By Lee Duigon

Now that Congress has established that they can impeach someone who doesn’t hold a public office, to prevent him, sometime in the future, from running for office and getting elected, a whole new world of capricious idiocy has opened up for them.

Their current target is Donald Trump, former president and now a private citizen like you or me. If they can convict him of something, anything, then they can ensure he’ll never be allowed to run again. So far, so good!

You’d think that with Dominion Systems voting machines in play, they could run Salvador Dali and get him, er, elected. And yet they’re still afraid of Trump.

But it gets better than that.

If they can impeach a private citizen, why can’t they impeach any private citizen? Me, for instance. I have no plans of seeking any public office, but what would it cost them to make sure I never do?

Some 75 million of us voted for President Trump. That’s 75 million Threats To Our Democracy. Those threats can be met with 75 million impeachment trials. It’s not like Chuck Schumer & Co. have anything better to do. Impeaching 75 million people will keep senators off the streets and out of trouble.

But impeach us for what? For voting for Trump, of course. If he’s guilty of anything, then so are we. “Anything” is the operative word here. Once you control the entire government, no one’s safe from you.

And why stop there? What about Americans who *might* grow up to be Republicans? Just because somebody’s only nine years old now doesn’t mean he won’t ever grow up to be A Threat To Our Democracy. Better impeach the kiddies, too.

I realize this is a very short column, and I’m sorry for that. Really. It’s just that the solution to the Democrats’ problem is so terribly simple that it doesn’t require a lot of explanation. It requires hardly any explanation at all. And explanations has never been their strong suit.

As Plutarch once observed, tyranny is a very nice perch, but there’s no safe way down from it.

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