I am sure you have witnessed acts of political correctness almost on a daily basis.  I have always wondered why is there a need for political correctness?  What I have always noticed is that when a person does something that is politically correct, they are ALWAYS wrong. Let me expound.

Too many around the world are allowing national traditions to be stopped because something offends someone that may not even be a citizen of the country that they live in.  Take for instance the nation of Denmark.  Because of political correctness am University stopped singing a traditional song because one person was offended by the first line of the song.  A traditional Danish song has sparked controversy recently. A female teacher of foreign origin at the Danish Business School was offended by a line in the song (the first line) being sung at a school gathering.

The title of the old song is “The Danish Song is a Young Blonde Girl” – a classic, beautiful and very Danish song about the beauty and soul of Denmark and the Danes.

The University promptly apologised and said they wouldn’t sing the song again and thanked the teacher for her vigilance on behalf of PC culture.

However, the good thing about all this is that it upset people on both sides of the political spectrum.

The majority of the Danes were outraged that she, who had been welcomed in their country, was allowed to stop one of their most beautiful and iconic songs from being sung.

And as a result they decided that it was more PC nonsense than they could take, and were united – and sang the song in Parliament as a protest against the lunacy.

Danish politician Marcus Knuth posted the video on his Facebook and added:

“Christmas these days is about the importance of preserving and fighting for our Danish traditions who are under increased pressure of political correctness…

“The latest example is about the Danish song about a young blonde girl. A teacher was so offended, that she complained about it…

“Come one, this is one of the Danish songs about the essence of being Danish, It’s a pillar of our culture. We should never apologize for that.” [1]  Why are they so willing to give up something that speaks of their culture and legacy just because one person, an immigrant even, is offended?

Immigrants don’t want to integrate any more.  They want to bring the culture they left to their new home.  Muslim’s are the worst because they have never assimilated into a nation they have immigrated to.  Their only intent is to turn that nation Islamic.  You can see that happening in the UK, Germany and other nations that allow them their culture.

My step-dad immigrated from Greece in the early 20th Century.  He wouldn’t speak his native tongue until he could hold an intelligent conversation in English.  When I asked him about what it was like in Greece, he would only tell me “This is my home”.  It was like pulling teeth to get info from him and I got very little.  He was a naturalized citizen and prouder of that than anything.  Immigrants today demand that we learn their language and accept their culture and don’t give a darn about our culture.

Europe is allowing itself to be over run by islam.  They have allowed it to get a foothold in their countries and once muslims gain ground, they won’t give it up without a fight.  France, besieged by Muslim migrants, is already de facto living under Islamic law. And it’s not just France — it’s all EU countries. The idea that Zineb El Rhazoui is threatened with rape and death for saying that Muslims in France should live by French law is a sign that Islamic law, not Western law, holds sway in France. French authorities should have rushed to protect her, but they probably didn’t want to risk appearing to be “Islamophobic.” And elsewhere it’s the same story: I am banned from the UK, but jihad hate preachers come and go as they please. The West is laying down.

Moroccan-French journalist Zineb El Rhazoui says she has received death and rape threats for saying “innoccous” [sic] things like: “Islam has to submit to French laws, humour, reason and any form of criticism just like any other ideology, sect or religion”.

According to the former cartoonist of Charlie Hebdo “There is no valid reason for Islam to be an exception”.[2]

We are seeing the same bullying by muslims in America.  In Dearborn, MI you won’t hear church bells because they are offensive to muslims but you will heat the islamic call to prayer five times a day.  The last I heard Dearborn was in America and we are allowed to ring church bells in America.  A member of the mosque began reciting the morning call to prayer just before sunrise. The time shifts throughout the year so I arrived at 4:30 a.m. Vernor Highway in Dearborn is usually a busy street, but only a handful of cars passed by at that hour. There was a glow from the 24-hour gas station behind us, but the bakery next door hadn’t opened yet.

“Some people have different reasons to wake up,” said Mosad Algahmi. “Some people wake up to go to work. Some take a morning jog, some to walk their dogs, but for the most part the majority of Muslims wake up to pray.”

Algahmi is the outreach coordinator for the American Moslem Society.

He said about a hundred people come for morning prayer. Later in the day, the mosque can draw as many as 2,000 worshipers. The broadcast is a longstanding tradition.

“It’s been since the ’70s they’ve had the adhan broadcasted over loud speakers for people to hear,” Algahmi said. 

There are other mosques in Michigan that also play the call outside. It lasts a few minutes. Algahmi said the sound of the chant alerts worshipers that they have roughly 15 minutes to get to the mosque for morning prayer.[3]

There are other things in Dearborn that deny Americans their Constitutional rights.  You can’t witness to muslims in Dearborn or you will be arrested.  They can witness to you though.  That’s not my America.  Muslims don’t assimilate. Period!  Never have.  Never will.  They have one goal and that’s converting the world to islam and they will lie, cheat, steal and kill to accomplish that goal.  In fact, it is required of them to lie, cheat, steal and kill to advance islam.  They claim they are a peaceful religion, but they have never been peaceful.  So-called moderate muslims won’t slit your throat but they will hold you down while a radical muslim slits your throat.  The politically correct say we should accept them and tolerate them but I’m not going to tolerate someone who thinks they have the right to kill me if I don’t convert to their satanic ideology.

But this is the politically correct crowd.  It has virtually destroyed Europe and it is being shoved down our throats in America.  We don’t have to give up our culture.  If they won’t assimilate, they can go back to where they came from.  If our flag bothers you, the smell of bacon frying offends you, if the fact our women don’t walk around in bedsheets offend you, I have to ask you what the heck are you doing here in the first place? This is our culture, adopt it or get the heck out of our country.  We don’t have to adopt your culture and if your offended by that, too bad.  Political correctness will destroy a nation and only a fool thinks it is necessary.

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