The footage of Hillary Clinton leaving early from the 9/11 memorial commemoration, leaning against a post and then wobbling and collapsing whereupon she was manually lifted by aides into an awaiting SUV, is among the latest in a series of disturbing videos that call into question whether she is mentally and physically healthy enough to endure the stresses that come with being president. Several other video clips show her in various stages of mental and physical breakdown, including violent and uncontrollable head bobbing, odd facial contortions, eyes wide open and mouth agape at inappropriate times, long coughing episodes, and various instances where she loses muscle control, stumbles or must be held up to walk. She is obviously ill. Her campaign is hiding from the American people the full extent of her health challenges. The latest statement that she is suffering from a bout of pneumonia, admitted late to the press, may well be true but it is not the whole story. A case of pneumonia does not explain her neurological symptoms or total loss of muscle control.

It should not surprise us that the Clinton campaign, which obfuscates and falsifies virtually everything of material significance that reflects adversely on Hillary’s candidacy, would keep from us the facts concerning her deteriorating health.

The violent head bobbing, the odd contortions of the face, and the sudden and profound loss of muscle control are indicative of neurological problems. We know that she suffered a brain injury requiring hospitalization, and among the consequences of serious brain injury are neurological problems. The apparent severity of her brain related problems suggest a condition that is deteriorating over time, perhaps aggravated by the stresses of campaign and public awareness of scandal.

We have not been told whether the peculiar manifestations of illness we see in Hillary, which reveal out of control muscle contractions and various states of collapse, are part of a deteriorating brain condition. She appears to be suffering from a neurological disorder but does that disorder affect her cognitive function? Huma Abedin admitted that her boss appeared out of it at times. It would be reasonable to assume that if the condition when pronounced denies her control over muscle function and causes disorientation, it would also result in a loss of mental focus, ability to concentrate, analyze, and evaluate. If when disoriented she loses spatial awareness, becomes confused and incoherent, and cannot engage in meaningful thought or communication, we must be concerned that this will affect her ability to serve as president.

One thing we do not want is a president who loses mental control now and again, particularly when under pressure, such as when stressed by a domestic or international crisis. As commander-in-chief, the President must often respond in a very short period of time to circumstances that can escalate out of control and result in catastrophic loss of life and property. In such instances, the President may need to order military action in a second.

When forced to respond in an instant, he or she may act rashly and irresponsibly with catastrophic consequences if not in full control of his or her faculties or may not react at all if so disoriented that decision-making becomes impossible.

If the Clinton campaign does not permit an independent and thorough evaluation of Hillary Clinton’s physical health and full revelation of it to the American public, the onus will be against her on the issue of physical and mental fitness to serve as President. If we are not told the truth, we must assume the worst. The evidence supports the conclusion that Hillary Clinton is physically and mentally ill. The odd contortions, violent head bobbing, and loss of muscle control are so profound and unusual indications of neurological problems that we must assume her health compromised and we must likewise protect the nation with our votes against the risk of a President who may falter catastrophically in a crisis.

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