I cannot believe that so many Americans are so dull they cannot comprehend the difference between illegal immigration and legal immigration into America. For starters and to our detriment, the United States has allowed in more illegal and legal immigrants than any other nation on earth. Japan, a nation known for high intelligence does not allow Muslims into their country because they are bright enough to understand that the Islamists are on a serious mission to dominate over non-Muslim nations and convert or slaughter their citizens via sharia law. I also know that Japanese students are taught by their parents and school teachers to appreciate their nation. Students in Japan also know the fundamental difference between illegal and legal, even when it comes to immigration.

Thus the average Japanese citizen doesn’t grow up to be an anti Japanese idiot willing to endanger their nation by fighting against those who want to protect Japanese sovereignty from illegal immigrants. You will not see Japanese citizens trying to force their government to let every illegal immigrants including murderers to stroll into the land of the rising sun. The nation of Mexico has a lot of nerve to chastise our patriotic president for seeking to protect our sovereign border.

Even former president Barach Husein Obama approved of Mexico’s right to defend her southern border. In fact, he put our tax dollars where his belief was and gave that nation $72 million dollars to help pay for the construction of Mexico’s southern border fence.

Switzerland does not allow illegal immigrants to go into their nation. I have read that they refuse Muslims entry because of the dictates enumerated in their Quran’ which tells them to conquer the infidels. On the other hand, you have the government of Sweden that allows every Islamic abuser into that open democracy. I guess you can consider Sweden a sanctuary nation. Even though the Islamists have been raping women, burning cars and businesses for years, the goofy Swedish government blamed President Trump for a recent Muslim burning spree. The real reason for that melee was police trying to rightfully arrest a notorious drug trafficker. The looting rioters were never arrested, because the police were to chicken hearted to lock them up.

I marvel at how nobody including Muslims mess around with either Switzerland or Japan. You do not read or hear about crowds of anti-Japanese or Switzerland demonstrators who want their government to place the rights of illegal immigrants above the sovereign rights of those born in those two nations. The first reason is that students in Japan and Switzerland are not brainwashed in school or through entertainment against their respective nation states. Reason number two is neither Switzerland or Japan do not allow their kindness to be viewed as weakness that other nations can take advantage of.

Americans must quickly understand that it is not racist or xenophobic to protect the legal borders of the United States of America. In fact, those vagina walkers, snowflakes and all misguided protesters against American sovereignty, just know you and your allies are not even helping your own personal standard of living for your children. Because of people like you, our enemies are laughing their backsides off at your condemnation of this republic that recognizes your right to express yourselves, even if unwisely or harmful to our nation. But then again that is the goal of your ilk. You in fact willingly seek to give those who want to overrun our republic the advantage by dividing America so that she cannot stand.

I fully understand that American progressives want the United States to fall. There are fat cat politicians like traitors John McCain and Keith Ellison along with many others who are literally seeking to harm America, whether through Ellison’s Muslim Brotherhood connections or John (I used to be a hero) McCain trying to undermine president Trump’s mission to reassert positive Judeo/Christian values and rebuild the military.

I find it amazing and agree with syndicated radio talk show host Dennis Prager who once stated that “college educated folks are without common sense, wisdom or real knowledge.” I first stated years ago on a page from The Edwards Notebook syndicated radio commentary that the number one enemy of America is the government education system.

Currently it poses an even bigger threat to our nation’s manifest destiny than all the terrorists, illegal immigrants and American hating refugees combined. A united nation can defeat powerful external enemies. But those enemies from within can topple even the mightiest of nations if the people are not united on the principles of providential guidance and appreciation of the nation itself.

To fully restore America to greatness, we must reestablish an education system that uplifts and properly feeds young minds. I am calling upon American parents to also consider home schooling. That has proven to be a superior approach toward properly educating young minds. Get a dose of great education on a radio station possibly near you via The Edwards Notebook syndicated commentary. Let’s meet 5:00 AM Tuesdays, Thursdays and 4:00 AM Saturdays as I contribute on the Captain’s America Third Watch emanating nationally from AM 860 WGUL Tampa, Florida or www.am860theanswer.com

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