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There are solutions to illegal immigration which, when one steps outside of the box and stops doing things the way they’ve always been done, can provide the time required to remove the problem and then solve it.

Frankly, it is not that difficult to solve if we had legislators who were elected to do a job that includes protecting the American people.  Protecting them?  From what?  How about disease?  How about bankruptcy?  How about a planned intelligence-based coup of the American government?

I fear for our President.  I pray for him, too, and believe prayer is stronger than fear and thus offer some ideas which will hopefully help him.

My first suggestion is that President Trump stop playing the cards he was dealt, almost all of which were carefully prepared by those placed in their positions of authority (many of which are unelected) over many, many years.  Pull out a new deck and re-deal.  See how well the long-term planners play with short-term change and rapid results.

While maintaining your demand for a border wall, deal with the problem of illegal alien invasion of our southern border by letting them all into the country.  You can quickly refurbish a few of our former but now closed military bases… it will disappoint some land developers, but into every life a little rain must fall.

Place all who enter the nation unlawfully into non-citizen refurbished military bases.  The bases should be under military guard… no one gets in without approval and no one gets out.  It stops the human trafficking and drug flow both in and out of the base.  It protects children.  And no, it is not comparable to the prisons into which Democrat President Roosevelt placed Japanese people who were American citizens during World War II.  They were Americans.  These people are not.  They are, instead, trying to enter our country unlawfully.

Those who enter the nation by illegal means, whether seeking sanctuary for qualified or unqualified reasons, can thus be kept safe and secure while not endangering the citizens who pay the salaries of all of those legislators who refuse to do their jobs.  Those who enter for nefarious reasons can be held away from the public and identified and either sent to Gitmo or back to their country of origin with written warning that should they return they will be sent to Gitmo.

Families are kept together.  There should be classrooms taught in Spanish, medical care can be provided via military physicians while protecting Americans from the numerous diseases being brought into the country with them.  Healthy food can be provided in former mess halls.  Charities can be activated to provide clothing and blankets and other personal necessities.  And people’s future lives can be determined.

This buys the time required for a newly-established court system that is comprised of experts in both constitutional and immigration law to consider each person’s request.  Courts now have time to organize asylum appeals… though I believe the legal need to do so ended the moment a Central American’s feet touched Mexican soil.  That cannot be said of Mexicans who seek asylum.  The wait may be long, but no one invited them here (other than corporations which employ them to gain a low wage advantage… and for which the IRS could quickly punish them if it chose to do so).

Those people with legitimate requests can have proper investigations into their backgrounds done because time has been made available to do so while concurrently protecting the American people.  Those who are found to have criminal backgrounds can be separated from other illegals into specifically guarded barracks.

The above eliminates most of the liberal progressive/socialist talking points and complaints we are all so sick of hearing.  It removes the cages around children built by the Obama administration along with the separation of families.  It provides medical care for short-term illness… we should not be expected to become the new cancer ward for Central America or Mexico.  It provides food and clothing and education at a cost to America far less than if they are allowed to enter the nation and then just disappear and collect welfare, perpetrate crimes, or be forced into perpetual poverty by low wage jobs.

Adults can be educated about the Constitution of the United States and our laws.  They can be trained in trades, providing (and earning) needed funds if they stay or if they go home.  They may stay in the nation or they may not, but at least they will be aware of what is expected of them relative to their own behavior and that of their children.

Cost effective?  It’s about 1,000 times more cost effective than any cards that are currently on the table.  By the way, if there was any kind of banker expertise advising the President, they have sadly failed.  As a retired bank consultant, I would have told President Trump on Day One of the government shutdown to have the banks make credit available to government employees to pay their bills and collateralized such loans with the checks they will collect when they return to work.

The above does not, however, remove the “racist” card, does it?  The racism label is a part of Hegelian philosophy with which I won’t bore you.  Hegel was a philosopher who was greatly admired by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, especially as it relates to the doctrine of communism and socialism.  Part of Hegelian strategy deals with opposing points of view… good/evil, hot/cold, right/wrong, etc.  The methodology Hegel developed was to merge two opposing ideas into a third solution.  It is largely responsible for American problems in 2019.

An Angel Mother addressed the problem of racism by saying on Shannon Beream’s Fox News last Wednesday morning that she is sick of these charges of non-existent racism made by people trying to make us into who we were rather than who we have become.  She is absolutely correct.

