.  But rather we must exercise our God given right to both individually and collectively fight against the purveyors of evil which exposes the United States to utter destruction.

The fight begins in earnest by teaching your children to do right and the benefits of living by a higher moral code.  Government schools must be disconnected from the one size fits all Department of Education dogma.  Concerned parents must fill in the gaps and replace indoctrination with truth concerning right and wrong, American history and their unalienable rights from God recognized in the United States Constitution.  The only way the destructive leftist can maintain an advantage in the battle over America is if the American people are steeped in ignorance.  Remember, knowledge is power and truth opens the door to Liberty and Justice for all.  That is why Thomas Jefferson stated “If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any.  God bless you.  God bless America and may America bless God.

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