I wrote an entire and well-researched article about slavery over a year ago.  It documents that almost 1/3 of the slaves sold by Europeans to Americans living on the East coast (not to plantation owners in the South) were Irish.  If you are unfamiliar with slavery as a total topic rather than the narrowly-defined views of those who use a no longer existing problem to create one, I suggest you read the article.

Slavery became illegal in the United States in the 1800s and racism was dealt with in the 1900s.  It has taken time, but America is one of the least racist countries in the world today.

Well, if it isn’t racism, what is behind all of these charges that white people are racists?  Why do non-racist whites feel guilty when they are called a racist?  It is a technique used by every minority group that resents being a minority and wants to become a majority.  Democrats say it to Republicans – they even promise they won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House if you will just vote for them… and then, of course, they vote for Nancy Pelosi.

Women call men sexist because they resent the natural result of thousands of years of being “forced” to stay in the home and out of the work force.  “You are a misogynist” women shout to men who have never hated women or thought of them as inferiors but have been conditioned by thousands of years of history to think of them as opposites of men.

The problem is, to be part of a group of people who willingly bought or sold another human being into slavery is a shameful thing… whether it was wealthy easterners buying the Irish or wealthy plantation owners buying Africans.  A politician willing to sell white Americans into slavery because he or she wants to appear non-racist to gain votes is equally as disgusting.  It is a charge made by a racist against a person who is not a racist and thinks it a horrible thing and, with proper conditioning and media support, can be made to feel guilty about it.  The best way to destroy people is to blame them for something they have not done but innocence is impossible to prove.  Another Hegelian technique.

What do you do about it?  You accept the fact that people who are your equal – as all minority members demand they are – have no need to be given anything to be your equal.  Equals are equals.  Period.  You do what all responsible citizens do and try to elect to office people who respect all people regardless of race, gender, age, or religion.  The word is gender, by the way, not sex.

You accept the fact that all minorities resent anyone who is part of the majority.  As long as white people are the majority of the American population, people who have a racist axe to grind will accuse them of racism or sexism or whatever suits their long-term objective.  It worked in South Africa and they are doing the same thing here.

You pay no attention to them other than to scratch them off of your list of believable sources.  You relegate them to the file titled “Liars, Forgers, Despicable People.” And most important, you never vote for them. If their only qualification to hold public office is to call their opponent names, vote for someone else.

You are not the despicable one.  They are.  You are merely a white person who happens to be part of the majority population which puts you in control of who gets elected to political office (unless you happen to be a Democrat who works hard to convince minorities that you support them over white people to gain the highest possible percentage of their votes… and then ignore them for generations).

As long as you are in the majority, you will be resented by those who feel strangled by their minority status which prevents them from electing people who will turn our nation upside-down.  It has nothing to do with race.  It has to do with power.

I write the above as we approach the first anniversary of the death of one of my dearest friends of over 40 years who happened to be black.   I say it with great honor to my granddaughters’ African heritage.

There will always be people who are racists… some people seem to need to hate someone else.  To feel superior, they need to make someone else feel inferior.  That is true of all races, not just white people.  Mental illness shows no racial preferences.

If you are not one of those people, stop paying attention to those who say you are.  They may need your sympathy and prayers but do not give them the gift of your guilt for something of which you are innocent.

Stop voting for anyone who tries to use racism as an excuse to get elected to any political office. Their only reason for wanting political office is personal gain.  I don’t care what race you are, it is an insult to all people when someone accuses an innocent person of being or doing something of which they are innocent.

Stop voting such people into office, no matter what race you are.  As Martin Luther King pointed out, it is the content of character that is important, not skin color and people with character do not accuse others of racism to win an election.  When elected to office, people with character show no racial preference regardless of their own color.

In short:  America and its people are, by and large, one of the least racist countries in the world.  If you have traveled anywhere else in the world, you know that to be true.  Our government may be a house of excrement that uses race to bait people, but our people are not.

Liberals want you to think it is President Donald Trump who is being laughed at internationally over charges of racism… all of those dark-skinned people trying to enter America… and he hates them because he is a racist.  They are not laughing at him.   They are laughing at Americans who buy into their radical stories of just what racism represents… which minimizes the deeper problems of real racism.

Take a look at the yellow vests in Paris if you don’t think race is a problem in France.  The same can be said of Sweden because of the 33% increase in rapes by immigrant Muslims.  The battle is worldwide because it is a power-based battle, not a racial one.

These are only two possible solutions.  We have many problems. They, too, have out of the box solutions.

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